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Ray Mercer Information

Ray Mercer is a professional fighter trained to entertain the public by opening a can of Whoop Ass on his opponents. With a career record of 33-5-1 (25), the previous 1988 Olympic Gold Medalist shows nothing but admiration for others out of the ring, but in the ring he turns out to be 'Merciless'. In 1991, he was challenged for his WBO heavyweight title by then unbeaten Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison. In the fifth round he delivered one of the most atrocious KO's in boxing history. Over his 15 year boxing career, Ray Mercer has stepped in the ring with some of the best. A fearless fighter with an iron chin, Mercer has only been on the canvas three times in his boxing career and two of the knockdowns came after the age of 40. On May 26 of this year the previous WBO heavyweight champion proclaimed his retirement from the world of boxing. He will always be known by the boxing world as a true Gladiator. Ray Mercer stopped by the Doghouse to talk about his career.

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