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Wicked Keller Auditorium TicketsWe have Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets for all shows. Check out our website for available tickets for Wicked Keller Auditorium Portland If there are Wicked Keller Auditorium Portland tickets available in our stock, you have to order the tickets as soon as possible. We have been selling Keller Auditorium tickets since 1988 and we are registered with the NATB and BBB.


How do I Purchase Wicked Keller Auditorium show tickets?
To buy Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets, Click on the link above. Ordering Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets today will insure you a place in the Keller Auditorium seating area of your choice. To order Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets securely online simply click the "Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets" link above.




How do I get my Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets?
All of our Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our four Los Angeles offices. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturdays, unless that option is specially requested on your Wicked Keller Auditorium Tickets order.

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The entire Wicked Keller Auditorium Schedule and Tickets are available 24 hours a day on our site. If you already have tickets to a Wicked Keller Auditorium event check out our Keller Auditorium.

Wicked Keller Auditorium Address:
222 SW Clay St.
Portland, OR 97201

Keller Auditorium Seating Chart:
Click here for the Keller Auditorium Portland Seating Chart.Wicked Keller Auditorium Seating Chart
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Wicked Keller Auditorium Facts and Information

Get ready to be blown away all of you Wicked fanatics, because the Broadway classic is coming to the Keller Auditorium in Portland , Oregon and there is no way you want to miss the opportunity to get these tickets. Make sure you stay in the know because they will be going faster than tofu in the veggie friendly Pacific Northwest .

Ever since it hit the stage in it's first tryout in San Francisco in 2003, followed by it's breakout on Broadway, Wicked has been changing the lives of each and every audience and isn't showing signs of stopping. Based upon the novel by the same name written by Gregory Maguire, Wicked is the infamous untold story of the witched of Oz, the 1939 classis The Wizard of Oz back story.

Not only does Wicked have an amazing twist on the classic Wizard of Oz , but the musical numbers are to die for, as is the soundtrack. Act I is full of hits that you won't stop singing all the way home and for weeks to come. Starting off with "No One Mourns the Wicked", followed by "Dear Old Shiz", "The Wizard and I", "What Is This Feeling?", "Something Bad", "Dancing Through Life", and who could forget the epic solo of Glinda's, "Popular"? There is a song for everyone in the twisted fairytale of good witch versus bad witch.

Along with the second act continuing on the trail of amazing musical masterpieces, Wicked has a solid cast of strong characters, each with their own tid bit of magic they add to the hilarious and original plot. Elphaba, who is later found out to be the wicked witch of the West, is an audience favorite and a smart young woman who was born with green skin. She falls in love with Fiyero and befriends Galinda, but due to her horrid social isolation, she goes on to turn into the wicked witch that comes back with a vengeance in The Wizard of Oz .

Galina, later referred to as the Glinda the Good, is the typical gorgeous and popular, and many see her as vein and stuck up. But soon enough she befriends Elphaba and her true good colors start to show. As well, you come to learn who the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, the Wicked Witch of the East, and many other characters started out and how they came to be the characters they later turn into.

There is no doubt that Wicked is a story made of gold, with a following that is ever growing around the world. The opportunity to see this Broadway classic live and at a theater near you does not come about often enough. Stay in the know and get your tickets to see Wicked live at the Keller Auditorium in Portland , Oregon when it hits the stage starting on March 4 th , and awing audiences through April 5 th . There is no doubt that these tickets will be selling out faster than you can blink and see green in the beautiful scenery of Portland, so get your tickets to the epic event soon!

Current and Past Shows at the Keller Auditorium in Portland.

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