When Is the Best Time to Buy Season Tickets

When Is the Best Time to Buy Season Tickets? What to Know.

How often have you watched the big game on TV and thought, I should be there? Nothing is like witnessing your team’s win as one of the crowd. Did you know that sports fans have higher esteem and happier lives?

But being part of the action gets more complicated all the time. You might have thought about buying season tickets. A year of game tickets is the best way not to miss the greatest moments in sports.

Yet, if you wondered when is the best time to buy a season ticket, keep reading. Learn how and when to get your season tickets for your favorite team.

Benefits of Season Tickets

Not only are you guaranteed a seat for every home game. A season ticket guarantees our seat for each game. And often get to your seat through a private entrance without lineups.

The convenience of a season ticket can also include a season pass. Teams will provide passcards, so you never have to produce a ticket or open your wallet. All transactions get completed with the pass.

Cost savings are possible when you buy tickets in blocks. The team gets your money upfront, but the discount from single games can be significant. But with funds in hand, teams can budget to improve their roster.

Being a season ticket holder opens opportunities to make new friends. When surrounded by others who root for the same result, relationships develop. Teams also develop relationships with special perks.

Some franchises host private events for season ticket holders. Luncheons or fan road trips are often arranged. As a regular member, access to more game tickets becomes available.

Season tickets also present business opportunities inside and out of the stadium. Many business owners use sports tickets as perks for customers. And you never know when a deal might get made during the game with a fellow fan.


Owning season tickets come with responsibilities. When you buy tickets for a team, you must pay ahead of the season with season tickets. Franchises generally want payment at the season’s end for the next one.

If you plan to sell unused game tickets, make sure of the venue rules about reselling. And you may not get face value for the game ticket you sell. The same holds for winning teams as well as losing ones.

Often, the market for tickets is higher outside the venue. Or you might find that the visiting team is not a draw to buy tickets.

Yet, another aspect to consider is the location of the seat. Some fans won’t buy sports tickets unless they are the best available. Decide first if the work involved with reselling is worth your time and effort.

Some franchises require buying a personal seat license with the season ticket. Be aware that buying season tickets is an obligation as long as you own the license.

Question Your Motives

Before you leap into season tickets, you should decide first if you get value from them. Of course, your first consideration is can you afford the expense. For some who buy tickets, the initial outlay can be prohibitive.

The price of sports tickets can be offset by reselling game tickets you can’t attend. But check your market to learn the value of reselling your game ticket.

In some areas, ticket-buying may not be as active as others.
You might also find season tickets are more expensive than individual game tickets. If your team is a lower draw than other places, game tickets will sell for less.

Also, consider how many games you can attend during a season. If you don’t have that kind of free time, a partnership might be a better option. Find someone to share the season tickets with and divide up games based on your availability.

If other events interest you at the venue, season ticket holders get advanced notice. And venue parking will benefit holders of season tickets. Yet, all these perks are only beneficial if you can take advantage of them.

When to Buy Season Tickets

Knowing the facts about season tickets helps you choose the right fit for you. So consider other options before you buy tickets. Depending on where you live, your choices may vary.

Season tickets in some cities are almost impossible to get. Long waiting lists for seat licenses prevent fans from getting season tickets. So if you are in a location with a waiting list, it’s best to sign up as soon as possible.

Still, other franchises are ready to welcome new season ticket buyers with perks. If you choose a team on the rise, your season ticket will become more valuable.

Buying early might offer you a chance of excellent seats at a discount. And you never know when your team’s season tickets will become a legacy to pass down to your family.

Also, reselling technology has improved recently. Your opportunity to sell individual game tickets has never been more accessible. So when you decide to buy tickets for the season, get the best seats affordable.

The Best Time to Buy Season Tickets

One significant trend with season tickets is their value continues to rise. So there’s never a better time to buy tickets than the present. Yet, the final decision should come from weighing your options.

Being part of a fan base has abundant rewards. But making the most of those perks means you should attend most games.

If you can afford sports tickets and still need to sell some game tickets later, there is good news. Reselling sports tickets is easier than ever. So when you are ready, contact us to sell your season tickets.