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Ahmanson Theater Tickets

We have Ahmanson Theater Tickets to the biggest concerts on tour. From the biggest band in the world down to your local club. If there are The Color Purple Ahmanson Theater tickets available, then you will find it on sale. We have been selling Concert Tickets since 1988 and we are registered with the NATB and BBB.

We provide the cheapest Ahmanson Theater Tickets for all Ahmanson Theater Events plus we have Ahmanson Theater Seating Chart and Address. Any questions regarding The Color Purple Ahmanson Theater Tickets Ordering or you need some more support, contact us to assist you.

How do I Purchase The Color Purple Ahmanson Theater show tickets?
To buy Ahmanson Theatre Tickets, Click on the link above. Ordering The Color Purple Tickets now will insure you a place in the Ahmanson Theatre seating area of your choice. To order The Color Purple Tickets at the Ahmanson Theater you can use our securely online basically click the " Ahmanson Theater Tickets" link above.

How do I get my Color Purple Ahmanson Theater Tickets?
All of our Ahmanson Theater Tickets are either shipped via Federal Express or available for pick up at one of our four Los Angeles offices. Please note that we do not deliver on Saturday unless, that option is specially requested on your Ahmanson Theater Tickets order.

More Ahmanson Theater information
The entire Ahmanson Theatre Schedule and Tickets are available 24 hours a day on our site. If you already have tickets to a Ahmanson Theater event check out our Ahmanson Theater Seating Chart.

Ahmanson Theater Address Information
Ahmanson Theatre Address is
135 North Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Ahmanson Theater Seating ChartAhmanson Theater Seating Chart
Click here for the Ahmanson Theater Seating Chart.
Feel free to call us regarding any questions you have about your tickets or regarding our Ahmanson Theater Seating chart Information.

Ahmanson Theatre Directions
Ahmanson Theatre from the Santa Ana 5 Freeway Northbound:
turn onto the Hollywood 101 Freeway North. Stay Ahmanson Theater Los Angeles extreme right lane (following signs for 110/Harbor Fwy), exit Grand Avenue and turn right on Grand Ave. Proceed one block. Parking is on the right Ahmanson Theater Los Angeles middle of the block, under the Music Center, just past Temple St.

Ahmanson Theatre From the Golden State 5 Freeway Southbound:
take the Los Angeles exit onto the 110 Freeway South. On the 110 get over to the left lane as soon as you can and exit at Hill St. Continue straight eight blocks on Hill, turn right on Temple St, and proceed one long block to Grand Ave. Turn left. Parking is on the right under the Music Center.


The Color Purple Ahmanson Theatre
Many say watching the movie is nothing like reading to book. It the case of The Color Purple, watching the movie pales in comparison to seeing this amazing show performed as live theatre. Though the movie does tell this feminist tale originally written told by Alice Walker beautifully, watching The Color Purple as a play is an epic and profound experience we should all be so lucky to take part in.

For those who have a heart permanently in a seat on Broadway, hearing that The Color Purple is coming to theaters is a blessing, seeing as it represents the true blood and beauty of serious book musicals that have now become so few and far between.

In the tale of The Color Purple, Celie is a poor young girl raised in the South. Through the horrors that The Color Purple's lead is faced with in childhood. Her abusive father impregnates her twice, and rids each away; her shocking excuse for a husband Mister takes Celie away from her sister Nettie who is pretty much the only one who loved her, and then Mister continues to treat his wife like a piece of meat.

But the thing that is so amazing throughout all of these horrible things The Color Purples Celie is going through is that through it all she doesn't weep for what she is going through, or dwell on all the bad. Celie instead is almost always taking the time to smile and has such a beautiful quirky outlook on life, hopes, and just being alive! It truly touches everyone in The Color Purple audience and will definitely bring a many to tears.

It is through this loving and heartfelt connection the audience feels for Celie in The Color Purple, that makes it all the more exciting and like watching a bird fly from the nest for the first time as she goes step by step from being treated like a doormat to becoming a self-sufficient strong young woman. In watching The Color Purple on stage, audiences are just captivated and drawn in by her magnetic view and adorable cute little dances she bust out every once in a while which makes the audience just want to root her on to keep on trucking sister you got it!

One of the more riskay parts of The Color Purple, is when the sensual singer by the name of Shug Avery come on to stage and performs her steamy number "Push Da Button" which gives the musical and respectfully playful touch.

Also adding an amazing touch of humor to The Color Purple are the characters Kimberly Ann Harris, Virginia Ann Woodruff, and Maia Nkenge Wilson. Their constant bickering and commentary is perfectly timed and perfected by all three.

The Color Purple live in the form of musical theater is one of the most beautiful works of art that captures the trueness of life at such a level that one will most likely walk away from such an experience with a little extra push to grab life and enjoy it to the best we can, with a little kick in our step, and a piece of Celie in our hearts.

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