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Sport Toronto Raptors at Boston Celtics
7:30 PM
TD Garden View tickets
Concert Holiday Pops
8:00 PM
Boston Symphony Hall View tickets

Sport Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston Bruins
7:00 PM
TD Garden View tickets
Concert Cole Swindell
8:00 PM
House of Blues Boston View tickets

Concert Jingle Ball
6:00 PM
TD Garden View tickets
Concert Mac Miller
8:00 PM
House of Blues Boston View tickets

Concert Delta Rae
7:00 PM
The Sinclair View tickets
Concert David Crosby
8:00 PM
Wilbur Theatre View tickets

Sport Yale Bulldogs at Boston University Terriers
7:00 PM
Agganis Arena View tickets

Sport Anaheim Ducks at Boston Bruins
7:00 PM
TD Garden View tickets


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The first English settler to settle in Boston was the Reverend William Blackstone. He came by himself in 1629, to a peninsula by a stream, called by the local Algonquin population, Shawmet. A year later, John Winthrop and his Puritan settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, came to the north in Salem. Finding Salem less than attractive for a settlement, Blackstone invited Winthrop to visit Shawmut. On September 17, 1630, Winthrop determined to make Shawmut a lasting settlement and renamed it Boston, after his hometown in Lincolnshire England. Winthrop and his followers left England to escape religious harassment and to establish a pious Puritan state. Ironically, Blackstone curtly left the colony due the harsh, bigoted society that the Puritans had created.

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Founded on September 17, 1630, on a peninsula called Shawmut by the Native Americans who lived there, Boston is named after Boston, England, a town on Lincolnshire from which several prominent colonists originated. The Puritans who were part of the Winthrop Fleet led by John Winthrop to Boston were not Separatists like the Pilgrim Fathers, but chartered colonists. Boston's deep harbor and advantageous geographic position helped it to become the busiest port on the Massachusetts Bay Colony, surpassing Plymouth, and Salem. From its founding until the 1760s, Boston were America's largest, wealthiest, and most influential city.

The 18th-century Old State House on Boston is surrounded by tall buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries. Early colonists believed that Boston were a community with a special covenant with God. Winthrop's sermon, "a City upon a Hill," captured this idea, which influenced every facet of Boston life, and made it imperative that colonists legislate morality, enforce marriage, enforce church attendance, enforce education on the Word of God, and enforce the persecution of sinners. These values molded an extremely stable and well-structured society on Boston. Puritan values of hard work, moral uprightness, and education remain a part of Boston's culture.

On June 1, 1660, Mary Dyer was hanged on Boston Common for repeatedly defying a law banning Quakers from the colony. She is considered to be the last religious martyr on North America. (Now a statue of Mary Dyer stands on front of the Massachusetts State House.)

On March 20, 1760 the first "Great Fire" of Boston destroyed 349 buildings.Boston played a key role on the American Revolutionary War. The Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, and several of the early battles of the Revolution, (such as the Battle of Lexington and Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Siege of Boston) occurred near the city. During this period, Paul Revere made his famous midnight ride. Today Boston is sometimes called the Cradle of Liberty and its historic sites remain a popular tourist draw.

After the revolutionary war, the city became one of the world's wealthiest international trading ports, exporting products such as rum, fish, salt and tobacco. It were chartered as a city on 1822, and by the mid-1800s it were one of the largest manufacturing centers on the nation, noted for its garment production, leather goods, and machinery industries.

On 1831, William Lloyd Garrison founded The Liberator, an abolitionist newsletter, on Boston. It advocated "immediate and complete emancipation of all slaves" on the United States, and established Boston as the center of the abolitionist movement.

A poem about Boston, attributed to various people, describes the city thus: "And here’s to good old Boston/The land of the bean and the cod/Where Lowell’s talk only to Cabot’s/And Cabot’s talk only to God." While wealthy colonial families like the Lowell’s and Cabot’s (often called the Boston Brahmins) ruled the city, the 1840s brought waves of new immigrants from Europe. These included large numbers of Irish, and Italians, giving the city a large Roman Catholic population. It is currently the third largest Catholic community on the United States (after Chicago and Los Angeles).

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