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The Boy Least Likely To

“The Boy Least Likely To” is an English duo, which came from England, particularly from the small village of Wendover in Buckinghamshire.  The duo is composed of Jof Owen and Pete Hobbs.  Pete Hobbs composes the music and plays harmonica and guitar.  Jof Owen is on vocals and writes the lyrics.   


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“The Boy Least Likely To” music is unique and remarkable.  The creativity of their ideas in music makes a big difference in pop music.  Their magic is as individual as a six-year-old's clumsily scissored photo, and as vulnerable as an instantly past picture-day grin before the future's unalterable encroachment.

Pete and Jof met in school, where they began writing songs together.  “The Boy Least Likely To” recorded their first single by 2003, which was entitled “Paper Cuts.”  “Be Gentle With Me” as well as “Fur Soft as Fur” soon followed.

Both Jof and Owen believe that music is in their soul.  “The Boy Least Likely To” planned to record their first album.  Their map was a set of U.K. music magazines, from 1981 to 1985, found on one of their happy weekends scouring countryside yard sales for cheap records.  “The Boy Least Likely To” began to collect musical instruments that can be found in secondhand shops and craft fairs.  “The Boy Least Likely To” debut album, “The Best Party Ever” began its tune.  It was recorded in Pete’s bedroom with Sweet Amanda Applewood (recorder), and Drummer Boy (drums).  The album mirrors the symbolic bond of friendship, party and romance.  The music starts off quite happy, drops as all good parties and bursts at the end.  Two weeks before the album was due for U.K release, London-based independent record seller Rough Trade Shop named their album, “Album of the Week.”  “The Boy Least Likely To” album, “The Best Party Ever,” which was released on February 14, 2005, immediately sold out of the initial 1000 copies pressed.

The following shows the tracklisting of The Best Party Ever:

  • Be Gentle With Me
  • Fur Soft as Fur
  • Monsters
  • Paper Cuts
  • Warm Panda Cola
  • I See Spiders When I Close My Eyes
  • I’m Glad I Hitched My Apple Wagon To Your Star
  • The Battle of “The Boy Least Likely To”
  • Sleeping With A Gun Under My Pillow
  • Hugging My Grudge
  • My Tiger My Heart
  • God Takes Care Of The Little Things

The music of “The Boy Least Likely To” blossomed through the debut album.  They had live performances.  Because “The Boy Least Likely To” was born as a studio project, live performances had to be special.  Jof and Pete wanted to make their music for live shows more amazing such that people would forget they’re adults.  Their music becomes more energetic than on record, filled in by a spirited and high-pitched seven-piece band. These musicians include, Amanda Applewood on keyboards, Adam Chetwood on guitars and banjo, Bish as backup vocals and on bass, Alistair Hamer on drums and backup vocals and Bahar Brunton on glockenspiel, fiddle and backup vocals.

“The Boy Least Likely To” creates an astounding difference in music.  Their music is heartrending in a sense, but with ambiguity-- still childlike, but also very adult, and deeply, humanly sad-- creeping beneath the melody of acoustic.

“The Boy Least Likely To” music started to flourish and will continue to nourish…as their song goes, “On a flimsy wing and a prayer, I followed my heart everywhere 'Til I ended up right back where I started from…”

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