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Staples Center section 119 Lakers team bench

What Section is behind the Lakers Bench at Staples Center?

Looking to sit behind the Lakers bench at Staples Center?

Sections 119, Premiere 4 as well as Section 334 are directly behind the Lakers bench at Staples Center.

Section 119 is directly behind Lakers team bench and will be your best and closest option for sitting behind the Los Angeles players, but also the most expensive.

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Best place to sit for LA Lakers game staples center

Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?

Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?

Lakers Courtside Seats or behind the bench?

There are numerous factors as to what makes a location the “best seat” to sit for a Lakers game.

Is money no object?
Going to hobnob with celebrities?
Looking to impress a potential business client or romantic interest?
A basketball purist who wants to see all the action on the court?
So, Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?
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Can the Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA Playoffs

Can the Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA Playoffs this season

Can the Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA Playoffs this season?

The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t made the playoffs in three consecutive seasons so far. If they miss the playoffs this year, it will be their fourth year outside. Just for info, the Lakers have never missed the playoffs three seasons in a row before. Last year, they made it to franchise history as the first time they missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons.

Naturally, the people asked last year can the Lakers make the playoffs before the season started. Kobe Bryant’s legacy was on the line, but he couldn’t do much. The Lakers lacked talent, and they did not have a good coach. Now, with Luke Walton on the bench, it seems like they have everything they need to answer the question Can the Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA Playoffs this season positively.
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Can the Los Angeles Lakers make the NBA Playoffs this season

Tips to SAVE Money on Los Angeles Lakers Tickets at Staples

Barry’s Tickets Tips to save money on Los Angeles Lakers tickets

The 2018-2019 NBA season is underway and the Los Angeles Lakers have been one of the most exciting teams to watch. As a young up-and-coming team, ticket prices are often higher than what the average fan is willing to spend. If you want to see the Lakers while still being cost-effective, check out these tips from Barry’s Tickets.

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Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant

Which categories does the great Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers?

Which Categories Kobe Leads the Lakers in?

Kobe Bryant is arguably the greatest Lakers player ever. The only ones that can come close are Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. Magic and Kareem have the same amount of rings with the Lakers as Kobe, five, and West has only one.

Jerry West has the flair of being the NBA’s logo, and one of the best players in the history of the sport. Kareem is widely considered top 10 players, and Magic is the one that made ShowTime possible.

But none of them gave the Lakers as much as Kobe. Bryant played 20 seasons in the NBA, all wearing the purple and gold. Magic Johnson played only 13 seasons in the league (all for the Lakers).

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What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster of great players?

What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster?

Whenever you are trying to select an all-time roster for a team, you are being subjective. It is hard to pick the five best players for the Los Angeles Lakers. There have been so many great players wearing the purple and gold. However, we will try to pick the best five, Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster that can compete with almost any team in the league.

The list is determined not just by greatness, but how many years a player spent wearing the purple and gold. Here is the Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster.

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Lakers - Clippers game Tickets Christmas Day

Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Score Deals On Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Battle For Los Angeles Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 2016 are available now! It what has become an annual tradition the “Battle For Los Angeles” will once again take place on Christmas Day. Purple and Gold, as well as Red and White jerseys, will fill the Los Angeles Staples Center to watch the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers battle it out in this rivalry filled game.
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LA Lakers Staples Center

Which Lakers Coach has the NBA Most Championships?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 titles in their franchise history, and only four coaches are responsible for those championships. Bill Sharman is the only one with just one title as a Lakers coach. He led the 1972 Lakers to their title against the New York Knicks. Fun fact: Phil Jackson, who would later go on to coach the Lakers, played for the Knicks in the 1972 Finals.

phil jackson la lakers coachPhil Jackson, Pat Riley and John Kundla have all won five championships with the Lakers.

Kundla was the first Lakers coach, leading the team when they played in Minneapolis. John formed a great relationship with the first Lakers superstar, George Mikan, and together they brought the title to the Lakers in 1949, 50, 52, 53 and 54. As a coach, Kundla had a 60:35 (62% winning percentage) record in the playoffs. Following the success in the 50s, the Lakers had to wait till 1972 for their next title, losing to the Boston Celtics in the great 60s rivalry.

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LA Lakers Staples Center

Why dont the Lakers have a mascot?

Ever wondered why dont the Lakers have a mascot?

The Los Angeles Lakers are just one of the four teams in the NBA without a mascot. The other three teams are the Brooklyn Nets, the Golden State Warriors, and the New York Knicks. A season ago, the Los Angeles Clippers were also in that group, but in May 2016, they introduced Chuck the Condor, their new mascot. You can check out a complete list of NBA Mascots.

There are two theories why the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a mascot. The first, a fan theory is that the Lakers do not have mascot because they have celebrities. In a way, celebrities are Lakers mascot.

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Top 5 Lakers of all time

Do you know where do the Los Angeles Lakers play home games?

Where do the Lakers play?

Where do the Lakers Play Staples Center

Staples Center

The Los Angeles Lakers play at the Staples Center. Following the 1998-1999 season, the Lakers moved from the Great Western Forum to the Los Angeles Staples Center located at 1111 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California, 90015 and have a capacity for 18,320 for a Lakers home game. The Staples Center complex is 950,000 square feet and was opened on October 17th, 1999 by the AEG. Although the Staples Center is the home of Lakers it also is the home of the Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, LA Sparks and has numerous other concerts and sporting events throughout the year.

For the move to the Staples Center, the Lakers wanted a new coach, and they got their man in Phil Jackson. It was Jackson who was finally able to deliver a championship for Shaq and Kobe, making them work together.

Even though the Lakers have won the same amount of titles in the Staples Center as in the Forum, one can make an argument for the Staples being the more successful home arena. During the years of the Staples, the Lakers won the title in the first year at the Staples Center.The Lakers managed to win three titles in a row, something that they haven’t done in the Forum.

Where did Lakers use to play?

Kobe Bryant Career Highlights Compilation – The Gold Legend

Minneapolis Armory Lakers court

Minneapolis Armory

Many people forget that the Los Angeles Lakers actually started their storied franchise history in Minneapolis. Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen were the original owners of the Lakers, buying the team in 1947. They disbanded the Detroit Gems and then started the Lakers franchise with an investment of just $15,000. Back then, the league was called National Basketball League or NBL. The name Lakers come from the nickname of the city of Minnesota, “the land of 10,000 Lakes”. Led by center George Mikan, who became the NBA’s first superstar, the Lakers won the title in the first two years in the league. It is worth noting that the first title came in the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Lakers are one of the six teams remaining from the original BAA league that merged with the NBL to form the NBA.

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