Where Can I Find LA Kings Tickets?

Where Can I Find LA Kings Tickets?

Did you know that the US online ticketing market is worth $13.7 billion?

Sports games are among the reasons why. The Los Angeles Kings are one of the most notable teams in the NHL, given their success in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this past decade. In the 2019-20 season, they averaged just under 17,000 fans per game.

If you live in the Los Angeles area or are a big hockey fan that is going to be traveling in the area, perhaps you will want to get your hands on some LA Kings tickets for an upcoming game.

How do you get some LA Kings home game tickets? This is your guide.

Directly Through The Team

One option you have for buying tickets for a Kings game is to do it directly through the team’s website. Some people prefer this option as it has a reputation of being safer with less mark-up in the ticket price.

While it is true that you will likely not pay as much for a big game, you will also be stuck paying more money for a ticket that is less in demand.

Let’s say that the Los Angeles Kings are playing the Arizona Coyotes. This could be a team that is struggling during a season and one that is not likely to be in popular demand for ticket sales.

That is when it is a problem to buy directly through the team because you will be less likely to get a discount through them compared to the secondary market.

The same applies to buying LA Kings season tickets. Most people who buy season tickets do so through the team, but if you find yourself not being able to go to the games or if the team is bad enough where you cannot re-sell them, you get stuck with the tickets.

Luckily, there is another way to get the tickets you need at a fair market price.

Secondary Market

For people that do not like to commit to going to a game in advance or commit to buying season tickets, this is a great option for true hockey fans. The secondary market allows you the convenience of buying tickets up to the last minute, while pricing is based on the demand for each individual game.

Let’s use this website full of Kings tickets as an example. The website lists every game remaining and what the starting price is for a ticket to that game.

Tickets to their games at the time of writing started for as little as $6 to one game, while another game had a starting price of at least $99. The secondary market allows for supply and demand to take over, and in all sports, there are going to be opponents that are more desirable to see for the fans than other teams will be.

How To Buy Tickets

The first thing that you have to do is find the sports tab and then the sport that you are looking for on a secondary market website. You would click NHL or Hockey and then scroll down through the list of teams to find the Los Angeles Kings.

Once you have the Los Angeles Kings, you click on their link, and it would take you to every game remaining on their schedule for the rest of the season. You may know exactly what game you want to go to, or you may scroll until you either find a day that you can go or a price that you can afford.

After figuring out which game you want to go to, you would click that game’s link, and it would take you to a new page where it has a list of all of the tickets available on the website. Along with that list, you would see a seating map to get an idea of where in the arena your tickets are located.

Now, there are a few ways that you can go about deciding what tickets you are going to buy for a game.

Price Range

One option that you have for filtering tickets is to set a maximum price that you are willing to pay. So, if you do not want to spend more than $50 per ticket, put that as your maximum price, and the list and seating map will filter to only those tickets under that price.

If you find something that you like in that price range, you can buy from there.


Another way that you can decide what tickets you will buy is what section you want your tickets to be in. Most people are a little broad with this and try to select a seat within a group of sections.

With hockey specifically, you may want to sit on the side of the ice where your team is shooting twice. Or, you could be someone that likes to be as close to the center of the ice as possible.

You can click on a section or a group of desirable sections for where you want to sit to get an idea of ticket prices there.

Number Of People

Finally, one helpful way to filter for tickets is to note how many tickets you want to buy. Secondary markets tend to be a little more difficult for odd-numbered groups, so if you need one, three or five tickets, you should try this to see what your options even are for sitting together.

Get Your LA Kings Tickets

This is a quick guide for how to get LA Kings tickets. If you know how to shop on the secondary market and what games to go for, you can be saving yourself money and long-term investment on tickets.

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