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Justin Bieber Tickets Concord

Justin Bieber Tickets

Justin Bieber Concord Tickets:

To order your Justin Bieber Concord, CA tickets online, please select the event you would like to attend from the schedule below. To buy Justin Bieber tickets online, please select the show from the Justin Bieber schedule below. At www.Barry’, you will find first-rate Justin Bieber Concord, CA tickets for all shows, as well as all-inclusive Justin Bieber concert info such as address, parking, directions, and more. We're happy to help you find sold-out tickets to Justin Bieber Concord, CA concerts online or by phone. Contact us for your Justin Bieber tickets today!


Justin Bieber Schedule: 

To buy Justin Bieber Concord tickets, select the show from the Justin Bieber schedule below.


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Justin Bieber Tickets

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Justin Bieber Contest Entries:

- Brianna G.

This is an essay telling your about why I like Justin Bieber. When I first ever heard of Justin Bieber this summer I thought wow just another Jonas Brother player but then once I heard his songs and they way he acted I was shot. This 16 year old boy blew up in just MONTHS!!!! Justin Bieber is a small time boy from Canada. He made the videos on YouTube, not to get discovered but to show his family that he never got to see what he could do. He was in the telethon to help Haiti as they were going through this rough time. I am not like these other girls that go screaming just because of his pretty face, I go because he is an amazing person. I have yet to see the popularity to get to him. Even though many may say he is gay I don’t believe that one bit. They are all haters just as the person who made up that he was dead. When you are looking at a person you do not just see the outside of them, you see the inside. What they are like, how they act, and ect. If you believe what every one were to say would you be the person you are now? I know I wouldn’t and neither would Justin Bieber. He has done many things to help his fans. This generous young man has helped those that not only want help but the ones who need help.

- Stacia P.

Hello Barry, my name is Stacia Peterson and there are many reasons why I like Justin Bieber. Sit back, relax, and open your ears.

One reason I like Justin Bieber is because he has an amazing voice. I discovered this talented boy in 2007 when I was on youtube just searching up good singers. I watched one of his videos and I was completely stunned. When he hit those high notes it was like I had just entered a new world where Justin Bieber was my everything. As he got older and I kept on watching his videos, he just got more and more better. I was astonished and really happy. The feeling was great!

Another reason why Justin Bieber, the teenage heartthrob, has a way of making me love him to the core is his smile. You have got to love that smile. When you look at him and after every sentence he says he smiles it is like heaven. You just want to jump in and give him a great big hug when you see those pearly whites.

Justin Bieber is a terrific dancer. I could fall in love with one movement of his foot. He looks so good when he dances and even more good when he knows what he's doing. A lot of people want to think they can dance, so they try to show off, but Justin Bieber let me tell ya, he's amazing when he dances. He can roll, moonwalk, all sorts of stuff that even I can't do and I am a dancer. He's great!

Oh and you cannot forget Justin Bieber's awesome hairflip! He does it every like what, one minute? How does he not get headaches from all the flipping? He's cute when he does it though and that's all that matters. He's got like perfectg hair; flippy, shiny, soft looking. I love it! I just simply love it.

Justin Bieber's eyes, oh how those things shine. He has long eyelashes and beautiful shiny brown eyeballs. They're big, but not too big. He can stare and make me faint. Especially when he gets the smile going with they eyes. It's all too much for a HUGE Justin Bieber fan like I.

Nobody's got a style like Justin Bieber. His Shoes always go perfect with the shirt he's wearing. Sometimes he likes to spice it up and wear a little jacket with his outfit. He looks great no matter what he wears and it is totally fantastic!

One last reason I LOVE Justin Bieber is his confidence. Everyones says beauty is confidence and Justin Bieber sure does have a lot of beauty, and confidence. He always walks around with his head up and a smile on his face and that is what I love seeing on anybody that i care about. Justin Bieber is fantastic and I love every little thing about him! I hope he never changes and he's always bright and shining.


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