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Universal Citywalk Amphitheatre Tickets

Universal Amphitheater Tickets

We carry Universal Amphitheater to all the upcomming events. visit our website to view the available tickets for Universal Amphitheater. If there is Universal Amphitheater available, you have to order the tickets as soon as possible. We have been selling Universal Amphitheater since 1988 and we are registered with the NATB and BBB.

We offer great deals on Los Angeles Universal Amphitheater Tickets for all Universal Amphitheater Events. Any questions regarding Universal Amphitheater Ordering or you need some more support, contact us to assist you.

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How do I Purchase UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATER show tickets?
To buy Universal Amphitheater Tickets, Click on the link above. Ordering Universal Amphitheater Tickets today will insure you a place in the Universal Amphitheater seating area of your choice. To order Universal Amphitheater Tickets securely online basically click the " Universal Amphitheater Tickets" link above.

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All of our Universal Amphitheater Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our four Los Angeles offices. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless, that option is specially requested on your Universal Amphitheater Tickets order.

More Universal Amphitheater information
The entire Universal Amphitheater Schedule and Tickets are available 24 hours a day on our site. If you already have tickets to a Universal Amphitheater event check out our Universal Amphitheater Seating Chart.

Universal Amphitheater Address Information
Universal Amphitheater Address is
100 Universal City Plaza, Universal City, CA 91608

Universal Amphitheater Seating ChartUniversal Amphitheater Seating Chart
Click here for the Universal Amphitheater Seating Chart.
Feel free to call us regarding any questions you have about your tickets or regarding our Universal Amphitheater Seating chart Information.



Universal Amphitheater Facts and Information
Everybody wants a bit of glamour and prestige, and has the insatiable appetite for fun and excitement. South California has one of the liveliest entertainment scenes in the world, and for good reason. It has long been a center for the elite. And one of the most outstanding venues in South California is Universal City. Who would’ve thought that this place would eventually become one of the top spots in the country?

It had its beginnings in 1915, when movie producer Carl Laemmle bought the land to make it the site of his new movie studio. What used to be the grazing lands of sheep and home to other critters eventually became the center of the world of entertainment. Laemmle converted an old chicken ranch. He opened his new studio to the public, which was a big hit as the people who come to his new studio were able to watch new movies as they were getting shot. Carl Laemmle charged a small fee for the tour of his studio and catered to the needs of his patrons. This is how it all began.

Want access to the country’s top acts? Then The Universal Amphitheater is the right place for you. For more than 2 decades the Universal Amphitheater has hosted the world’s best performers, entertaining crowds with world-class events that showcase the best that California has to offer.

The Universal Amphitheater started as an outdoor venue in 1972, and has been the site of many outstanding concerts from the country’s premier acts such as the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, David Bowie, the late Frank Sinatra, music icon Elton John, the 70’s rock band, the Grateful Dead, and a lot of others. The Universal Amphitheater rivals the world’s top venues for its outstanding facilities, able to accommodate a wide array of events. The Universal Amphitheater was eventually renovated to become an indoor venue 1982, featuring the top-of-the-line technology to give the best viewing experience to its countless patrons. The Universal Amphitheater featured the best view and acoustics in the country, and has been the venue of choice for tour launches and major concerts and other events. Stars have been born and made at the stages of the Universal Amphitheater, and renowned artists such as James Taylor, Nine Inch Nails, Smashing Pumpkins, and a lot of others have held sold-out concerts at this exceptional venue.

The Universal Amphitheater is not only an ideal venue for concerts and performances, but is a versatile host for various events such as corporate events, religious events, fund-raisers, and is also the perfect set for various TV and film shoots.

The Universal Amphitheater also hosts some of the most prestigious awards ceremonies which are viewed by avid fans world-wide. The annual Teen Choice Awards, which recognizes the best of the best performers from the film, TV, and music industry, is one of these prominent events. The Universal Amphitheater also hosted other notable awards ceremonies such as the MTV Music Awards, VH1 Honors, and a lot of others. Fund-raising events such as the APLA Commitment to Life, Welcome Home America, City of Hope, and countless others have been hosted at the Universal Theater.

The Universal Amphitheater can accommodate an audience of more than 6,000, all of which have a view of the stage no farther than 150 feet. This figure can be adjusted, depending on the needs of the event, from 6,189 to 6,089, or to about 3,900 for a more intimate setting. This outstanding facility is also fairly accessible from Hollywood (101) Freeway. The Gibson Theater is just a couple of minutes away from Century City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and a lot of other venues, and is located at one of the prime spots of Universal City.

The Universal Amphitheater also has the best people who can cater to any of your event needs. The amphitheater’s team is capable of giving the best lights, sounds, and video system to put up the best show for your event. The Universal Theater is also located ideally, and a lot of restaurants, hotels, shops, and others are located very near its vicinity. The Universal Amphitheater is also the place to be. Want to get star struck? Then see one of the many prestigious events that the Universal Theater hosts.

Among the many outstanding performers that have held concert at the Universal Amphitheater is the rhythm and blues legend, Eric Clapton. Clapton is known for a lot of outstanding singles, including Change the World, Love Can Build a Bridge, and Tears in Heaven, among others.

Another notable performer who has called the Universal Amphitheater home is none other than Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer, Elton John. The English musician has been making waves in the pop and rock scene since the 70’s. Elton John is responsible for countless hits such as Circle of Life, Candle in the Wind, Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.

A lot of careers skyrocketed at the halls of the Universal Amphitheater, including those of performers such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Blink 182, Usher, Nelly, Black Eyed Peas, Puss Cat Dolls, and countless others.

The Universal Amphitheater is truly one of California’s best venues to date. The amphitheater’s staff are among the world’s finest, able to accommodate all your needs. Accommodations are not a problem since it is very near the Universal City Hilton Towers and the Official Hotel of Universal Studios Hollywood, which provides top service and has the most beautiful view of the city. It is also very near other attractions such as Cineplex-Odeon Universal City Cinemas and The IMAX Theatre, and various restaurants that serve the most exquisite meals.

You’ll feel the magic of the city; after all, The Universal Amphitheater is located at the center of Universal, where Hollywood magic happens.

The Universal Amphitheater is truly one of the best venues you can go to. Be sure to buy Universal Amphitheater tickets for a magical experience no other venue can provide. Having Universal Amphitheater tickets is a sure-fire way to ensure a memorable experience from all ages. Buy Universal Amphitheater tickets now!

In 1915, when Carl Laemmle purchase the land for his new movie studio, Universal Amphitheater City was the domain of jack rabbits and sheep, and the coyotes that required them. It was on March 15 of that year when Laemmle changed Hollywood history by opening a film studio on a converted chicken ranch. The visionary Laemmle quickly began inviting visitors to his studio, charging them a quarter for the first Universal tour. Visitors ate a box lunch provided by the studio and sat in bleachers watching films being made. The response was ecstatic, for in the days of the silent picture; the audience could cheer and jeer. Laemmle sold eggs to the audience on its way out we have Universal Amphitheater Information and History online – we have it all.

Today, Universal Amphitheater is the heart of Southern California's media district. Here you will find most of the major studios including Universal Amphitheater, CBS, Warner Bros., Disney, NBC, Paramount, Capitol Records and A & M Records. However, by far the biggest reason most people come to Universal Amphitheater is to visit the world's largest film and television studio and to buy Universal Amphitheater tickets: Universal Studios Hollywood - home of the Universal Studios Tour, the Universal Studios City Walk and the Universal Amphitheater. Want to have cheap Universal Amphitheater Tickets online buy from us now – we carry Universal Amphitheater Infromation and History online.

We are considered to be the number one Universal Amphitheater tickets providers. We provide quality Universal Amphitheater tickets together with a detailed Universal Amphitheater schedule and Universal Amphitheater seating info. if you need more information about Universal Amphitheater address or directions, e mail us or call us.

The Universal Amphitheater is located in Universal Amphitheater California, near Los Angeles, and is part of the House of Blues family of venues. Once an outdoor stunt stage for Universal Studios Hollywood it was reopened in 1972 as an outdoor concert venue and dubbed the Universal Amphitheatre. The 70's saw such artists as David Bowie, Elton John and The Grateful Dead light up the stage in the golden decade of concert rock. In 1982 the amphitheatre reopened as an indoor venue with the best site lines and acoustics in the industry. It's no wonder artists like Eric Clapton and James Taylor have chosen to launch major tours here. It's one of the few and the proud US venues that can boast hosting both a Pope and a President want to have cheap Universal Amphitheater.

Bottles, cans, coolers, baskets, cameras and recording devices are prohibited at this venue. Smoking is prohibited inside the building.After opening in 1972, the outdoor Universal Amphitheatre became the place for contemporary music for both performers and fans. Long-time patrons delight in mentioning the time they saw The Grateful Dead, David Bowie, Elton John, Frank Sinatra and a young comedian named Steve Martin who opened the show for Janis Ian under the stars at Universal Amphitheater. For more information about Universal Amphitheater, view Seating Chart and schedule.

Universal Amphitheater Seating
This is the seating chart for the Universal Amphitheater please check with our Universal Amphitheater tickets help line for more information on Universal Amphitheater tickets and Universal Amphitheater transportation and parking.

Universal Amphitheater Parking
If you don’t want to drive there is another way to get to the Universal Amphitheater by using public transportation, make sure you have the Universal Amphitheater address and your Universal Amphitheater seating chart. Well the Universal Amphitheater it’s not just about tickets you can also visit the Area around for more fun. And make sure you will come to us for any type of tickets we carry the cheapest tickets and best seats.

What you should know: Universal Amphitheater !!!
Some stuff you need to do before going to the place is that you must have your Universal Amphitheater tickets before you go because I m sure they will not let you in the Universal Amphitheater without your Universal Amphitheater tickets , make sure you have your Universal Amphitheater address your Universal Amphitheater seating chart, and your Universal Amphitheater driving directions . Also make sure you have your Universal Amphitheater driving directions, Universal Amphitheater Schedule and your Universal Amphitheater seating chart with you. Thank you for reading this and I hope you will get an excellent experience in the Universal Amphitheater. And make sure you will come to us for any type of tickets we carry the cheapest tickets and the best seats.

What you shouldn’t forget: Universal Amphitheater
Make sure you have your Universal Amphitheater directions and schedules and also be sure you have your Universal Amphitheater address and your Universal Amphitheater seating chart. I m sure you will get an excellent experience with your Universal Amphitheater tickets. Another thing check that your Universal Amphitheater tickets are in your pockets before you go and make sure you have them because I m sure they will not let you in without your tickets .And make sure you will come to us for any type of tickets we carry the cheapest Universal Amphitheater and the best Universal Amphitheater seats.

We have it all: Universal Amphitheater has tickets for all Universal Amphitheater Concerts. We have Universal Amphitheater Tickets for all Concerts, and Universal Amphitheater events. If you are looking for Universal Amphitheater Seating Chart, Universal Amphitheater Address, or Universal Amphitheater Directions you can find them here. Please feel free to email or call us with any questions you have about the Universal Amphitheater.

How do I purchase Universal Amphitheater Tickets?
Click on the link above to purchase Universal Amphitheater Tickets. Locate the Universal Amphitheater date you want to attend. Ordering Universal Amphitheater Tickets early insures you a place in the general seating area of your choice. To order Universal Amphitheater Tickets securely online simply click the "Click Here to Buy Universal Amphitheater Tickets!" link above.

Do you guys have Cheap Universal Amphitheater Tickets?
While not all Universal Amphitheater Tickets are considered Cheap Universal Amphitheater Tickets, we do our best to bring you the largest availability of cheap Universal Amphitheater Tickets possible. We offer free shipping, specials and discounts to keep the price of Universal Amphitheater Tickets as cheap as possible.

How do I get my Universal Amphitheater Tickets?
All of our Universal Amphitheater Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our many affiliate ticket brokers offices around the world. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless, that option is specially requested on your order and there is an extra charge for Saturday Federal Express delivery.


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