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What Top 5 NFL Teams Should Move to Los Angeles?

The NFL, is the most popular professional sports league in the United States and almost every major city has its own team to cheer for. However, there is one big exception and that exception happens to be Los Angeles. It may seem unbelievable, but Los Angeles has not had its own NFL team since 1994 when the Raiders moved to Oakland, and that is a big loss not only for the residents of this major metropolitan area but also for a team.

The Los Angeles market is a big one and any team that moves here would reap all the benefits. This includes having a large fan base, modern stadiums, big contracts from advertising that would bring in good money or the sale of NFL branded items in this mainly well to do city and having great weather all year round that only invites more people to come and watch games. The move to Los Angeles would not pose many problems for a team, because the city is already home to other professional sports teams and has the capacity to take on a team from the NFL.

The big question that remains, though, is what team should make the move to Los Angeles. There are presently several teams in the NFL that are struggling in their hometowns and the following five teams are the top ones that should consider making L.A. their new home.

The Jacksonville Jaguars is one of the top five teams that should move to Los Angeles. This team is definitely under-appreciated in their hometown and when they play in Jacksonville, the attendance at the games is very low. This is unfortunate because the Jaguars don’t even have bad players on the team and a move would definitely be a good financial move. Another team that would be great for the L.A. area is the Buffalo Bills. This team presently plays several games in Canada and even though this team does have its share of fans, the move would mean more profits for the team. New York also has two other major teams and many people of Buffalo are already rooting for the Jets or the New York Giants.

One team is already going through changes in ownership and this provides a unique opportunity to make a move. This team, the St. Louis Rams, used to play in Los Angeles and only plays against West Coast teams. Moving to Los Angeles would mean less traveling, a revival of team spirit and a large fan base since many people still remember them from before the move to St. Louis.

As already mentioned, the Raiders had a long stint in Los Angeles before moving back to Oakland. Moving back to L.A. would make a lot of sense for this team that has been going through a long losing streak. So many bad seasons have turned off many fans and locals even target the decisions made by the team’s coach and owners. Residents of Los Angeles would surely welcome back their former team and there is a good possibility that a different atmosphere would give the team what they need to start fresh.

Finally, the San Diego Chargers would be a great match for Los Angles. The distance between these two southern California cities is not enough for present San Diego fans to lose interest in this team should it move to Los Angeles. However, since L.A. is larger, much more money could be made by moving and a move would not even cost the team its fans.

An NFL Team in Los Angeles would be playing at the newly announced Sofi Stadium.