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Draft Day Report Card: Everything You Need to Know about the LA Rams 2019 Draft Picks

The LA Rams 2019 draft was high on drama. After no less than six trades, the Rams finished the event with eight new players.

Granted, the haul wasn’t quite as impressive as it could have been. The main reason is simple enough: they traded out of the first round again. This was the third consecutive year that the Rams didn’t have a first-round pick.

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Most Anticipated NFL Games of 2019

Are You a Football Fan? Here Are the Top 7 Most Anticipated NFL Games of 2019

The crisp, autumn breeze. The scent of chicken wings in the air. The resounding chants of the home crowd echoing into the night.

Yes, folks, that’s football season! 

Before you know it, summer days will dwindle. You’ll hang up your swimsuit in exchange for a hoodie with your favorite NFL team’s logo emblazoned on the front.

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Do you know how many Super Bowls the Rams won?

Do you know how many Super Bowls the Rams have won?

Rams Super Bowl XXXIV ringThe Rams have won one Super Bowl (as the St. Louis Rams) back on Sunday, January 30th 2000 at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta for Super Bowl XXXIV defeating the Tennessee Titans 23-16. The Rams finished the 1999-2000 season with a 13-3-0 record giving them 1st in the NFC West Division, also finishing 1st out of 31 teams in points scored with 526 total and 4th out of 31 NFL teams in points allowed with 242.

During their Super Bowl win the Rams were led by 28-year-old number 13 Kurt Warner under the center who went 24 of 45 for 414 yards with two touchdowns. Isaac Bruce the Rams all-time receiving leader caught six receptions for 162 yards, one touchdown with his longest reception of the game going for 73 yards.

During the Super Bowl the St. Louis Rams scored first off a Jeff Wilkins 27yard field goal with 3:00 minutes left in the first quarter. In the second quarter Wilkins extended the Rams lead over the Titans with a pair of field goals, the first at the 4:16 mark and the second with just 0:15 seconds left till half.

Rams Super Bowl MVP Kurt WarnerThe Rams took a 16-0 lead over Tennessee in the third quarter on a nine-yard touchdown pass from Kurt Warner to Torry Holt followed by Jeff Wilkins hitting the extra point. The Titans were able to stage a comeback tying the game with 16 unanswered points. With 14 seconds left in the third quarter Tennessee Titans quarterback Eddie George scored on a one yard run to close out the third quarter. In the fourth quarter Eddie George ran in for a 2-yard touchdown with 7:21 seconds left to go in the quarter, Al Del Greco kicked the extra point. With 2:12 left to go in the Super Bowl Al Del Greco tied the game on a 43-yard field goal. The St Louis Rams got the ball one more time and with 1:54 left in the game QB Kurt Warner connected with Isaac Bruce on a 73-yard touchdown pass followed by a Jeff Wilkins extra point kick giving the Rams their first Super Bowl win 23-16. Kurt Warner was the Super Bowl MVP.

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