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Cursive is a four-piece indie rock band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. The members of Cursive are Tim Kasher on vocals and guitars, Matt Maginn on bass and vocals, Clint Schnase on drums, and Ted Stevens on guitars and vocals. Cursive’s music is influenced by artists such as Pixies, Fugazi, Quicksand, Iron Maiden, Bettie Seveert, Treepeople, The Cure, Tool, Dinosaur Jr., Drive Like Jehu, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Public Enemy, Archers Of Loaf, Urge Overkill, and The Smiths. Cursive has been active since 1995 and is currently under Saddle Creek Records.


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Cursive was born in the year 1995 when Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn, Clint Schnase, and former member Steve Pedersen of Slowdown Virginia decided to form the band. Steve Pedersen’s guitar duties for Cursive were eventually taken over by Ted Stevens after the band took a short break. It could be noted that Cursive music developed critically when they were joined by Gretta Cohn in 2001. Cohn played the cello. Gretta Cohn stayed with Cursive until mid 2005, when she left the band to pursue other musical opportunities.

Cursive has gone on various tours over the course of their musical career. In 2002, Cursive participated on the Take Action! Tour. Cursive was also selected by The Cure to tour with them on their Curiosa tour.

Since the band’s formation in 1995, Cursive has been able to release 6 albums. Cursive’s first full-length album is called Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes. Released in 1997, Cursive’s Such Blinding Stars for Starving Eyes is the only album that is not released by Saddle Creek Records, but is instead released by Crank! Records. The album features 11 tracks which includes the songs:

  • "After the Movies" – 4:26
  • "Downhill Racers" – 4:36
  • "Ceilings Crack" – 3:40
  • "The Dirt of the Vineyard" – 4:09
  • "Target Group" – 4:26
  • "Eight Light Minutes" – 2:24
  • "Vermont" – 3:42
  • "Dedications to Desertion" – 3:11
  • "Warped the Wood Floors" – 3:48
  • "Retirement" – 3:50
  • "The Farewell Party" – 3:52

Cursive’s first full-length album is followed by the album entitled The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song. Cursive’s second full-length album was released in 1998 under Saddle Creek Records. The album was produced by Tim Kasher and Mike Mogis. Cursive’s second full-length album features 11 tracks which include the songs:

  • "The Rhyme Scheme" – 3:44
  • "A Career in Transcendence" – 2:18
  • "The Road to Financial Stability" – 2:33
  • "Tempest" – 2:34
  • "Break in the New Year" – 4:02
  • "Proposals" – 5:05
  • "Semantics of Sermon" – 2:52
  • "A Little Song and Dance" – 3:17
  • "When Summer's Over Will We Dream of Spring" – 3:52
  • "Northern Winds" – 3:00
  • "Absence Makes the Day Go Longer" – 4:34

Cursive’s second full-length album was followed by their 2000 release, Domestica. Cursive’s Domestica was released on the 20th of June, 2000. The album received rave reviews from All Music Guide (who rated the album 4.5 out of 5,) Pitchfork (who gave the album an 8 out 10 rating,) and (who rated the album 7 out of 10.) Domestica is a 9-track album which featured the songs:

  • "The Casualty" – 3:30
  • "The Martyr" – 3:57
  • "Shallow Means, Deep Ends" – 3:37
  • "Making Friends and Acquaintances" – 2:58
  • "A Red So Deep" – 4:40
  • "The Lament of Pretty Baby" – 3:15
  • "The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst" – 3:34
  • "The Radiator Hums" – 3:24
  • "The Night I Lost the Will to Fight" – 3:19

Domestica was followed by Cursive’s The Ugly Organ. Cursive’s fourth full-length album was released on the 4th of May, 2003. The album also received good reviews, as All Music Guide gave the album 4.5 out of 5, while rated the album 9 out of 10.  Cursive’s The Ugly Organ is a 12-track album which featured the songs:

  • The Ugly Organist – 0:53
  • Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand – 1:53
  • Art Is Hard – 2:46
  • The Recluse – 3:04
  • Herald! Frankenstein– 0:47
  • Butcher The Song – 3:31
  • Driftwood: A Fairy Tale – 3:14
  • A Gentleman Caller – 3:19
  • Harold Weathervein – 2:59
  • Bloody Murderer – 2:52
  • Sierra – 3:25
  • Staying Alive – 10:04

Cursive followed up The Ugly Organ with a compilation of their early materials entitled The Difference Between Houses and Homes: Lost Songs and Loose Ends. The album was released in 2005 and featured 12 songs namely:

  • "Dispenser" – 3:09
  • "Pivotal" – 2:48
  • "Sucker & Dry" – 3:07
  • "Icebreakers" – 4:48
  • "And the Bit Just Chokes Them" – 4:53
  • "There's a Coldest Day in Every Year" – 2:26
  • "A Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things" – 2:52
  • "Nostaliga" – 3:26
  • "The Knowledgeable Hasbeens" – 3:02
  • "Polar" – 5:40
  • "A Disruption in Our Lines of Influence" – 2:23
  • "I Thought There'd Be More Than This" – 2:39

Cursive’s compilation was followed by their fifth and latest album, Happy Hollow. Cursive’s Happy Hollow  was released on the 22nd of August, 2006, and received favorable reviews. Prefix Magazine, ARTISTdirect, and Sputnikmusic rated the album 4 out of 5 stars, while Absolute Punk gave Happy Hollow 4.5 out of 5 stars. Cursive’s Happy Hollow features 14 songs namely:

  • "Opening the Hymnal / Babies" – 2:32
  • "Dorothy at Forty" – 3:02
  • "Big Bang" – 3:56
  • "Bad Sects" – 3:39
  • "Flag and Family" – 2:56
  • "Dorothy Dreams of Tornadoes" – 2:54
  • "Retreat!" – 3:57
  • "The Sunks" – 2:53
  • "At Conception" – 2:57
  • "So-So Gigolo" – 3:43
  • "Bad Science" – 2:40
  • "Into the Fold" – 4:16
  • "Rise Up! Rise Up!" – 3:22
  • "Hymns for the Heathen" – 2:39

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