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Top 10 Football Movies

10. The Waterboy

An goofy movie is everything an Adam Sandler movie should be and more. A feel good football movie with the underdog team, the struggling player and the final triumph.


9. Remember the Titans

One of the best football movies of all time, Remember the Titans is based on a true story about the racial harmony brought about by football.


8. The Replacements

This is a nice little movie that will let you indulge in a bit of football fantasy, and where one man trumps all.


7. Varsity Blues

A great movie which is all about football, it doesn’t get any better than Varsity Blues.


6. Jerry Maguire

Jerry Maguire got Tom Cruise a best actor nomination, how about that? There must be something in there! Jerry Macguire is not just about football, but also about, love, friendship and life.


5. Invincible

Invincible is the true story of Vincent Papale, a part-time bartender who lives the dream of making it to professional football.


4. Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights is about a town that finds courage to face life through a football team.


3. Any Given Sunday

Any Given Sunday is one of the best football movies, especially so because of the excellent pep talks by Al Pacino’s character, Coach Tony D’Amato.


2. All the Right Moves

Back in the day, Tom Cruise did some good acting. This movie is one of those. He plays a high school football player with a lot of promise.


1. Rudy

Rudy is a true story and the most inspirational football movie ever made. It is a heartwarming story about a little guy holding his own and even triumphing over giants.

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