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What Are The San Manuel Tables At The Staples Center

Staples Center San Manuel TablesHave you ever been to a Lakers, Clippers, LA Kings game at the Staples Center and noticed those neon looking booths at the rear of the arena and wondered what were those or how can you sit in those? Well, those are called the San Manuel Club seats and yes can get tickets for them. Although the Club seats are sold on a season seat basis which means you have to buy them for all games and events at the Staples Center they are sold for individual games on the secondary ticketing market.

So What Are San Manuel Tables?

The San Manuel Club seats at the STAPLES Center aren’t just tickets, they an experience. Attending the Clippers vs Lakers game was by far, the best STAPLES Center visit I have ever had because of the San Manuel Club premier tickets.
San Manuel Club Tickets Staples CenterAs we approached the VIP entrance at the Staples Center and went up the escalator, you are almost exactly where you need to be, so the location is extremely convenient – a definite plus. With VIP Tickets you don’t have to wait in the huge crowd waiting to enter the game. Entering a lobby area, I was greeted by a big metallic San Manuel Amphitheatre Club sign and some attendants who eagerly strapped me with a wrist band and directed us to our seats. The initial experience is in a word, AWESOME: A full bar area filled with beautiful people, a giant buffet and eating area with so much good looking food salads, fruits, lots of different types of cheese and a huge meat lovers delight counter – then looking left your blown away by an incredible view of the STAPLES Center floor. We arrived at our “semi-private” area and were stunned with 4 plush living room type leather sofa chairs, a personal TV installed on the inside wall, small tables for snacks, and a private eating area for four that allows you to eat, while still seeing the game – a very intelligent and cool design.

VIP tickets san Manuel club seatsSan Manuel Lakers[/caption]After the personal server came by to explain the San Manuel Club dining experience and take our drink orders, we took in the phenomenal view of the game from our “open roof box”. The set up of the area is best suited for two couples as there are two chairs on two separate levels, but a group of four could have a great time in the space as well. The San Manuel Club seats are pretty darn good, I felt close to the action and you’ve got such a great view of the entire arena – looking left and right you can see the other San Manuel “boxes” lit up bright purple and the entire STAPLES Center lining either side with the court in the middle from most seats in the club.

Staples Center San Manuel Club Vip TicketsThe AMAZING buffet that came WITH the tickets as part of the San Manuel Package, included cool stuff like: coffee braised short rib, fresh veggies, Chinese food and all kinds of desserts. When I heard there was a buffet I wasn’t too sure at first, but I can tell you first hand – the San Manuel Club chefs know what they’re doing. The whole group was going back for seconds and thirds for a good part of the game – it was almost being in a super luxurious version of your living room with gourmet chefs catering, and the Lakers vs Clippers playing LIVE right in front of you!

The whole experience was my best yet at a game, and at the STAPLES Center overall. The high-end amenities make for a fun and relaxing live Laker game experience and then you throw in the included food and you’ve got a winner in my book. Next time I go to a game I’m definitely going to try for San Manuel Club premier tickets.

Staples Center San Manuel Club VIP BoothThe San Manuel Club booths are perfect for a date or entertaining clients because not only will they feel like a VIP just sitting in them but you can actually hold a conversation as well and in Los Angeles well that’s important. Besides some of the most comfortable leather chairs, there is plenty of legroom and moving around the room that you don’t have in the other sections at the Staples Center. If it’s just the two of you there is still enough privacy to enjoy your experience together even with another couple in the box.

How To Get A Deal On San Manuel Club Tickets

San Manuel Club Table Staples CenterTicket prices for any game in Los Angeles can be expensive so if you’re looking for way to get a deal on San Manuel Club Tickets at the Staples Center some of your best options are

Preseason Games – Generally prices for tickets are cheaper for preseason games sometimes up to 70% different than a regular-season game or playoff.

Weekdays or not so big games – While it’s true everyone wants to see the biggest games of the year and certain teams have much higher prices but also certain days of the week might get you a much better deal on tickets. Mondays – Wednesday’s games on average can be less money than weekends as well as “less desirable” teams tend to be up to 30-50% cheaper than the hottest games.

Last Minute – Although it can be tough to plan a date or entertain clients based on maybe getting tickets if you’re looking to just go to a game waiting till the last minute can be a great option. Sometimes even the hottest games don’t sell out and Barry’s Tickets is located right next to the Staples Center so it’s easy to walk in even after a game has started and ask if tickets are available. You can even call on your way down to the Staples Center.

Just Ask! Last but not least you can always call our office and just ask if we can do any better on the price of a ticket. In the age of online ticket buying the lost art of just calling and asking is sometimes forgotten and as the “Great One” said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take.

If you need to see where San Manuel Club seats are located you can checkout our Staples Center seating chart to learn more.

San Manuel Tables are available for Lakers, Clippers and Kings Games at the LA Staples Center. Its a truly amazing experience to see a game in them.

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