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Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Tickets

  • Buy Washington Rose Bowl Tickets: Get ready for an epic showdown between two CFP semifinalists.
  • The Rose Bowl provides an exciting and memorable experience for fans, showcasing the tradition and history of this prestigious college football game.
  • Attending the Rose Bowl game in person offers a unique experience, allowing fans to fully immerse themselves in the excitement and atmosphere of the event.
  • Purchasing Rose Bowl tickets can be done through a trusted seller like Barry’s Tickets. Use the Rose Bowl seating chart and seek customer support for help securing tickets.
  • It’s important to stay informed about the availability and pricing of Rose Bowl game tickets in order to plan accordingly.
  • Experience the Washington Huskies Rose Bowl game’s rich tradition and excitement, whether by attending in person or watching remotely. It truly captures the spirit of college football.
Rose Bowl - College Football Playoff Quarterfinal
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Are you a diehard Washington Huskies fan hoping to see your team compete in the iconic Rose Bowl Game? As one of college football’s most celebrated traditions playing in Pasadena on New Year’s Day, the Rose Bowl creates lifelong memories for fans. Here’s a guide on how to get tickets and enjoy the full experience of seeing the Huskies battle in the “Granddaddy of Them All.”

Background on the Rose Bowl and Washington Huskies.

The Rose Bowl Game dates back to 1902 and has featured some of the greatest teams and players in college football history. As champions of the Pac-12 conference, the Huskies have made 15 total appearances in the Rose Bowl over the years. Their last trip came in 2018, so UW fans are eagerly awaiting the team’s return to this prestigious bowl game.

When and Where the Rose Bowl Takes Place.

The Rose Bowl Game will take place on Monday, January 1, 2024 at the iconic Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena, California. Kickoff is scheduled for 5 pm ET/2 pm PT. The Huskies will face the winner of the Big Ten conference, providing a classic Pac-12 vs. Big Ten matchup.

Reasons to Attend the Rose Bowl.

More than just a football game, the Rose Bowl is a celebration of the sport and the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences. Beyond the game itself, attending allows you to:

  • Experience the electric atmosphere of the Rose Bowl stadium.
  • Join in unbelievable tailgating parties in Pasadena.
  • See the Rose Parade in person on January 1.
  • Enjoy the warm Southern California weather in January.
  • Create lifelong memories watching the Huskies at a classic event.
  • Buying Directly from the Rose Bowl.

    Once Washington clinches their spot, the most direct way to get Rose Bowl tickets is through the bowl’s website. Depending on availability, you can purchase tickets through the Rose Bowl box office. This ensures you’re getting legitimate seats. Prices vary based on location within the 92,000-seat stadium.

    Using a Ticket Reseller.

    If Rose Bowl tickets are sold out or prices are too high, try a ticket reselling site like Barry’s Tickets. Resellers offer third-party tickets to events, allowing you to comparison shop. Ensure the seller is reputable and read reviews before purchasing. Verify all ticket details to avoid fakes.

    Timing Your Ticket Purchase.

    Buy your Rose Bowl tickets as soon as Washington secures their spot, as they’ll only rise in the resale market once demand spikes. Waiting too long risks missing out or overpaying. Ideally, purchase by mid-December before the holiday rush.

    Utilizing the Rose Bowl Seating Chart

    Pasadena Rose Bowl Seating Chart Guide

    Individuals can make effective use of the Rose Bowl seating chart to choose their preferred seating arrangement. The chart provides a visual representation of the stadium layout and allows fans to select seats based on their preferences, such as proximity to the field, view of the game, or available amenities.

    To better understand how individuals can utilize the Rose Bowl seating chart.

    Best places to sit at the Rose Bowl Stadium for a college football game.

    The Rose Bowl Stadium is a popular venue for college football games, and choosing the right seat can greatly enhance your experience. Here are some of the best places to sit at the Stadium for a college football game, based on the search results:

    Sections 3-6 and 17-20: These sections offer some of the best views of the field, and sitting between rows 20-40 is ideal for optimal visibility.

    Sections 16-21 and 2-7: Sitting in these sections along the sidelines provides “seat backs,” more legroom than the bleachers, and better lines of sight.

    Club Seats: Located at the top of the stadium on the West side of the field, these seats come with access to the 15,000 square foot Stadium Club, which offers a climate-controlled environment, complimentary Wolfgang Puck dining-inspired menu, full cash bars, multiple TVs, and cushioned seats overlooking the action on the football field.

    Loge Boxes: These boxes are located on the first level of the premium seating addition at the top of the west sideline, offering some of the best views of the game in the stadium.

    Avoid sitting in rows K through A, as they can have partially blocked views due to the flat surface and the possibility of your view being blocked by the team, coaching staff, or fans in front of you.

    Additionally, it is not recommended to sit below row 10 for the best viewing experience.

    You can use our Rose Bowl Stadium Seating Guide if you need more help with locating the best seating for the Bowl game.

    Booking Accommodations and Travel.

    Once you have your tickets, book lodging if you’re traveling to Pasadena. Reserve your hotel early, as rooms fill fast. Consider staying near Old Town Pasadena to fully enjoy the area. If flying, purchase airfare in advance for the best rates and availability around New Year’s.

    Renting a car is recommended to easily access all the Rose Bowl events. You can also use rideshares if preferred. Review transportation and parking information on the Rose Bowl website when trip planning.

    Packing and Getting Ready for the Trip.

    Pack warm-weather gear since it’ll likely be sunny and 70s in Pasadena that time of year. Bring plenty of purple and gold Huskies apparel to show your spirit! Review the Rose Bowl bag policy so you know what’s permitted inside. Print or download your tickets to have handy throughout the events.

    Charge your devices, go through your Rose Bowl schedule, and get pumped up for the big trip! This is the experience of a lifetime for any hardcore Huskies fan.

    Schedule of Rose Bowl Events.

    4:00 a.m. Stadium Parking Lots Open.
    7:00 a.m. Merchandise Booths Open.
    8:00 a.m. Public Rose Bowl Tailgate Opens in Lot 1A (5 min walk from Stadium.
    10:00 a.m. Ticketmaster Rose Bowl Game Will Call Opens (Gate B).
    10:00 a.m. Shuttle to the stadium from Parsons Begins.
    11:00 a.m. Universities Will Call Opens (Rose Bowl Stadium Gate A).
    11:30 p.m. Rose Bowl Gates Open.
    1:00 p.m. Public Tailgating lots Close.
    1:00 p.m. 2019 Rose Bowl Pre-Game Activities Begin.
    2:00 p.m. The 2019 Rose Bowl Game begins.

    Arriving at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

    Give yourself ample time when heading to the Rose Bowl on game day. Traffic and lines will be heavy. Use your parking pass or take public transportation to avoid hassles. Once inside, explore the stadium, hit up concession stands, and soak in the atmosphere as kickoff approaches. Snap selfies on the field if you have a field pass!

    Tailgating and Pregame Festivities.

    Tailgating is a must-do part of the full Rose Bowl experience. Join other Huskies fans in the parking lots surrounding the stadium for food, drinks, music and games. Grill up classics like burgers and hot dogs or show off your best purple and gold snacks. Toast to the Huskies and enjoy the fun party vibe.

    The Rose Bowl also hosts cool pregame events like conferences with Pac-12 legends. Check the schedule for unique opportunities to get hyped before the big matchup.

    Cheering on the Huskies at the Rose Bowl.

    Once inside the historic stadium, cheer loudly as the Huskies take the field! Sing along to the fight song, do the wave and capture awesome photos throughout the action. Hopefully the Dawgs bring their A-game and you’ll be celebrating a huge victory!

    Take in the spectacular San Gabriel Mountains backdrop and enjoy perfect football weather around 70 degrees. Stay confident in the Huskies until the final whistle.

    Postgame Celebration and Reflection.

    After the Rose Bowl clock hits zero, stick around on the field to keep celebrating if the Huskies win or console each other if they lose a hard-fought battle. Congratulate UW players and coaches if you can get close!

    On the way out, reflect on the incredible Rose Bowl experience and all the unforgettable memories made. Take pride in the Huskies’ accomplishments.

    Savoring the Memories.

    In the days and weeks after, continue reliving your Rose Bowl Game trip. Re-watch highlights and go through your photos. Display your game day tickets, pennant and other souvenirs. Share the experience with other Huskies fans who will appreciate it.

    You now have an unbreakable bond with both the Rose Bowl tradition and Washington Huskies football program after attending this bucket-list event. It’s a memory that will stick with you for life.

    Already Looking Forward to Next Year.

    Start planning your trip to cheer on the Huskies in the Rose Bowl again next year! Hopefully UW will make regular appearances in Pasadena as Pac-12 champions.

    Attending the Rose Bowl never gets old, especially when your favorite team is playing.

    Where can I buy Rose Parade Tickets.

    Millions of people across the globe consider the Rose Parade as an iconic New Year’s Day tradition. Barry’s Tickets provides a wide range of prices for Rose Parade tickets, starting as low as $68.00 and an average price of $144.00 per ticket. You can visit the Rose Parade tickets page to check out all the available options.

    FAQs about Washington Rose Bowl Tickets.

    Q: How Much Are Rose Bowl Tickets?

    A: No matter what you’re looking to spend, Barry’s Tickets has tickets to fit your budget. Currently, Rose Bowl game tickets at BarrysTickets.com start at $227.

    Q: How do you get Rose Bowl tickets?

    A: Rose Bowl game tickets are usually allocated to the Washington Huskies and the other participating team for distribution to their booster clubs and students. Tickets for the Pasadena Rose Bowl game are also available at BarrysTickets.com.

    Q: Can I tailgate at the Rose Bowl Game?

    A: Washington Huskies fans can tailgate in the General parking lots (golf course, ball diamonds, Area H, West Drive RV parking).

    Q: Where is the best place to sit at the Rose Bowl stadium?

    A: Sections 3-6 and 17-20 offer some of the best field views, and sitting between rows 20-40 is ideal for optimal visibility. You can view our Rose Bowl Stadium seating guide to help you select the best seats for the game.

    Q: Does the Rose Bowl usually sell out?

    A: The Rose Bowl is a top NCAA bowl game and a New Year’s Day tradition in Southern California. The Washington Huskies fan base is extremely loyal and travels well, making the game a sellout. In years where the Rose Bowl is part of the College Football Playoff, it will almost certainly be fully packed!.

    Q: Where can I buy Last Minute Washington Rose Bowl Tickets?

    A: Barry’s Tickets offers Washington Huskies Rose Bowl Game Tickets if available until after the game starts.