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Staples Center

Staples Center Seating Chart

Staples Center Seating Chart There are multiple Staples Center Seating configurations based on the event you are looking to attend at the Los Angeles Staples Center. No matter if you're looking for the basic Staples Center Concert seating chart, NBA Basketball seating, NHL seating, Theatrical event or a special concert Staples Center seating map Barry's Tickets has exactly what you're looking for.



Staples Center Seating Chart Concert End Stage

staples center seating chart concert

Staples Center Concert Seating Chart

The Staples Center Concert Seating Map can be configured multiple ways depending on the artist or group that is playing at the venue. The basic Staples Center concert seating layout is called and "end stage". With the end stage the stage itself is in front of section 115 and section 116. In the lower 100 level section 112, section 111, section 119 and section 101 are usually the most desired sections as they are closest to the stage. In the end stage set up for a Staples Center concert seating chart the floor sections 1, 2 and 3 are closest to the stage.

Certain artists such as Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift as well as musical acts like U2 will have stage extensions for their Staples Center seating charts. Their stage extensions can go all the way out to the middle of the Staples Center. The average Staples Center capacity for a concert is 19,000. To view the Staples Center Concert seating chart for the performer or group of your choice just click on view tickets where you will be able to use the chart to select seats from all sections of the venue and price range to help you decide on the best seats for your budget. You can view a complete list of all Staples Center Concerts including interactive Staples Center concert seating charts for each show.

Staples Center Floor Plan

The Staples Center floor plan for a concert can vary on the artist or group that is playing in concert. The basic concert floor plan has sections 1, 2, 3 as the first three sections in front of the stage. Sections 4,5,6 are behind the first three sections and are considered rear sections on the Staples Center floor plan for concerts. Each artist/group could have a special seating floor plan for the staples center including wrestling events. Just click on the View Tickets to see and use our interactive Staples Center seating chart which will show you the floor plan for the event your interested in.

Staples Center Seating Chart Hockey

The primary Hockey event held at the Staples Center throughout the year is the Los Angeles Kings. You can view more about the LA Kings Seating Chart for the Staples Center home games. The LA Kings bench is in front of section 102 while the visitor's bench is in front of section 119. The penalty boxes are in front of section 111 at the Staples Center. You can learn more about the best views for a LA Kings game on the Staples Center Hockey Seating Chart.

Staples Center Seating Chart Basketball

While the two primary basketball teams at the Staples Center are the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers their also numerous other basketball events that can go on at the Staples Center. You can learn more about the Lakers seating chart as well as the Clippers seating chart. The Harlem Globetrotters, the Pac 12 men's basketball tournament, NCAA men's and women's first rounds and regional's for the Final Four tournaments. The LA Sparks WNBA team also plays at the Staples Center. The only difference in the Staples Center Basketball seating chart is the location of the teams benches depending on who is the home team.

Staples Center Seating UFC/WWE Events

UFC, Boxing and WWE events have special seating charts at the Staples Center. The ring itself is in the center of the Staples Center and depending on the event there may or may not be a ramp that extends from one side of the Staples Center to the ring for the performers to walk down.

Premier Level Seating at the Staples Center

The Premier Level seating chart at the Staples Center is located right above the 100 level seating. The Premier Level seating at the Staples Center starts in the corner with section 1 though 9 on one side of the venue and then section 10-18 on the opposite side of the Staples Center. The Staples Center premiere level comes with a special VIP entrance and offers in seat waitress service.

Staples Center Seating at the San Manuel Club

The San Manuel Club is located behind the sections 214-218 on the Staples Center seating and offers a fabulous VIP experience of dinning and watching your event. You can learn more about the San Manuel Club and what it offers as well as seating views.

Hyde Lounge at the Staples Center

Learn more about the exclusive Hyde Lounge at the Staples Center.

How does the Staples Center seating switch from Basketball court to a Hockey Rink?

With three professional teams all playing at the Staples Center sometimes there is a NBA and NHL game on the same day at the Staples Center. If you have ever wondered how the staff at the Staples Center can change the Basketball court into a Hockey Rink within a matter of hours here is a perfect video of how its done.

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Staples Center
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Staples Center

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