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U2 New Album New Concert Tour 2014

U2 Concert Tour 2014
U2 Concert
After 12 albums and millions of fans, Irish rock band U2 remains to be a favorite among rock, alternative rock, and post-punk music fans. Band members The Edge (keyboards, guitar,and vocals), Larry Mullen, Jr. (drums and percussion), Bono (vocals and guitar), and Adam Clayton (bass guitar) remain to be popular figures among adoring fans all over the world. Since the band’s formation in 1976, U2 has been going strong and, if the rumors and speculations were true, they would even be releasing their 14th album “Songs of Innocence” next year as well as heading out on a Innocence + Experience Tour.

U2’s 13th Album

This band from Dublin, Ireland is among the all-time best-selling music artists, having sold a whopping over 150 million records worldwide and having won 22 Grammy Awards, earning them a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. With U2’s popularity and well-deserved fame, fans worldwide are all eager for another album (the last one, “No Line on the Horizon,” was released back in 2009 and topped The Billboard 200) and speculations of a new version have sparked excited chatter among fans and critics alike.

According to Billboard, U2 is getting ready for their 13th album, to be released, tentatively, in April 2014. To up the excitement, the big announcement is rumored to be made in a Super Bowl commercial. Nothing like Super Bowl to get everyone talking. After all, advertising time during an American Football much would cost around $3.8million for half-a-minute of airtime. As far as everyone waiting for a new U2 album is concerned, this expense explains why the band members are looking for a brand partner to announce their latest album with.

More Rumors

After the chart-topping “No Line on the Horizon,” U2 is rumored to be preparing for a follow-up with no other than Coldplay’s Chris Martin. (Chris Martin was spotted exiting the band’s New York recording studio earlier this year. To follow a fan’s logic: Aside from a collaboration, what is there to think?)Coldplay will also be releasing a new album in may.
Behind the Big Announcement

Producer Danger Mouse (yes, the same person who worked with Gnarls Barkley, Broken Bells and 2004 Jay-Z/Beatles mash-up) has been helming the set. The recording is purportedly being done at New York’s Electric Lady Studios, with the band having been sighted there in May. Danger Mouse has been working with U2 since 2010 and the expectations are high.

Reports also claim that Madonna manager Guy Oseary has been driving the brand partnerships for U2’s new album and has been reaching out to potential sponsors. Oseary has not made any comment to inquiries so far, but everyone is hyped, especially amid reports that Live Nation is negotiating a deal in an attempt to buy the management companies behind U2 and Madonna.

The album is expected to be finished by the end of the year and will be a merge of all the band’s previous musical styles, as hinted by bassist Adam in an interview with Irish radio station 98FM.

In the meantime, U2 has a 10-inch single to be released for Record Store Day “Back to Black Friday” which will feature “Breathe” and “Ordinary Love” from “No Line on the Horizon.”

U2 2015 Concert Tour

U2 is going to be going on a World Wide Concert Tour starting in 2014 and speculation is that although they could easily fill arenas that hold over 100,000 such as the Rose Bowl in Pasadena where they have sold out before they will be playing multiple nights at venues such as the Los Angeles U2 played the Staples Center, Untied Center in Chicago and Madison Square Garden in New York. As with the trend of a lot of acts now, days the Irish Rockers could offer multiple packages for their fans.

Updated 1/1/2015
(Just announced the band will play four U2 concerts at the Forum in Inglewood In May 2015! They will play The Forum May 26, 27, 30th and 31!

Here is a look at the U2 seating chart for the upcoming tour!
U2 Concert Seating Chart

How To Get U2 Tickets at Face Value

While everyone knows that U2 Tickets as well as most tickets went on sale through Ticketmaster, LiveNation or AXIS but did you know that one of the best ways for your chance to get U2 Tickets at face value is from the band itself? Yes the official U2 website U2.com offers news, videos, merchandise and more but it also offers exclusive deals as well as presale information on U2’s 2015 concert tour. They can have special on sales of tickets, VIP tickets and meet and greet tickets for their fan club members and while yes we will stock tickets for the U2 Concert in Los Angeles and all other cities the ability to get tickets at face value from the band is a great first option. Usually, U2 Fan Club concert tickets are pick up at will call the night of their concert so make sure you read all the information because it can get tricky if you are buying U2 Tickets for a friend or family member and want to try and switch out the name for the will call. If you are getting U2 Vip Tickets or U2 Meet and Greet Tickets its the same thing you will have to pick up the tickets at will call with your guest and walk straight into the concert from the holding area so make sure that you are the one who is going in. I have seen numerous people get to a concert with their friends or family only to run into major problems because they were just trying to pick up the tickets and not go themselves.

U2 Tickets Meet and Greet

Although U2 hasn’t done a meet and greet tickets package before but it seems now this is where the real money is for acts. Justin Bieber, Lady GAGA, Katy Perry and even Depeche Mode all offered Meet and Greet Tickets for their concerts which usually include a photo op with the band, exclusive merchandise, seats right next to the stage and other hospitality areas away from the ordinary fans as well as an extremely high face value. Lady Gaga’s meet and greet package are over $3,000 per ticket face value. U2 Meet and Greet tickets could conceivably start at over $5000 per ticket.

U2 VIP Tickets

VIP Tickets
Depending on the bands concert stage set up U2 VIP Tickets seems the most likely to happen. In previous tours, they have had a pit in front of the stage set up or a long catwalk extending deep into the crowd. This would allow them to offer more U2 VIP Tickets at a higher face value. If they do a pit set up, the VIP Tickets could include an enclosed area around the stage, special U2 tickets, program and maybe some merchandise. U2 VIP Tickets would have a much lower face value then Meet and Greet tickets and could run anywhere from $175 a ticket on up to $1500 a ticket face value.

U2 2015

U2 Fans no matter what will have a lot to look forward to in 2015 new songs released, new album and yes a 2014 U2 Concert Tour!


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