Where To Buy Tickets for the Super Bowl 56?

Where To Buy Tickets for the Super Bowl 56?

On the secondary market, Los Angeles-based Barry’s Ticket Service offers the lowest prices on Super Bowl 56 tickets, including a Refund Guarantee.

Since 1985, Barry’s Ticket Service Inc. (Barry’s) and Barrystickets.com have provided hard-to-get and premium tickets to our clients for all major worldwide, national, and local events.

Compared to other secondary market ticketing sites, Barry’s Ticket Service customers save between 20%-25%.

How much are tickets to the Super Bowl 56?

The cheapest ticket to get into the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, 2022, at Sofi Stadium is $5,316 (up 8% in the last 24 hours). The average ticket price is 8,054.00 (up 2% during the previous 24 hours).

Based on the current prices at Barry’s Tickets, you can save 15-20% on BarrysTickets.com compared to StubHub and other secondary market resellers.

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Tips For Buying tickets to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sofi Stadium 360 views

Barry’s Tickets offers a true sense of your viewing experience with its 360° views of Sofi Stadium! Click on any ticket listing on our Super Bowl Page to get an interactive view from that section.

Keep an eye on the secondary market for Super Bowl tickets and pick a price you’re willing to pay. Every day, check in with prices at least twice per hour; if it’s below your budget, move on to another venue!

When tracking the number of tickets available for the Super Bowl overall, but all in one specific section, you’re most interested in sitting with only about 800 being made public. Prices may go up if there is heavy demand because this will contribute towards higher prices when it’s time to buy them!

Check out this blog post, updated daily for the latest data, Super Bowl ticket prices, and quantities trends.

Tickets will be more expensive as we get closer to game day, and the best day for a big price drop may be Thursday. As demand for tickets increases over time (and it has been increasing lately), ticket prices go down less often than you’d expect – so if your ideal seat isn’t already sold on any of those final days before the game time arrives then now’s definitely an excellent chance to grab them!

How Many Tickets Will Be Available for Super Bowl LVI?

The seating capacity for SoFi stadium is 70,240; however, it can be extended to just over 100,240 fans for significant events like the Super Bowl. At this point, the final capacity numbers have not been announced.

Capacity inside the stadium and the number of tickets for the Super Bowl available to the public are two very different things.

Super Bowl packages and tickets are allocated to season ticket members at SoFi Stadium, large corporations, sponsors, and others.

Super Bowl Seating Chart Seat Numbers.

At Sofi Stadium, seat numbers follow a typical stadium pattern where seat number 1 is always on the right side of the section when facing the field. For example, seat number 1 in section 111 will be closest to section 112, and the highest seat number in section 111 will be nearest to section 110.

Where are the Team Benches Located at Super Bowl LV?

For Super Bowl LVI at Sofi Stadium, the NFC team will be in front of sections VIP 131 and VIP 132. The AFC team will be in front of VIP 111 and VIP 112.

Super Bowl Seating – Are there obstructed Views?

There are no obstructed-view seats inside SoFi Stadium for the Super Bowl.

Where to Sit if it Rains at Super Bowl LVI.

SoFi Stadium is a partially-domed stadium, so there is no need to worry fans about the weather for Super Bowl 56.

Super Bowl & SoFi Stadium Seating Guide.

Super Bowl Seating Chart Sofi Stadium

Super Bowl Seating – Zone Seats for Super Bowl 56.

Unfortunately, some sellers don’t know which Super Bowl game tickets they will receive, and the “zones” differ depending on where you look. This logic also applies to Super Bowl suites in some cases.

Sofi Stadium Sections:

Upper Endzone 400-405, 424-434, 453-457, 504, 524-530, 550-553.
Upper Corner 406-409, 420-423, 435-438, 449-452, 505-509, 519-523, 531-535, 545-549.
Upper Sideline 410-412, 417-419, 439-441, 446-448, 510-512, 516-518, 536-538, 542-544.
Upper Premium 413-416, 442-445, 513-515, 539-541.
300 Level Endzone 305-313, 332-340.
300 Level Corner 301-304, 314-317, 328-331, 341-344.
300 Level Sideline 300, 318-327, 345-353.
200 Level Endzone 204-210, 228-236.
200 Level Corner 200-203, 211-214, 224-227, 237-241.
200 Level Club Sideline C215-C217, C221-C223, C242-C244, C248-C250.
200 Level VIP VIP218-VIP220, VIP245-VIP247.
Lower Endzone 100-105, 119-124.
Lower Club Corner C106-C107, C116-C118, C125-C127, C136-C137.
Lower Club Sideline C108-C110, C113-C115, C128-C130, C133-C135.
Lower VIP VIP110-VIP113, VIP130-VIP133, O131-O132.
Terrace Suites in front of Upper Premium.
Patio Suites in front of 300 Level Sideline.
Perch Suites in front of Sections 314-316 and 301-304.
Executive Suites in front of 200 Level.
Bungalows in front of Sections 100-105.
Field Cabanas in front of Lower Club Sideline.

Super Bowl 56 Halftime Show.

This year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show at Sofi Stadium figures to be one of the biggest yet. Los Angeles legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem & Mary J. Blige, are headlining the halftime show. These Hip-Hop legends taking the stage together is undoubtedly something you don’t want to miss.

Sofi Stadium Seating Chart

You can check out our interactive SoFi Stadium Seating Chart for both the Super Bowl and the regular NFL season for the Los Angeles Rams and LA Chargers.

Who is hosting the Super Bowl 2023?

The Arizona Cardinals are hosting Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.