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Caesars Palace Las Vegas

Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel Tickets

We have all the information about Caesars Palace Las Vegas together with all celine Dion Tickets at Caesars Palace and Elton John Tickets as well. In order to view all Las vegas Caesars Palace Tickets to all shows, click on the button below for a detailed list of Caesars Palace concert Tickets including Celine Doin Tickets Las Vegas. We offer a wide range of Celine Dion Tickets to experience the real musical and performances at Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas. We also have provided information about Caesars Palace Hotel, and Celine Dion Tickets at Caesars Palace to all our customers. Scroll down for detailed information about Celine Dion Tickets and Elton John Tickets at Caesars Palace Las Vegas hotel.



Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel Information

Old Caesars-and his palace on the Las Vegas Strip has been around a long time and has had to face all sorts of challenges to his glory over the years. Rest assured, though: Caesars Palace Las Vegas retains its position as one of the great, unnatural won­ ders of the world. Caesars Palace Hotel is a must-see among must-sees. Think of Caesars Palace as a realization of Hollywood's vision of ancient Rome as seen through the jaded eye of a Las Vegas decorator. Everything about the Caesars Palace Place is grand. The Roman Forum casino is a riot of red and gold. The sports book is among the most spectacular theater-like set­tings at any casino. The various Caesars Palace restaurants include some of the most opulent settings on the Strip. And the casino employees offer equal-opportunity gawk­ ing for both sexes: there are gods and goddesses in short, short togas at most every turn.

Caesars Palace is considered one of the vital Las Vegas Hotels because it provides the most seen concert which are Celine Dion and Elton John concert. As Las Vegas Ticket brokers, we have provided Celine Dion Tickets to watch her magnificent concerts at Caesars Palace Colosseum. Ask about Caesars Palace Colosseum Seating Chart Information to get an idea about the seating structure. Besiders Celine Dion Tickets, we also have Elton John Tickets. Buy Elton John Tickets to watch his well known concerts. And the spectacular Forum Shops at Caesars Palace Las Vegas feature more than seventy specialty retailers and restaurants set in a re-creation of the skies of ancient Rome . Even more splendid excess is due with another expansion of the mall. A $600 million Caesars Palace expansion was completed in late 1997 with the unveiling of the twenty-nine-story Palace Tower, which includes 1,134 guest rooms, with the top two floors made up entirely of suites serviced by a central concierge lobby. The tower is decorated with exterior fluted columns with Corinthian capitals and capped with three dramatic pediments creating a clas­ sic Greco-Roman facade. The center pediment bears a gold-leafed profile of Cae­ sar, framed by a laurel wreath.

Celine Dion concerts takes place every year at the Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Celine Doin has attracted many fans to visit Caesars Palace Hotel to see her musical concert. Moreover, Elton john also has his role in making the Caesars Palace Hotel one of the most visited Hotels in Las Vegas. Buy Celine Dion Tickets and Elton Johns Tickets to see their exceptional concerts at Caesars Palace Colosseum. One of the toniest health club and spas in town occupies the second floor of the new tower, including Tectrix virtual reality bikes. The Garden of the Gods pool area was enlarged to more than four acres, including four large and two out­ door whirlpool spas, and faux stone lifeguard stands.

The Story of Caesarss

When Caesars Palace was built in 1966, it was set far back from the Strip, partly for zoning reasons in the second wave of construction and partly because at the time it was believed that the new hotels would be destinations in and of themselves and that visitors would drive up the grand driveway to a parking space. The front yard of the hotel is filled with a mind-boggling collection of strange stuff, includ­ing a 20-foot-tall statue of Augustus, almost two dozen spouting fountains, and a lucky Brahma. There are also several lengthy people-mover sidewalks intended to suck pedestrians from the curbside of the Las vegas Strip all the way back to the entrance of the Caesars Palace hotel; in 1989 an additional peo­ ple mover was installed at the far northern corner of the Caesars Palace property. Coincidentally, of course, that put the Caesarss moving walkway right next to the moving sidewalk for the new Mirage hotel next door. By the way, the sidewalks move only one direction-into the casino. When you are ready to leave, you'll have to walk to the Strip, or you can call a cab if you have any money left in your pockets.

Caesarss World, which includes Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Caesarss Atlantic City, Caesarss Tahoe, and other properties, was purchased in mid-1999 by Park Place Entertainment for a cool $3 billion. Park Place was created at the end of 1998 out of the gaming division of Hilton Hotels and a sub­ sequent merger with Grand Casinos. Park Place also owns Bally's and Paris Las Vegas. Basic Caesars Palace room rates start as low as $95 for a sin­ gle and $110 for a double room at ordinary peri­ ods of the year. Deluxe rooms start at $135 for a single and $150 for a double; superior at $160 and $175. One-bedroom suites begin at $475; two bedrooms start at $610. However, during the quietest times of the year, prices drop into double digits for basic and deluxe rooms. At peak times, prices can double. Like most other Las Vegas hotels, the quietest time of the year is usually around Christmas, ex­ cluding the holiday itself and New Year's Eve. Available rooms at that time are often offered at significantly less than the rack rate. However, Cae­ sars Palace has been working hard to fill up its rooms during slack periods with guests from Asian locations, including Hong Kong.

Olympic Tower. The main towerof Caesars Palace Las Vegas includes dozens of room types. A typical deluxe room is the Olympic Square King, which includes marble and mirrors and a Jacuzzi in each room. Round Kings-featuring round beds-are also available. Standard rooms in the Roman Tower have a rack rate of about $145 per night. Regular suites at Caesars Palace Las Vegas rent in the range from about $850 to $1,000 per night, depending on the num­ ber of bedrooms. The largest suites can link together eight bedrooms, perfect for the large family or the high roller traveling with a nanny, bodyguard, chef, or other staff members. Fantasy Suites. It's not that they are free; Caesarss prefers to call them "priceless." Suffice it to say they would cost a small fortune if you were in fact able to rent them; they are offered with­ out charge to invited guests including celebrities, members of royal families, and (of course) the highest of the high rollers visiting Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

I visited a few of the two-story extravaganzas, including the 4,000-square-foot Jupiter Suite, which featured glass curtain walls, two bed­ rooms, five TVs, a karaoke music system, and a pair of servants. The slightly skewed wall sconces were designed by the studio of the extremely skewed Salvador Dali. There are a total of ten Fantasy Suites: two in Roman decor, three with Egyptian themes, and five as Las Vegas re-creations of ancient Pompeii. As guests arrive on their interior balconies, they are greeted by a fiber-optics sky depicting the night sky as it is believed to have looked on the evening of the birth of Caesars Augustus. An entire wall of each room is given over to an entertainment system that includes five video screens, two compact disc players, and a karaoke machine. A master control panel can send differ­ ent music to different rooms. In fact, there's more than two miles of wiring in each suite for enter­ tainment, motorized bedroom and living room draperies, color wheel effects on the ceiling, and other lighting.

In the rotunda at the entrance to the central people mover, The World of Caesars includes a miniature city of Rome as it might have looked two thousand years ago. The hotel spent $2.5 million on just this little bit of decoration. The effect is enhanced with technology, including video projection.

Eating Your Way Through Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace Las Vegas hotel offers a world of fine dining, from one of the most opulent buffets to one of the most sybaritic and expensive feasts in town.

Palatium. One of the best buffets in Vegas. A lovely setting with open-air boundaries just off the spectacular Race and Sports Book. Buffet offerings change from day to day. One indica­ tor of class: the buffet shrimp comes prepeeled. The Caesars Palace buffet is open for breakfast, lunch, and din­ ner Monday through Friday; special brunches are served Saturday and Sunday. A seafood buffet, including a whole lobster, is offered Friday from 4 P.m. to 10 P.m., and Saturday from 4:30 i~n,r. to 10 i~m. We have all Caesars Palace Las Vegas tickets for all concerts such as Celine Dion Tickets and Elton John Tickets. The Palatium now offers an Emperor's Feast Dinner and a Champagne Dinner as an option to the usual dinner buffet. The Emperor's Feast, served Monday to Saturday, includes the dinner buffet, one whole Maine lobster and unlimited Caesarss champagne, at a cost of $30 per person. The Champagne Dinner, served Sunday to Thurs­ day, includes the dinner buffet plus unlimited Caesarss champagne, at a cost of $20 per person. The Caesarss Palatium Champagne Brunch is offered on Saturday and Sunday, from 8:30 A.M. to 3:30 i~Nr. at a cost of $14.99, excluding holi­ days; children ages 4 to 12 are half price and chil­ dren ages 4 and younger eat free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult. Buy Tickets to Celine Dion at Caesars Palace Las Vegas and also view all Elton John Tickets as well.

In the spring of 2000, two of Caesarss' best­ known restaurants were shuttered to make way for a new group of ultra-luxury suites that front on the hotel's pool. Palace Court served classical French cuisine in a museum-like setting beneath a domed stained glass ceiling. Bacchanal was, well, a bac­ chanal, about as close to Roman orgy as most of us could hope for. Food and wine and Centurions Empress Court. Named in USA Today as one of the top gourmet Chinese restaurants in the country, the kitchen focuses on Hong Kong-style Cantonese cooking, although there are touches of Malay, Thai, and Indonesian cuisine. This is not your neighborhood chow mein palace; the service is white glove elegant. Caesars Palace Entrance is via a dramatic staircase that encircles a koi pond and leads to a coral reef aquarium at the restaurant's door. Within the kitchen is a more pur- poseful giant aquarium, stocked with live rock cod, Dungeness crab, lobster, and other seafood used in meals. The galley itself includes some extraordinarily hot grills used in preparation of specialties.

The Empress Court menu includes prix-fixe dinners at about $55 per person, as well as a la carte offerings. One offering included crispy crab claws, minced squab in crystal wrap, seafood wonton soup, sauteed prawns, stir-fried prime sir­ loin and chicken with oyster sauce, and mango pudding delight. Individual entrees at Caesars Palace Las Vegas range from about $20 to $55. On a recent visit, items include braised abalone with fish maw in oyster sauce, pan-fried scallops with double eggs, and bird's nest with bamboo fungus. Open for dinner only from 6 P.M. to 10:30 P.m., Thursday to Monday.

Terrazza. An elegant garden spot alongside the Garden of the Gods pool area, the menu changes from casual fare for breakfast and lunch to formal Italian dining for dinner. The 284-seat restaurant features an exhibition kitchen with a wood-burning brick pizza oven. A la carte offerings include pasta, meat, pizza, and more. Specialties include penne with baby shrimp in a light Brodetto sauce, and grilled herb-infused mahi mahi. Dinner entrees are priced from about $17 to $36.

Hyakumi. The name means "100 tastes," and you'll find at least that many at this handsome room. The elaborate and authentic interior and exterior designs were inspired by traditional upscale Japanese residences, including both traditional and contemporary elements. The interior includes a teahouse, garden, and an azalea-lined dry riverbed. Interior landscaping includes authen­ tic Japanese flora and accents. Hyakumi features prix-fixe teppanyaki feasts priced at an impressive $56. Of course, if you want to substitute Kobe beef for the prime tenderloin, the price rises to $199 per person.

You can also order a la carte Japanese offerings such as yosenabe, seafood and vegetables in fish broth served in a paper pot with ponzu sauce, sea bass teriyaki, or unaju, barbecued fresh water eel on rice. The bar offers ten varieties of sake, rated on a dry-to-sweet chart, sold in small glasses or small bottles with prices reaching $180.

Cafe Roma. Your basic twenty-four-hour Caesars Palace Las Vegas restaurant with a global view and Caesars Palace class. It draws its menu from all around the world. A breakfast buffet is offered Monday to Friday, 7 A.M. to 11 A.M., at a cost of $11.95 per person. A lunch buffet is offered Monday to Friday, noon to 2:30 P.M., at a cost of $13.95 per person. And a dinner buffet is offered Sunday to Thursday, and Friday and Saturday, 6 P.M. to 11 P.M., at a cost of $17.95 per person. On weekends, a brunch buffet is served from 7 A.M. to 2:30 P.m. at $13.95 per person (prices are subject to change).

A new Cafe Roma was expected to open September 2000, and the present room will be remodeled into a high-limit gaming area Nero's. They don't fiddle around in this elegant seafood and steak house, an elegant mix of modern and classical themes of Caesars Palace. Open for dinner nightly, with entrees priced from about $25 to $50 and including dishes such as grilled swordfish with pan-fried risotto cakes, roasted Sonoma squab with parsnip puree, and grilled sirloin with sauteed oyster mushrooms. Make sure to Check out Caesars Palace Concert concert events. Caesars Palace has provided Celine Dion Tickets for all fans.

On a recent visit, specialties included pan-roasted veal loin chop with leak and goat cheese tart and carmelized beets for $38, and grilled swordfish with sweet potato puree for $28. La Piazza Food Court. A high-tone food court with offerings from Japa­ nese ramen soups and bento boxes to Chinese stir-fry, Italian pasta and pizza, Mexican specialties, and an all-American deli.

Cleopatra's Barge. A re-created boat set in a small pond; it'll never set sail, but when things really get rocking at this cocktail lounge, the place starts rolling. And don't overlook the dining possibilities at The Forum Shops at Caesarss, including Chinois, The Palm, La Salsa, Bertollini's, Planet Hollywood, Spago, And just off the casino floor is Caesarss Magical Empire, offering fine dining and upclose magic.

Caesars Palace Entertainment

Omnimax Theatre. Go into space, under the sea, deep into the Grand Canyon , or into an atom in one of the highest-tech movie theaters anywhere. The 386 seats of the Omnimax recline to permit full view of the huge fifty­seven-foot-tall screen. The films are shot on 70-mm film with a frame size ten times larger than standard 35-mm media. A nine-channel "sensaround" sys­tem engulfs the audience in sound. Ticket prices are about $7 for adults. Seniors (over 55), juniors (4-12), mili­ tary personnel, and hotel guests pay $5. Show times vary, but shows typically run hourly from 2 P.M. through 10 P.M. during the week, and from I P.m. to 11 P.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Circus Maximus Showroom. The main showroom at Caesars Palace is used for headliner acts and an occasional Broadway production or television show. It is typically set up with more than one thousand seats; booths are designed in the shape of Roman chariots. Caesars Palace . 3570 Las Vegas Boulevard South; 2,471 rooms. Buy Elton Johns Tickets at Caesars Palace Las Vegas to enjoy your stay. For more information about Caesars Palace Las Vegas, please visit the official website. For more information about Caesars Palace hotel visit Caesars Palace hotel site.



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