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Yao Ming to Retire? Are Rumors True?

Houston Rockets and took the NBA by a storm when he first started out.  In a recent decision, it has been confirmed that Yao Ming has formally announced his plans to retire. 

Though young at just 30 years of age, Yao Ming hasn’t had a good season since 09/09 due to a plaguing foot injury that restricted him to a total of five games in the last two years.

Yao Ming is the NBA’s very first Chinese basketball star.  Much credit is given to Ming for bringing the NBA to the forefront in Asia.  Prior to his injuries, Yao Ming, who is 7 ft. 6″, averaged 19 points a game, 9.2 rebounds, 1.9 blocks and 1.6 assists for his career average.  Three out of eight seasons Yao averaged more than 20 points per game. 

As of June 30, 2011, Yao Ming’s contract with the Rockets expired.  Initially, Ming said he wanted to return.   However, citing spending more time with his one-year-old daughter as a reason, Yao Ming has decided to retire.  Also, Ming claims his foot would need much more treatment in order to continue playing.”I wish she could watch me play and even win a championship as she grows up and not only see through video highlights how her dad played before.