Who are the Most Overrated NBA Players 2014-2015 season

The NBA is full of big names; however, sometimes players can become well known without actually being that good. These overrated players tend to make a lot of money even though no one can explain why. Here’s a list of the most overrated players in the NBA for this coming season:

Deron Williams: Williams averaged only 14.3 points per game and 6.1 assists per game this season with the Brooklyn Nets Opening Day. These numbers would be great for a point guard coming off the bench, but Williams is a starter and making almost $20 million a season. The Nets would be better off trading him, but Williams’s huge contract and dismal performance make him very unattractive to potential teams.

Chandler Parsons: For a small forward making about $14 million a season, 16.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and four assists per game just does not cut it. Parsons simply does not produce well enough to earn the money he is making. There is a reason the Houston Rockets got rid of him this season despite having the cap room to be able to keep him.

Josh Smith: Smith has been in the NBA for 10 seasons, yet his style of play has not improved at all. Smith shoots less than 30 per cent from beyond the arc and less than 55 per cent from the free throw line. That’s right—Smith makes over $13 million a season, and he can barely hit a free throw.

Dwight Howard: Howard puts up great numbers pretty consistently with the Houston Rockets, but what he lacks is leadership. Howard does not seem to have the passion and drive to lead a team to a championship. The Rockets have a good team, but they lack the veteran leadership that Howard is expected to provide. Until he gets an attitude adjustment, Howard will never be a legend.

Tony Allen: Allen may be one of the best defenders in the NBA, but he simply cannot play offence. He is a big reason for the Memphis Grizzles offensive struggles this past season. Allen averaged only 9 points per game this past season while making less than 25 per cent of his three-point shots and only 62.8 per cent of his free throws.

O.J. Mayo: Mayo brought nothing but confrontations with the head coach and sub-par effort to the Milwaukee Bucks this season. Mayo averaged under 12 points a game and was unhappy with his new team. Hopefully, a new coach and the addition of Jabari Parker will encourage Mayo to try a little harder this season.

Carmelo Anthony: Anthony is without a doubt a fascinating player to watch, and the fans in New York will undoubtedly continue to fill the stands to see him play. However, Anthony is about to make $22 million this coming season; and he has a hard time leading his team to the playoffs. Anthony puts up massive numbers, but until he steps up as a leader on the Knicks, the team will continue to lose.

7 thoughts on “Who are the Most Overrated NBA Players 2014-2015 season

  1. I put steph curry on that list it not that I dont think he is good hes has to be in at least top 5 point guards in the league but he cant be number one russle westbrook is better than him in everythin8g execept shooting percentage and plenty of other point gurds can get higher number than him like chris paul.

  2. to all who disagree, melo is definitely overrated. he’s a good player which is why he made it to the playoffs…IN HIS BEST DAYS which are probly now behind him, but to be paid $22 million for 5 years without the ability to carry a team AT ALL is completely ludicrous. Im a knick fan watch almost every game and melo can score but not efficient in the least. Making difficult shots, which melo can do does not win games unfortunately and basketball is a team game. I’ve had enough about the team being so bad around him they werent they best but we weren’t as bad talent wise as our record shows. JR and Iman are now playing great in Cleveland. Also how were players like Allen Iverson and young Lebron able to carry their teams to the finals?? Those are players worth $22 mill a year NOT carmelo. They also both play defense and play to win EVERY game. Melo is lax and loves to settle for jump shots. He needs somebody who can light a fire but he by no means is the fire. Also, take my boy Lin out of your mouths as overrated. He’s slightly overpaid but he’s still a top backup PG in my book the guy plays hard, he’s big, athletic, and can get in the paint. Subject to turnovers at times but he’s still very young ease up on the asian he’s an easy target for haters. Been watching Lakers too and he’s been OK for them to say the least.

  3. Chandler Parsons overrated?????Carmelo Anthony overrated??? Leaning more towards Roy Hibbert and Lance Stephenson for starters throw in Jeremy Lin who has been awful

  4. I disagree on Carmelo smh. He made the playoffs every year including his 1st year with the Denver nuggets In the West. With the exception of when he had billups and camby who were past their prime he has never been on a good team? An that team made it to the western conference finals and was broken up the next year? How can you blame him for the Knicks who as a franchise have been terrible for a decade? Nobody can win alone and Amare has been hurt and a bust since Melo was traded to New York. He is not a leader, He is not a passer, he is an elite scorer and if he had went to the bulls this wouldn’t even be a discussion. They fit what he does best. The only negative I find with Melo is he cares more about money obviously b/c a blind man could see they were going to suck this year. Oh and 80% of the league sucks at team and individual defense so please don’t bring that up sir.He is not overrated in the least? Put him with a healthy superstar or 2 like LeBron and see what happens. The rest of your list is accurate especially Dwight. I live in Houston and argue everyday. If he would take less money and not insist on getting the ball in the post he’d be a great addition for any team. If he is so great at defense why does he stay in foul trouble and almost every big man that comes thru the Toyota center gets there average against him??

    1. Thanks Vernon, totally understand where your coming from with Carmelo and respect your opinion on it. I wish Kobe would have listened to your comment about Dwight taking less money. I feel as much as helped for lack of a better description “rebuild” the Lakers brand he is also now putting it back down. Would you take Shaq or Dwight in their prime on Houston?

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