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The Wreckers is an American country duo which formed in 2004. The Wreckers is made up of singer-songwriter Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp. Michelle Branch is a Grammy Award-winning artist from Phoenix, Arizona, while Jessica Harp is a country music singer-songwriter and guitarist from Kansas City, Missouri. The Wreckers are currently signed under Maverick Recording Company.


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The Wreckers music is a fusion of Michelle Branch’s pop-rock style and Jessica Harp’s country music that resulted to The Wreckers’ distinct country rock music. The two members of The Wreckers actually met early in both their musical careers. Michelle Branch was able to make a break-out in 2001 upon the release of her first major solo album The Spirit Room. It was followed by a whirlwind of major tours. Branch’s success went on and was even recruited by the highly acclaimed guitarist Carlos Santana for the Grammy-winning duet, Game of Love. Branch’s Spirit Room was followed by the Hotel Paper which peaked at the number two slot of the U.S. Billboard’s Hot 200.

Michelle Branch has been quoted “Toward the end of my last solo tour I was trying to figure out what else I might want to do, so I started thinking about making the organic singer/songwriter country type of record Id always wanted to do.”

It was during Branch’s tour that she proposed to long-time friend and back-up vocalist, Jessica Harp, to join her in her musical venture. “Jess and I had been joking about starting our own band,” Michelle recalls. “We never actually thought it would happen, but then right after my second record came out I called Jessica and said, ‘This is our last shot before we wind up on different labels. If [we’re] ever going to make this happen, this is our chance. Are you going with me?’” During those times, Harp was on the verge of signing her own record deal. The two’s chemistry immediately sparked and The Wreckers was formed. The Wreckers’ name was from the shortened name which Michelle’s husband Teddy Landau gave them, “The Cass County Homewreckers.” Soon after The Wreckers formed, the duo released their song The Good Kind which was featured in the hit teen soap opera, One Tree Hill. The Good Kind was originally recorded solely by Harp. The Wreckers then joined the month-long, nation-wide One Tree Hill Tour in February, 2005.

Soon after the tour, Michelle expressed her preference to release an album first before going on tour. The Wreckers actually had their debut album on the works, but due to delays, The Wreckers’ Stand Still, Look Pretty was not released until the 23rd of May, 2006. The Wreckers’ debut album opened at the 14th spot of the U.S. Billboard 200 and sold 44,000 copies in its first week. The Wreckers’ debut album was certified gold by the RIAA in September 2006. The Wreckers’ Stand Still, Look Pretty is a 12-track album with the songs:

  • "Leave the Pieces"
  • "Way Back Home"
  • "The Good Kind"
  • "Tennessee")
  • "My, Oh My"
  • "Stand Still, Look Pretty"
  • "Cigarettes"
  • "Hard to Love You"
  • "Lay Me Down"
  • "One More Girl"
  • "Rain"
  • "Crazy People"

The Wreckers’ Stand Still, Look Pretty alsohas a DVD release with features such as a live version of the song Tennessee and the making of/and the music video for the song “Leave the Pieces.”

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