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Last Night’s NBA Playoff’s: Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Clippers and Lakers vs. Nuggets!

Last night the Los Angeles Clippers lost against the Memphis Grizzlies in a grueling 105-98 Memphis win. The result of last nights game placed both teams on an even keel in the playoff series; both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Memphis Grizzlies have won one game each! In their first playoff game the Clippers beat the Grizzlies 99-98. It has been a nail-bitingly close experience for Clippers fans. Game three for the Clippers-Memphis NBA Playoffs series will be back in Los Angeles this Saturday, May 5th.

The Clippers kicked off the playoffs in Game 1 with an explosive momentum, shooting nearly 65% of their shots in the first quarter alone. The second game didn’t fare as well for the Clippers, with the absence of Caron Butler due to a broken metacarpal and also losing their home game advantage. But Butler was replaced by Bobby Simmons in Game 2 and there are high hopes for Clippers fans at this Saturday’s game.

The Lakers are faring much better than their fellow Los Angeles Staples Center team; winning both of their NBA Playoff games thus far against the Denver Nuggets! They will lose their home game advantage for their next game as they head to Denver and the Clippers will switch places, heading to Los Angeles.

It is the first time in NBA history that both Los Angeles teams are in the NBA Playoff’s and it seems no matter who your rooting for, Los Angeles basketball fans have just never been so excited. Don’t miss your chance to see either of our NBA teams live at the Los Angeles Staples Center. Whether it’s Clippers Staples Center tickets or Los Angeles Lakers Playoffs Ticets you want, at www.BarrysTickets.com we stock the best inventory available!

Blake Griffin LA Clippers

Awesomest Slam Dunkers from NBA Teams

Dunks are pretty much the number one thing which makes basketball such a fun sport to watch. Anyone who has every played basketball has definitely dreamed of slam dunking amidst roaring applause! Here’s a compilation of the most awesome NBA slam dunkers ever:

  • Josh Smith- Atlanta Hawks: Smith is one great athlete who moves with such polish and elegance that his teammates hail him as “J-Smooth”. With off the chart dunking abilities, carried out with phenomenal grace, he definitely belongs in this list.


  • Tyrus Thomas- Charlotte Bobcats: Lauded for his extraordinary dunking abilities since his college days at LSU, his above the rim talents gave him a pass to NBA. Before getting traded to the Charlottes in 2009-2010, Smith won his fans hearts in Chicago and his fans still roar.


  • Ty Lawson- Denver Nuggets: Looming over at 5’11” the man has amazing footwork when driving to the hoop. Lawson is slowly, but surely turning into a great athlete, with electrifying dunks.


  • Monta Ellis- Golden State Warriors: Here is a complete athlete who has no issues with carrying the team on his back in crisis; as he shoots, passes, defenses with equal ease. He’s known to unleash fury with some wicked dunks.


  • Blake Griffin- Los Angeles Clippers: The much-hyped about player, definitely lives up to Clippers fans expectations. He has set a new level in the art of dunking when in a game; he soared to dunk with his armpit above the rim!


  • Kobe Bryant- Los Angeles Lakers: Nicknamed as “the Black mamba”, Kobe Bryant has been a crazy dunker since his rookie days. His ninja-like maneuvers when he gets the ball, sneaks into the lane and dunks are what make him one of the best.


  • Dwyane Wade- Miami Heat: Hands down one of the best athletes NBA has, Dwyane is also popular as a great dunker. One can’t but have a ton of respect for Wade’s insane skills as he dances around the opposite players to slam a sick dunk.

Potential Economic Fallout of NBA and NFL lockout

The NBA and NFL lockouts affect not only the franchises, but also have a significant impact on the media revenue. Take a look:

Ron Artest Will Be Dancing With The Stars

Ron Artest can dance circles around most other players on court and he is one of the most important players of Los Angeles Lakers, but can he dance? His publicist Courtney Barnes says that he can’t.

But, Ron Artest is about to appear on the hit show of ABC, Dancing With The Stars. Artest and his publicist have made many public comments on how he cannot dance, that in itself will be a major draw to the show. It should be great fun to see the Lakers guard trip over himself executing a Mambo, Cucaracha and following the 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, 7.

Earlier this summer, Artest himself had said that he plays defense and he doesn’t know if he can dance. Dancing With The Stars is slated to begin on the 18th of September, so it is safe to assume that Artest may not be available for assignments in the near future; as long as he manages to remain on the show with his two left feet, at least.

Artest had plans to play a few exhibition games with the Finland Basketball team called Loima Bisons during the NBA lockout period. This is not likely to happen because Dancing With The Stars is about to begin. Artest was also open to playing overseas with Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. Their season starts as September ends and goes on till April next year. Artest had told earlier that he may not be able to join the team until November this year, because of his appearance in the Finland team. Artest sure has a lot of plans on how to wait out the NBA lockout. And Dancing With The Stars seems to top the list.

Hope Solo is expected to dance with Artest. We love Artest, we would love to see him dance even more. We cannot wait for him to start dancing for us. All the best, Artest.

What Will Happen with the NBA Lockout?

It was recently announced that11% of the NBA jobs were lost in the NBA Lockout.  And it’s only been two weeks since the Lockout was announced.  Owners and Players just can’t seem to reach an agreement and the casualties thus far are staggering.

However, recent news suggests that an attorney for the players, who are all under a gag order, said that the players feel the NBA is whitholding important documents requested by the union.  And this after insistence from the league that they are open with their finances.

Lawrence Katz is the Union’s lead attorney.  The players want three documents that the owners are not delivering.  The documents relate to franchise valuation, sales prospectuses, and finances on related-party entities.

In addition to this lack of delivery by the league, Lawrence Katz also said the union has made repeated requests for other documents relating to finances and that the league has also failed to comply with those requests.

Reps for both are scheduled to meet Friday!  Hopefully in time before more jobs are lost.