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Exodus Concert tickets and Tours

Exodus Biography:

It is that time again all of you adoring Exodus fans, time for the insanely talented heavy metal band to kick off another highly anticipated live concert tour this 2009. Ever since they hit the music scene back in the early 80's they have been making heads go crazy and metal fanatics fall in love at each and every live performance. Stay in the know with ticket information as it becomes available for your seats to this epic event.


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Event Date Venue Availabilty
March 09, 2018
Friday - 7:30 PM
The National
Richmond, VA

Starting up in San Francisco , California back in 1980, Exodus started off with the works of Gary Holt and Kirk Hammett on guitar and Tom Hunting singing and drumming it up. Exodus recorded 1982 Demo , and then a year later Kirk Hammett went off to join a little band by the name of Metallica. Rick Hunolt and Rob McKillow came in to become a part of Exodus as Hammett and Andrews left the band. The new Exodus lineup came out with the bands first debut album, Bonded by Blood in 1985.

It wasn't too much later that their first album was released than Paul Baloff was replaced with the talent of Steve Souca on vocals. From the late 80's through the beginning of the 90's, Exodus didn't change their line up and they released Pleasures of the Flesh , Fabulous Disaster and Impact is Imminent . Forces of Habit came out in the beginning of the 90's, and then the boys of Exodus laid low for a bit, touring and traveling here and there. It wasn't until 1997 that they came out with another record album release, which came as Another Lesson in Violence .

After Lessons in Violence came out, Exodus seemed to have quite a while there in which fans everywhere were praying to the metal gods that they would put out another album. The boys took quite a few years off from releasing anything new, and it wasn't until 2004 that they did with Tempo of the Damned . 2005 came out with Shovel Headed Kill Machine , The Atrocity Exhibition.Exhibit A in 2007, Let There Be Blood in 2008 and The Atrocity Exhibition.. Exhibit B in 2009 have been their latest studio albums works of that that audiences everywhere are rocking out to and thanking their stars that Exodus is keeping with it and making heads bash places they didn't think they could bash again.

Currently, the making of Exodus consists of Rob Dukes on vocals, Gary Holt and Lee Altus on guitars, Jack Gibson on bass and Tom Hunting on drums. Throughout the years many member have come and gone through Exodus and all that is, but the line up currently seems to have quite the kicker to it, and hopefully these boys won't be going anywhere for a long time.

There is no doubt that the heavy metal band Exodus that has been around for almost three decades may come and go, but as of now they are kicking charts to the top and making thrash metal lovers everywhere fall in love again. Stay in the know for ticket information as it becomes available for your seats to see Exodus live in their 2009 concert tour.


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