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Top 5 Dodgers Baseball Players of All Time?

Top 5 Dodger Baseball Players

Sandy Koufax
Sandford “Sandy” Koufax was probably the best pitcher in baseball history. As Casey Stengel said: “Forget the other guy (Walter Johnson).” Sandy Koufax, in just four years, probably has been the best pitcher in baseball in its heyday. Whether Koufax was the most dominant pitcher is still debatable, but he was certainly the more skillful Dodgers pitcher -. Graceful with the body in general through his long strides, his performance would toward batters fool them with pronations; pitches that could be heard but not seen. Stengel also noted that “judges often cannot see where Koufax pitches go, so they have to judge by the sound of their senior catcher’s glove. “

Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson died on October 24, 1972. He was the first black Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball player of the modern era. Robinson made his debut with the Dodgers Brooklyn in 1947. As the first black man to play in the majors since 1880, he helped put an end to racial segregation in professional baseball, which had relegated two separate leagues for African Americans and non-African Americans. The example of his character and undeniable talent challenged the traditional basis of segregation, which was then marked with many other aspects of American life, and contributed significantly to the civil rights movement. (He was inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 23, 1962, making him the first black to gain the honor.)

Don Drysdale
Don Drysdale, the Hall of Fame pitcher and television Dodgers personality, was found dead in his hotel room in Montreal on Saturday. He suffered a heart attack. He was 56. During his career Drysdale baseball 14 years, a 6-foot-6 right-hander, nicknamed “Big D,” compiled a record of 209-166 with a career average ERA of 2.95. He knocked in five World Series and eight Major League All-Star Game.

Duke Snider
Born September 19, 1926, in Los Angeles, California, Duke Snider was an excellent athlete all his life, first as a quarterback in high school and later playing baseball for the Dodgers. Throughout his18 year career, Snider hit 407 home runs. Duke Snider became a Hall of Fame member in 1980.

Mike Piazza
His “Historical Baseball Abstract A new,” the writer Bill James wrote, “it is clear that Mike Piazza is the greatest hitting catcher in history.” Piazza had an amazing offensive production, including nine seasons with 30 or more dwellings. Defying the odds, Piazza was a low draft pick, who made his way to the Dodgers organization by becoming an all-star player.

Wonder what Dodgers players in recent history can be added to this list??