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Mayweather vs Pacquaio tickets most expensive tickets in history

Top 15 Most Expensive Sports Tickets

People love sports. If you don’t believe that, just walk in to a professional sporting competition and catch a glimpse of the borderline hysterical behavior. You may have even been guilty yourself, screaming your head off at the referee or razzing the opposing team’s outfielder in between innings. But no matter what we do when supporting our favorite athlete or team, the most accurate gauge of enthusiasm is in the price we’re willing to pay just to “be there” and experience it for ourselves.

In that spirit, check out this list we’ve put together of the Top 15 Most Expensive Sports Tickets from recent years. As you look over these ask yourself: how far you’d be willing to go to experience the action firsthand? Is a ticket to a 3-4 hr sporting event worth a mortgage payment or the price of a new car?

1. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Sport: F1 Racing

Formula 1 Racing is the most popular racing sport in the world, and while events such as the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix can put a sting on your pocketbook, they’re not as expensive as some of the other sports you’re about to see. However, Abu Dhabi is considered the most expensive F1 event in the world, and to make sure you’re a part of it, you’ll have to lay down around $513 for a single ticket. Not too bad comparably, but if you’re an international fan, any savings you might get from the ticket will quickly be negated by travel expenses.

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2. The Masters 2013

Sport: PGA Golf

While Yahoo! Sports declared The Masters the most expensive event in all of sports, that really depends on how you want to qualify it. Prices fluctuate when you factor in third party sellers and the natural supply and demand for any sporting competition, so for now, we’ll hold off our endorsement. Still, the $4,486 four-day pass does make The Masters a big deal. What also makes it a big deal is the fact you’ll be literally brushing shoulders with Tiger Woods, Phil Mickleson, and other modern greats of the green, while filling up on $3 beers and $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches.

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3. Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Ravens vs. San Francisco 49ers

Sport: American Football

If you’re an American, then it’s almost guaranteed you know about the Super Bowl. In fact, of the ten most watched shows in television history, nine of them are Super Bowls. Even if you’re not a football fan, you probably tune in every year just to watch the commercials and the halftime show. But as game day draws near, you’ll need some really deep couch cushions if you’re going to attend in-person. Face value ticket prices for 2013 averaged about $1,210, according to NOLA.com, but third party ticket prices were listed as high as $316,000. Good luck footing that bill!

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Matt Guerrier- Dodgers Relief Pitcher Rocks!

Matt Guerrier

Matthew Olson Guerrier is a professional baseball relief pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of the American Baseball League. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on the 2nd of August, 1978. He is a dextral pitcher and stands at 6’3’’ and weighs 195 lbs. He attended Kent State University during his college years prior to playing professional baseball.

The dextral pitcher from Ohio was originally drafted in the 1996 Major League draft by the Kansan City Royals, but decided to continue with his education instead of signing with the club. He was again drafted in 1999 during the 10th round by the Chicago Whitesox.

He began his professional career in 1999 playing at Virginia for the Appalachian League team, the Bristol Whitesox, and played 21 games for the rookie level farm team. Later in the season, he would move up to Carolina League, playing for the Winston-Salem Warthogs, playing the last 4 games of the season with the A+ team. During his freshman year as a professional, he registered a 100% win record, posting a total of 5-0 win-loss record while maintaining an ERA of 1.55.

In 2000, he continued playing in the Carolina League, and was even tied in second in terms of saves with 19, until he was again promoted to the double A team, the Birmingham Barons of the Southern League. Collectively, he played in a total of 53 games during his sophomore year. He was got the most saves in the organization with 26 saves. He continued playing in the Southern League through the first half of his third year as a pro until he was again promoted to the Charlotte Knights. He posted the most number of wins and best win-loss ratio among minor leaguers in 2001 with a win-loss record of 18-4.

The Pittsburg Pirates acquired Matt Guerrier on March 27, 2002 via a trade, sending Damaso Marte to Chicago. For two next two seasons, the right-handed pitcher would play for the organizations’triple A affiliate, the Nashville Sounds. By the end of the 2003 season, the Minnesota Twins would select Guerrier off a waiver, and he had his debut in the majors with the Twins on June 17, 2004 versus the Montreal Expos. He would stay in the organization for the next 7 seasons.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, his current team, would acquire Guerrier in 2011. He was signed by the Dodgers to a $12 million, 3-year contract. Guerrier was the league leader in number of appearances for the 2008-2009 season, and his durability was a significant factor for his acquisition by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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