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Justin Bieber Tickets Dallas

Justin Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber Dallas Texas tickets are available now! Barry’s Tickets has Great Seats, Great Prices! on Justin Bieber American Airlines concert tickets. All tickets for Justin Bieber Dallas concerts are 100% guaranteed to be authentic and verified seats. Don’t miss as Justin Bieber comes to Dallas Texas in concert. You can order tickets securely online or call our office at (866)708-8499.


Justin Bieber Dallas Texas Concert Dates


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Justin Bieber Tickets

We currently do not have Justin Bieber Tickets available online but tickets may be available by phone. Please call us at (866) 708-8499 to check with our sales team.


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Justin Bieber Seating Chart

Justin Bieber Dallas Concert Tickets

•  Online: You can use our interactive Justin Bieber Dallas Concert Seating Chart to view all the sections available as well as our view from your seat to get a feel of where your tickets will be. You can order your Justin Bieber Dallas tickets securely online and choose E-Download to print the tickets at your convenience including at our downtown office, Fed Ex or Pick Up your tickets at anyone of our offices.

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• Delivery: All Justin Bieber Tickets concert tour Tickets ordered online or over the phone can be set up for you to E-Download at your convenience or Federal Express to your credit card address. You can also pick up your tickets from any one of our locations if available.

Justin Bieber Dallas Concerts

There have been three Justin Bieber Dallas Texas concert performances since 2010. The first Justin Bieber Dallas concert was on July 5th 2010 at the Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie during his “My World Tour” where Bieber fans got to hear Love Me, Bigger, U Smile, Runaway Love, Never Let You Go, Favorite Girl, One Less Lonely Girl, Somebody to Love. Up. Overboard. Never Say Never. and One Time.

Justin Bieber American Airlines Center Concerts

There have been two previous Justin Bieber American Airlines Center concerts . On the “Believe Tour” Justin Bieber played the American Airlines Center on October 29th 2012. He returned to Dallas just a couple months later on July 3rd 2013 for the second leg of the “Believe Tour” where fans at the Justin Bieber Dallas American Airlines Center got to hear All Around the World, Take You, Catching Feelings, One Time / Eenie Meenie / Somebody to Love, Love Me Like You Do, She Don't Like the Lights, Die in Your Arms, Out of Town Girl, Be Alright, Fall, Beauty and a Beat, One Less Lonely Girl and more.

- Lizzie D.

Hey. My name is Lizzie Carroll and I am 14 years old. I would love to win tickets to Justin Bieber's concert on August 8th in Charlotte, NC. I live about 4 hours away from there. I love Justin Bieber because he is so amazing and his effort and dedication is amazing! He loves his fans, and he pushes himself to do his best for us! I really relate to what he went through when he was younger because thats what I am going through now. I can not afford to get tickets and my dream is to meet him and see him in concert. I love his eyes and his hair. He is so beautiful and I say that because I think it means more than saying he is hot. I mostly love his personality because we are a lot alike. We both love to smile and laugh, we are not afraid to be ourselves, and I think we would fall in love if we met haha. I have been picked on for liking him and I have been called names but, nothing has stopped me from being the best fan I can be. I was on the radio one day and I said I was Justin Bieber’s wife and then I was listening again and they said for me to call back and when I did, they told me since I was a dedicated fan, I could introduce him when “Baby” came on haha. So, please take me into consideration when you give away your tickets. I would be so happy and forever great-full!

- Brooke M.

Millions of girls around the world are waiting for the day they marry Justin Bieber, including me. Justin Bieber is more then just a singer to me he's an inspiration and a hero. Describing how much I like Justin is like trying to tell someone what water taste like. Every night before I go to bed I pray that a miracle will happen and I will meet Justin. Justin Bieber changed who I am as a person, my life, and my attitude. I don’t like Justin Bieber, I love him, for so many reasons.

To begin with, Justin inspired me to never give up because dreams do come true. Justin was just living in a small town in Canada being a normal kid like me, when one day changed his life. Justin posted videos of him singing on YouTube for his friends and family and noticed that a lot of people liked him so he kept posting more videos for the fans. He never gave up and kept trying his hardest to make his dream come true which he probably never thought could come true. Justin tells his fans ALL the time that dreams really do come true and you should never give up and that makes me want to try harder and not to quit on my dreams which is to own my own magazine company for young teens and to be a manager for celebrities. Justin Bieber is an inspiration to all. If he can do it, we all can.

Another reason why I like Justin Bieber is because he is adorable! Justin has the most amazing hair ever, and one day I would love to put my hands threw it. Most of all of Justin's fans adore his hair, it reminds me of surfer hair or skateboarder hair! Justin also has lushes lips, there so big and cute. Any girl that kissed those lips are so lucky they don’t even know. Unlike most celebrities out there that spends thousands of dollars on there clothes, Justin dresses normal and shops at places where clothes are cheap like any other boy that I know. He shows that you don't need to dress fancy to be famous.

Furthermore, Justin has a great personality that I love! Justin cracks jokes all the time that literally make me laugh out loud. He's even funny when he's not trying to be. I really like a guy that has good manners and is to polite to everyone, like Justin. I never saw Justin be disrespectful to someone or not use manners like thank you. Justin all the time thanks his fans for supporting him and doing respectful things. He is especially really caring, to everyone he meets, mostly to girls because he loves that ladies and I find that so cute.

Those are some reasons why I love Justin Bieber, there are a billion more other reasons out there why I love him! I'm not the best writer and I really don’t like to write but when I found out that this contest was for Justin, I had to do it, I will do anything for this kid. I mean anything! He is such an amazing boy, there's no other boy out there that is like Justin. He's just so sweet and his music sinks down into my heart. I don’t know what I would do if I won this contest, probably cry for 3 nights in a row!

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