Can the Golden State Warriors win the NBA Championship

Will Stephen Curry be the next NBA superstar

In the Western Conference Semi-Finals, the San Antonio Spurs finally cruised past the Golden State Warriors in Game 6. Despite the fact that the Warriors’ Playoffs trip ended early, this team, with all the great talent it possesses and the low age-average looks really promising for the years to come.

First of all, they got solid players in every position.

Stephen Curry at point guard showed that he might be the next big story of the NBA for the next seasons. He delivered superstar numbers almost every night through the regular season, with almost 23 points per game, seven assists and an amazing 45.3% shooting from long range. He set an NBA record for most three-pointers made in a season, with 272.

Curry is the son of former NBA player and sharpshooter Dell Curry and is continuing the legacy of his father the best way.

His non-selection for the All-Star team was heavily criticized by many NBA analysts. Judging from his general performance and the fact that he carried his team all the way till the sixth spot in the Western Conference, he well deserved that All-Star spot.

However, there are several aspects of his game that put his “superstar” characterization in doubt. His size limits him to specific positions and roles in the game. His lack of strength also makes him vulnerable sometimes against lock down opposing defenders. Of course, relying on the three point shot is risky. It takes time and effort for any shooter to set out pace that will accompany him for his entire career. Hopefully, Curry can retain his level of play and improve his skills for the next seasons.

Although there is no question he is a talented player, is featured along with the established superstars and the true monsters of the NBA, like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe and Howard is not an easy task. So for the moment, he can rather be considered as a rising star than a true superstar.

The great fact about the Golden State Warriors is that they have lots of potentials. Three core players – Curry, Thompson, and Barnes – are under the age of 25. Andrew Bogut and David Lee are under 30 and that’s the way you build a young team with a starting lineup that can protagonist in the NBA for at least half a decade.

That’s the reason why Warriors fans should see this year’s elimination by the Spurs as a challenge and not as a disappointment. Every team has to go through fire and iron to become successful. A loss and a Playoff exit might strengthen the team and any team more than a win. Golden State will have all the time to seek their revenge from the aging ensemble of veterans in San Antonio the next years.

Four out of five starters are under contract for the next three seasons. This means that the team can also build a supreme chemistry and with a couple of good offseason movements, the Warriors future course can be bright.

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