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College Football Fans vs NFL Fans

College Football Fans vs NFL Fans Which are the Best

I am a college football fan to the core. I have tried to dive into the NFL, but it just does not work for me. When Philip Rivers was drafted by the San Diego Chargers I became a diehard fan. I still have my #17 Chargers jersey in the closet, but it rarely comes out. Shortly after becoming a San Diego Chargers fan I realized that the NFL was a business. Chargers wide receivers would come and go. The offensive linemen would have different names every single year. The only name that has remained consistent with the Chargers is Antonio Gates. In all reality, he is on the way out as well. This has made it difficult for me to remain loyal to the powder and blue. The business model for an NFL franchise is to get an amazing quarterback and fill in the rest of the team. In the last several years you don’t even need a great defense to make it deep into the playoffs. The Colts team that won the Super Bowl with Peyton Manning had one of the worst defenses in the entire NFL. On the flip side of that, college football is much more about the team. Very rarely will one player lead a team all the way to the national championship. In fact, I would argue that one quarterback has never lead a team all the way to the national championship. Hear me out.

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