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Who To Pick For Your 2014 Fantasy Football Draft

FFThe NFL season is right around the corner and with that comes fantasy football. With many drafts fast approaching here’s a look at the top ten NFL fantasy draft targets for 2014. The annual running back versus quarterback debate is in full force once again. Although Peyton Manning put together the greatest passing season in NFL history, value in fantasy football is driven by running backs. Here’s a look at this year’s top draft targets:

1. Adrian Peterson: The best running back in the NFL is still the top overall running back and top overall fantasy pick. Although he didn’t replicate his extraordinary 2012 season, Peterson had nearly 1300 yards and ten touchdowns last season, with an outstanding 4.5 yards per carry. “All Day” has been Mr. Consistent during his NFL career, topping ten touchdowns in every NFL season and rushing for over 1200 yards in six of his seven NFL seasons. In an era of past-first offenses the Minnesota Vikings are a run-first organization. This season Peterson will get the opportunity to play for one of the top offensive coordinator minds in the NFL in former San Diego Chargers head coach Norv Turner. Look for Peterson to have another massive season in a deep NFC North.

ffdraft2. Jamaal Charles: The veteran Chief had a tremendous season in 2013 in his first season under new Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid. Charles didn’t carry the ball as much as previous seasons, but had as many touches as in the past due to his receiving ability in Reid’s west coast offense. Charles had 19 total touchdowns, 12 on the ground and 7 through the air. With a new contract and the threat of a holdout no longer in the offering, Charles should have another outstanding season via the rush and the pass.

3. LeSean McCoy: McCoy had a massive season in 2013 in his first season under Chip Kelly and there’s no reason to think the NFL’s leading rusher last season won’t repeat this coming season. To go along with his 1607 rushing yards McCoy had 11 total touchdowns. Under the innovative Kelly the Eagles will continue to put up points and feature McCoy, although there has to be some concern whether or not Nick Foles can repeat his surprising season from a year ago at quarterback. If Foles somehow struggles it could affect McCoy.

beerr_top_0_04. Eddie Lacy: The second-year Alabama running back is one of the fastest risers in fantasy football. Lacy had a solid rookie season that included 1178 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns in a season where the Packers played nearly have the regular season without star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With a healthy Rodgers back under center and the return of right tackle Bryan Bulaga and Randall Cobb from injury the Packers should once again have one of the top offenses in the NFL. Look for Lacy to have a massive season, topping both his 2013 totals in rushing yards and touchdowns. With 35 catches in 2013 Lacy also proved better than expected in the passing game and should have more receptions this coming season. If the Packers offense is as good as expected Lacy could be the top player in fantasy by the end of the upcoming season.

5. Peyton Manning: Conventional wisdom still makes drafting a running back the most sound fantasy draft decision due to the value of the position. From a sheer point scoring dominance though, Peyton Manning had one of the most remarkable fantasy seasons in history last year. Manning shredded the NFL record book with 55 passing touchdowns and should have another dominant season in 2014, even with the loss of wide receiver Eric Decker to the New York Jets. Manning will be hard pressed to match the 55 touchdowns he threw a year ago, but should lead the league in touchdown passes once again.

6. Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers had a frustrating 2013 season after going down with a broken collarbone and missing half the regular season. When healthy Rodgers is a proven fantasy performer whose led the NFl in fantasy points in the past. With a healthy Randall Cobb and the presence of Eddie Lacy the Packers offense should once again be one of the best in football. Look for Rodgers to have a big season throwing the football, with an outside chance for 40 touchdowns, as well as a two or three rushing touchdowns.

kcdo7. Matt Forte: The Chicago Bears standout has quietly been one of the best running backs in the NFL for the past several seasons. Last year, his first under head coach Marc Trestman, Forte has yet another outstanding season with nearly 2000 combined yards and 12 touchdowns. Forte is a true every-down back, with 74 receptions in 2013. With a healthy Jay Cutler the Bears offense should be dynamic once again, with Forte leading the way.

8. Calvin Johnson: Megatron is head and shoulder above the rest of the receiving crop in the NFL. In a year where he battled multiple injuries Johnson still managed nearly 1500 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. Although he was just the third ranked fantasy receiver in 2013, Johnson had arguably the worst luck of any NFL fantasy player last season, getting stopped at the one-yard line on numerous occasions. The league’s most talented receiver should have another massive season.

9. Marshawn Lynch: While Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy get all the headlines, Lynch has been the most productive NFL running back over the past three seasons from a scoring standpoint, with 35 total touchdowns. The defending Super Bowl champs are loaded once again and should have a big season, with Lynch leading the way.

ffr10. Drew Brees: The New Orleans Saints are loaded once again and Drew Brees should put together yet another massive season in 2014. The future Hall of Famer passed for over five-thousand yards for the 3rd consecutive season, en route to 39 touchdown passes and (5) thirty-point fantasy games. The resurgent Saints have a favorable schedule this coming season so look for Brees to put together yet another massive season. BY:

Who Is Your First Pick Your Fantasy Football Draft?

Chris M.

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Is Mike McCoy the Right Coach for the San Diego Chargers?

At the end of the 2012-13 NFL Football season, the San Diego Chargers decided to part ways with Norv Turner. The relationship with Turner and the Chargers fan base had been severed as many felt as if Turner walked into a very talented team left behind by Marty Schottenheimer. Schottenheimer was fired after winning 14 games and being one game away from the AFC Championship game. During the first few seasons, Turner was in Chargers won the division and went to the playoffs. As years moved on Turner saw his record get progressively worse and the Chargers ended up missing the playoffs for several years in a row. When Turner was let go many Chargers fans were left wondering what the front office of the Chargers would do. That question was answered very quickly when they hired the offensive coordinator from the Denver Broncos, Mike McCoy. Today, many Chargers fans are left wondering if this is the right coach for the job.

Mike McCoy’s Background

Mike McCoy has been an offensive guy since becoming a coach. He spent many years with the Carolina Panthers with Jake Delhomme before moving to the Denver Broncos. Interestingly, prior to one season with Peyton Manning most would agree that the Denver Broncos did not have the best offense in the AFC. Some would argue the Denver offense was downright bad. So much so that they had to start Tim Tebow at quarterback and win games with their defense. Even though this was the case the San Diego Chargers felt as if he was the man for the job.

AJ Smith was the general manager for the San Diego Chargers through the rise and fall over the last decade. Many felt as if AJ was way too controlling of the team. When he interviewed a coach that wanted to control a certain part of the organization AJ went another way. In fact, he was actually nicknamed the “Lord of No Rings” because he was able to spot amazing talents such as Antonio Gates and Philip Rivers but he was never able to put a full team and coach staff together that could win a Super Bowl. After the Norv Turner debacle, the San Diego Chargers let AJ Smith go as well.

The fact that AJ Smith would not be doing the interviewing for the new San Diego Chargers head coach position made many feel as if they would go out and get a coach that wanted to control certain aspects of the team. A common name that kept coming up was Jon Gruden. When all was said and done they went with Mike McCoy who does not seem like a coach that wants to run the entire organization. We are still waiting to see if this is good or bad. I personally feel as if the San Diego Chargers need a more controlling coach like Bill Parcells or Jon Gruden. The Chargers have had a very weak team over the last few years. There is not much intensity and they tend to get pushed around. Some people relate this to the overall atmosphere of the city of San Diego and the fans. I have been to several games in San Diego and the fans are not the best. They have other options like plenty of beaches and golf. To get Qualcomm Stadium full during any game on Sunday there have to be some fans from the away team in attendance. This filters through to the organization and some of the players on the field. This is not the atmosphere that Pittsburgh or Green Bay has when it comes to the NFL team in each town.

Mike McCoy did not start his coaching career with a team that had a strong football history. The Carolina Panthers were a newer organization and fans in Charlotte were still learning about the team. The Denver Broncos have a much stronger football tradition as they won Super Bowl championships with John Elway. It will be interesting to see how Mike McCoy tries to change the culture of the San Diego Chargers. Interestingly, Philip Rivers is a very emotional guy that has a passion for the game of football. Even when I was in college I could see Philip change the atmosphere of a team that was not known for winning. I have quite a bit of knowledge about Mr. Rivers as we were very good friends at NC State in the early 2000s.

Mike McCoy and Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers is one of the most emotional quarterbacks in the NFL. In fact, some would argue that his emotions sometimes get the best of him. While at NC State from 2000-2004 ACC fans knew that Philip was going to talk the talk but, most of the time, he backed it up. He holds many ACC passing records and still holds the most touchdowns in a career at NC State and in the ACC. During his first two years in the NFL, he sat behind Drew Brees and learned from watching. As soon as he got a chance to start he was immediately successful. He went to the playoffs his first few seasons in the NFL and he was throwing for 300 yards a game what seemed like every game. His first season as a starter the Chargers went 14-2 and won the AFC West division.

Unfortunately, after that season Marty Schottenheimer was let go. Not only was Schottenheimer let go but offensive coordinator Cam Cameron was let go as well. The Chargers brought in another offensive mind as head coach in Norv Turner. During Turner’s first few years in San Diego Philip Rivers thrived. He made the Pro Bowl and led the NFL in passing yards. Unfortunately, the San Diego Chargers front office let many of his favorite wide receiver targets go. It was also the case that the Chargers running game disappeared as LaDainian Tomlinson was getting old. This allowed defenses to focus on Philip Rivers and his stats started to suffer. He threw way too many interceptions and the Chargers found a way to lose games in the 4th quarter. This was the main reason Norv Turner was let go and Mike McCoy was brought in.

Some have wondered if Mike McCoy would help Philip Rivers get his confidence back. Through the first few weeks of he NFL season, Philip Rivers has played much better but the Chargers are coming up just short when it comes to winning games. In all the early season games the Chargers have had a chance to win in the 4th quarter but they have only been victorious versus the Philadelphia Eagles. In all reality, the Chargers were better than the Tennessee Titans and the Houston Texans but they did not get the wins. Philip Rivers is not throwing as many interceptions and he is back to his old self when it comes to throwing for 300 or 400 yards a game. This is interesting because the Chargers still do not have a dominant wide receiver in which Rivers can go to in a crucial situation.

The Chargers Playoff Chances

Unfortunately, the San Diego Chargers are in the same division as Peyton Manning. When Peyton Manning came to the Denver Broncos most Chargers fans knew it was going to be tough to win the AFC West. The Broncos offense looks amazing this year and they are already a few games ahead of the Chargers. Unless the Chargers start winning these close games or Peyton Manning has his arm fall off it is unlikely the Chargers are going to win the AFC West in the 2013-14 season. Most San Diego Chargers fans do not expect this team to win the Super Bowl this season. That said, they would like to see this team improve and not lose games in which they are more talented than the other team.

Once of the big arguments against Norv Turner was that he lost games in which the Chargers had better players than the opponents. He was also known for losing games early in the season and having to go on long winning streaks at the end of the season just to have a winning record. While the Chargers have not started the season great in 2013 they are still playing better than they did under Norv Turner at the outset of the season. Having been a Chargers fan long enough I have become accustomed to the Chargers playing very bad at the beginning of the season and putting themselves in a terrible position. You can purchase Chargers Playoff tickets for both home and away games.

I have also noticed that the Chargers are not turning the ball over as much this year. Philip Rivers threw way too many interceptions in the past two years and the running backs often fumbled in key situations. If the Chargers can play fundamental football and live up to their potential Mike McCoy might be just the right guy for the coaching job.

Steelers look to avenge last season

Steelers to avenge last season

Steelers to avenge last season

The ending to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 2011 season was tragic at best. The Steelers were one of the three favorites to win the AFC title going into the 2011 season having come off a defeat by the Packers in Super Bowl XLV. The team played well throughout the season battling the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC North’s top spot. However, Week 14 was the beginning of the end for the Steelers’ season. While playing the Cleveland Browns, Ben Roethlisberger suffered a high ankle injury while scrambling out of the pocket. Instead of deciding to heal the ankle Big Ben decided to start the next game against the San Francisco 49ers in order to clinch a playoff birth in Week 15. Roethlisberger was noticeably limping during the game and ultimately had to sit out. Charlie Batch started the next two games for the Steelers, eventually clinching a Wild Card playoff spot. The Steelers were heavily favored in the Wild Card game against the miracle Denver Broncos and Tim Tebow. In shock and amazement to everyone in the world, the Broncos were successful in passing the football against the top defense in football. With a single overtime play of 80 yards, the Steelers were sent packing home and left scratching their head. With the collapse of the 2011 season behind them, what will the 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers bring to the table?

The 2012 Steelers will be quite a bit different from the Steelers of the past five years. Due to the new collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and its players, the Pittsburgh Steelers found themselves with salary cap problems during the 2012 offseason. Player casualties from front office decisions were the releasing of veteran Steelers players such as Hines Ward, James Farrior, Aaron Smith, and Max Starks. An analyst once said that the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t have backup players but “starters in waiting” and there has been no other time more important for those “starters in waiting” to play at the same level of standard that the Steelers fans are accustomed to than during the 2012 season. Other veteran Steelers players have restructured their contracts to also help the organization in its salary cap problems.

The historic franchise has done its best in trying to replace its cap casualties by signing back Max Starks, resigning Jerricho Cotchery, and signing Leonard Pope. The Steelers also addressed its offensive line disasters through the draft, using its first two picks in selecting two offensive linemen, David DeCastro and Mike Adams. The Steelers have also drafted several other weapons to develop as “starters in waiting” as is the Steelers way. Electric running back Chris Rainey looks to be a change of pace back on third down situations and the primary kick and punt returner, Sean Spence will be developed into a Steelers future middle linebacker, and Alameda Ta’amu looks to replace nose tackle Casey Hampton in the future.

The Steelers have also dealt with disgruntled wide out Mike Wallace. Mike Wallace has demanded a long term contract with money equivalent to one of the top players in the league. Not giving into the demands of Wallace, the Steelers prepared to play the season without him and rewarded second year standout wide receiver Antonio Brown with a five year contract extension. Wallace and company finally decided to sign the restricted free agent tender offered to him by the Steelers and report to the team with only two weeks away from the start of the 2012 season.

The Steelers have always had one of the best defenses year in and year out. With Dick LeBeau still in command of the defense and some younger players being inserted into the starting roster, it looks like the Steelers will continue its dominant defensive tradition. The offense on the other hand might need some time to adjust to new offensive coordinator Todd Haley’s offensive system. It’s no secret that Ben Roethlisberger loved Bruce Arians’ offense the past couple of seasons but with a changing of the guard and Pittsburgh native Haley in command of the offense, the Steelers may struggle early on in the season.
All in all, the Steelers have an elite defense and playmakers on offense. They may struggle for the first month, trying to learn the new personnel changes but they will once again be a heavy favorite in the AFC rivaling the Patriots, Ravens, and Texans for top honors. The first test will be against the same team that sent them home last season, in the same building, however Tim Tebow is no longer running the team, that job now belongs to Peyton Manning. We will see how prepared the Steelers are to redeem its 2011 season right from Week 1.