Top Janet Jackson songs all time.

Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time Guide

Janet Jackson hasn’t released an album since her Discipline was released in 2008. Discipline debuted at number one on the billboard charts and her first single “Feedback” was a hit. Their also hasn’t been a Janet Jackson concert tour since 2011. Well, according to Janet Jackson herself she will be doing both of these very soon. On May 16th 2015 on her 49th birthday Janet Jackson announced via Vimeo that she was BACK! “This year, new music, new world tour, a new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going”.

Her new album will make it her tenth album released. Janet Jackson (1982), Dream Street (1984), Control (1986), Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation 1814 (1989), janet. (1993). The Velvet Rope (1997) All for You (2001) Damita Jo (2004) 20 Y.O. (2006) and Discipline (2008).  Since 1982 she has sold well over 100 million records. So choosing the top Janet Jackson songs all time is tough.

Janet Jackson released in 1982 had eight songs on it and peaked at #63 in the US Billboard 200. “Dream Street” released nine songs and peaked at 19 in the US Billboard top R&B/Hip-Hop albums. “Control” had nine songs including “Control” and “Nasty” which won her a Grammy Award for Producer of the Year. Rhythm Nation had 19 tracks on it. “Janet” had 27 tracks on the album. The Velvet Rope had 21 tracks as well as one hidden track starting at the 3:42 point “Can’t be stopped”. Her “All For You” release had 20 tracks on it. “Damita Jo came with 22 songs on the album. The 20 Yo had 16 songs on it. “Discipline” which came out in 2008 had 22 numbers on it. So choosing the top Janet Jackson songs of all times out off all of her releases isn’t easy.

You could choose the top Janet Jackson songs all time going by what individual songs did the best on the billboard charts. You could also go with the top Janet Jackson songs all time based on the awards they won.

If you met her in person maybe you could ask what are the top Janet Jackson songs of all time although not sure if she would sit over coffee and go over them.

So these are the Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time based on what songs she has preformed the most in concert for her fans.

Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time

1 Rhythm Nation 75 times.
2 Alright 66 times.
3 Let’s Wait Awhile 65 times.
4 Miss You Much 64 times.
5 Escapade 62 times.
That’s the Way Love Goes 62 times.
7 Nasty 61 times.
8 When I Think of You 60 times.
What Have You Done for Me Lately 60 times.
10 Love Will Never Do (Without You) 58 times.
11 If 57 times.
12 The Pleasure Principle 54 times.
Again 54 times.
Control 54 times.
Together Again 54 times.
16 Come Back to Me 48 times.
17 Black Cat 47 times.
18 All for You 40 times.
19 You Want This 36 times.
20 Feedback 34 times.

This list of twenty of the Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time is based off her six world concert tours songs she has preformed for her fans. We would love to hear your thoughts on our list of “Top Janet Jackson Songs All Time” or what are your favorite 5 top Janet Jacks songs all time?

The 49 year old “Queen of Pop” has been a major influence on some of the biggest pop stars of today. Beyonce concert tickets considers Janet her primary inspiration and influence for her musical style as well as image. Britney Spears has noted she is inspired by everything Janet does. Christina Aguilera praised her as “an artist that will always be regarded as one of the best”. Janet Jackson inspired Justin Timberlake concert tickets and Jennifer Lopez to become entertainers. Pink proclaimed her as a primary touring influence. Miley Cyrus was influenced and even created some of her dance routines around Janet Jacksons music. One of the newest pop sensations Ariana Grande Tickets claims Janet as an influence on her as well.

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