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Dead Can Dance & Agnes Obel

The Anthem - D.C. - Washington, DC

Dead Can Dance Info

How much are Dead Can Dance tickets?

The average ticket price to see Dead Can Dance in concert is $121.62, but you can get tickets starting at just $64.08!

Do I need to print my tickets for Dead Can Dance concert?

When your event is Mobile only, or you selected "Mobile Entry" at checkout - your mobile phone is the ticket to get into the upcoming Dead Can Dance concert. The Mobile Entry tickets allow you to present your smartphone ticket at the arena doors.

How long are are their concerts?

A typical concert of theirs lasts for about one and a half hours. They typically perform around twenty-two songs during a show, with the potential for up to two or three in the encore session! Seeing the Dead Can Dance's live concert is an unforgettable experience that you won't want to miss out on

Are the Dead Can Dance on tour?

Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, known as the Dead Can Dance, are set to embark on their first North American tour in a decade.

Is anyone opening for them on tour?

The tour features special guest Agnes Obel on select concert dates.

What does "Electronic Transfer" mean?

If the Dead Can Dance tickets you ordered have an "Electronic Transfer" delivery, then you will receive your tickets on your mobile device electronically. Your tickets will be transferred to the email address you initially provided in your order.

What is Dead Can Dance GA seating?

General Admission (GA) is the term used for seating or standing areas at the Dead Can Dance concert that is not assigned. The General Admission area of a venue will be first-come, first-served on the event day.

Where can I buy Parking Passes for their concert?

If you're looking for parking near the arena, select the "Parking" icon underneath the seating chart on any event page.

What are Dead Can Dance VIP tickets?

For those looking for a VIP experience, Barry's Tickets may offer several packages to meet your needs. Choose from seating options like "Meet & Greet" or specific seat locations depending on the Dead Can Dance concert you attend. Select the link above and select which option meets what you're looking for in an event!

About Dead Can Dance:

Dead can dance is an Australian musical group formed in Melbourne in 1981. The group's sound combines world music, ethereal waves, and neoclassical darkwave elements.

Dead can dance has been praised by critics for its unique sound and experimental approach to music. The group has also been nominated for several awards, including Grammy and Brit awards. Dead can dance's music has been used in film soundtracks, such as The Insider and The Crow, and in television shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.

Are tickets to see Dead Can Dance in concert sold out?

With Barry's Tickets marketplace, one can find tickets for all Indie rock concerts, including Dead Can Dance Tickets.

How do I buy Dead Can Dance Concert Tickets?

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