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Fort Minor is a hip hop side project created in 2004 by Mike Shinoda, the rapper and producer for Linkin Park.

They are best known for the singles "Where'd You Go", "Remember The Name", "Believe Me" and "Petrified", from their debut album The Rising Tied (2005).

Shinoda has stated that the goal for the project was to create music while having fun with his friends.


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"It's called Fort Minor instead of my name because there are a bunch of other people involved in the project. But I only wanted to work with family and friends; people that I feel are really close to me and we see eye-to-eye." -- Mike Shinoda, BallerStatus.
Some contributors to the project are:

Black Thought: The lead vocalist/emcee of Philadelphia hip-hop ensemble The Roots. He features on the song "Right Now" on The Rising Tied.
Common: He features on the song "Back Home" on The Rising Tied.
Kenna: He features on The Rising Tied in the songs "Red to Black" and "The Hard Way" on The Rising Tied Special Edition.
Lupe Fiasco: He features on the song "Be Somebody" on the Special Edition of The Rising Tied and "Spraypaint & Ink Pens" on the DJ Green Lantern mixtape Fort Minor: We Major.
John Legend: He features on the song "High Road" on The Rising Tied.
Joe Hahn: Features on the song "Slip Out The Back" (scratching).
Styles of Beyond: They feature on the songs "Remember The Name", "Right Now", "Feel Like Home", "Back Home", "Believe Me", and "Red To Black" on The Rising Tied.
Jay-Z: Does not perform on The Rising Tied but provides the spoken vocals on "Introduction" and is an executive producer. He appears on the remix to the Linkin Park song "Nobody's Listening" on the Green Lantern mixtape Fort Minor: We Major.
Holly Brook: She features on the song "Where'd You Go" on The Rising Tied and on "Be Somebody" on The Rising Tied Special Edition.
Ghostface Killah: He features on the song "Spraypaint & Ink Pens" on the DJ Green Lantern mixtape Fort Minor: We Major
Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill): Bobo plays the timbales in the track "Believe Me".
Jonah Matranga: He appears on The Rising Tied in the songs "Where'd You Go" and "Red To Black".
Celph Titled: He appears on track 15, "The Battle".
As of August 1, 2006, Fort Minor's debut album has sold 335,000 copies

The Subject of The Rising Tied

Fort Minor's first major album is entitled The Rising Tied and focuses on tracks regarding various aspects of life, many specific to the lives of Shinoda and his collaborators. "Remember the Name", for example, describes the group's views on being rappers, while "Get Me Gone" and "High Road" focus on Shinoda's responses to criticism he has received for his work with both Linkin Park and Fort Minor. Other tracks, such as "Slip Out the Back", have more general lyrical themes. "Where'd You Go" is set from the mindset of a wife with a family whose father is always out of town.

Lacey Mosley of Fort Minor performing on Daily DownloadOn April 12, 2006, Fort Minor performed live on television for the first time on Fuse TV's Daily Download. They did two songs: "I'm So Sick", which has been a Top 5 video on the station, and "All Around Me". On July 10, 2006, Fort Minor logged their first network television appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they performed their first two singles, "I'm So Sick" and "Fully Alive".

Their music is a mix of screamo-esque emotion-based vocals and hard rock instrumentals. The band cites influences such as Rage Against The Machine, Foo Fighters, Incubus, Soundgarden, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Nirvana.[citation needed] They have toured with P.O.D., Seether, and Shinedown and are headlining their own tour. The band will be playing on the revival of the Family Values Tour. The tour consists of Korn, Deftones, Fort Minor, Stone Sour, Dir En Grey, Deadsy, 10 Years, Bury Your Dead, and Bullets and Octane.

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