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LA Coliseum Seat View Football game

Where to Sit for Great Shaded Seats L.A. Memorial Coliseum

USC football. The L.A. Rams. Concerts. The Olympics. If you’ve lived in LA for an extended amount of time, you’ve probably found yourself at an event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

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LA Coliseum Seat View football

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart will show you the view of the field from different sections at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is an outdoor sports stadium located in the heart of University Park in Los Angeles California. The LA Coliseum is home to the USC Trojans and will be home to the Los Angeles Rams until 2019 while they wait for their new stadium being built in Inglewood California. The LA Coliseum seating capacity is 93,607. The LA Coliseum surface is natural grass.

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart

LA Coliseum Section 1 seating
LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 1.

Section 2 LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 2.

Section 3 view LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 3.

Section 5 seat view LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 5.

Section 6 LA Coliseum seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 6.

LA Coliseum section 7 view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 7.

LA Coliseum section 10

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 10.

LA Coliseum section 11 seating

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 11.

LA Coliseum section 12 seating

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 12.

la coliseum section 13 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 13.

la coliseum section 14 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 14.

la coliseum section 15 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 15.

la coliseum section 17 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 17.

la coliseum section 22 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 22.

la coliseum section 24 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 24.

la coliseum seat view section 25

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 25.

LA Coliseum USC seating Chart

LA Coliseum Seat Chart USC Trojans.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was built in 1923 and will be undergoing major renovations making significant improvements for the USC Trojans football team as well as the Los Angeles Rams. Some of the improvements being made to the LA Coliseum are the removal of all seats in the Coliseum and replacing them with new seating as well as handrails throughout the entire stadium. Isles will be added as well as the new seats will be wider as well as increasing the legroom in many of the LA Coliseum sections. Wi-Fi technology will be added throughout the stadium. The LA Coliseum will receive two new large screens at the east end of the stadium. New concession stands will be added to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well as improvements to the existing concession stands.

New Premium Seating Options at the LA Coliseum.
As the renovations take place and bring the 1923 LA Memorial Coliseum to a more modern stadium there will be numerous new seating options available to fans. These new LA Coliseum seating options will include Luxury Suites, Loge Boxes as well as LA Coliseum club seats all available on the south side of the stadium.

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Why Notre Dame Will Not Win the National Championship

Currently ranked third in the latest BCS poll with a record of 8-0, Notre Dame is on the verge of its first unbeaten season since 1988, when QB Tony Rice led the Irish to a national championship. Should Brian Kelly’s squad finish the season unbeaten at 12-0, the Irish will surely be in the BCS title discussion. Also in that discussion will be Kansas State, Oregon, and top-ranked Alabama.

Assuming that, like the Irish, the other three teams in the mix win out to finish the season, Notre Dame will be left wishing that it was 2014. That, of course, is when the new four-team playoff format will begin. Sure, Notre Dame’s schedule is probably good enough to warrant playing the title game, but of the next four opponents only USC has a winning record. Oregon will play three ranked opponents in their last four games and then likely another in the Pac-12 championship. Again assuming the Ducks win out, playing through that schedule will likely move Oregon Ducks ahead of ND in the BCS rankings.

Kansas State, currently ranked second, faces two ranked opponents, Oklahoma State and Texas, in its last four weeks, and also faces dangerous TCU (5-3). At the present, the Wildcats and the Irish are tied in the computer rankings with a composite percentage of .970. With KSU at 12-0 and facing a tougher schedule in the last four weeks, Notre Dame’s score will only decrease leaving the Irish with no chance of overtaking Kansas State.

Almost every likely championship scenario does not include the Irish. If Alabama and Kansas State win their remaining games, there’s no doubt they will play in the BCS title game. It is also likely that Alabama and Oregon could meet should both teams win out and KSU falter. Another scenario has a one-loss SEC team, possibly Georgia or LSU, in the title game as well.

For the Irish to be playing on Jan. 7th all of the cards will have to fall into place. And, yes, there are some key games remaining on the schedule, especially the big LSU-’Bama showdown, which will have a huge impact on the BCS championship. First, Notre Dame must win handily over the teams they should-Pitt, Boston College, and Wake Forest. Then, they will need to put up some serious numbers against USC in the LA Coliseum. A victory is great, but a little cushion on the final score wouldn’t hurt.

With the 12-0 record in the bag, the Irish will then have to hope the teams at the top stumble along the last four weeks. A one-loss Alabama may still make it to Jan. 7th, if that loss is to LSU and not in the SEC championship. A one-loss Oregon might still have a shot if its loss is to USC in the regular season and comes back and destroys its opponent in the Pac-12 title game. A Kansas State loss will likely take them out of the picture since there is no Big 12 title game to count on for redemption. Plus, the Wildcats face Texas and Oklahoma State, each ranked in the lower end of the Top 25. Losing to either won’t be the same as losing to say, a No. 5 LSU. Regardless, Notre Dame’s path the BCS glory is murky at best.

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Super Bowl – A brief history

The Super Bowl is the final contest of the NFL professional football season and determines the league’s annual champion. Currently the Super Bowl routinely finishes among the all-time top 50 programs in television ratings, and the 2011 game was no exception, setting a new record for the biggest American TV audience for a single broadcast, some 111 million viewers.
Now probably the most important single-day sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl had more modest beginnings, as did the sport itself. Football in America had its start in a game November 6, 1869, when Rutgers and Princeton played a college soccer football game. The game used modified London Football Association rules. During the next seven years, rugby gained favor with the major eastern schools over soccer, and modern football began to develop from rugby. At the Massasoit convention, of 1876, the first rules for American football were written. It was here that Walter Camp, who would become known as the father of American football, first became involved with the game.

In 1902, baseball’s Philadelphia Athletics, managed by Connie Mack, and the Philadelphia Phillies formed professional football teams, joining the Pittsburgh Stars in the first attempt at a pro football league, named the National Football League. The Athletics won the first-night football game ever played, 39-0 over Kanaweola AC at Elmira, New York, November 21.
All three teams claimed the pro championship for the year, but the league president, Dave Berry, named the Stars the champions. Pitcher Rube Waddell was with the Athletics, and pitcher Christy Mathewson a fullback for Pittsburgh. The first World Series of pro football, actually a five-team tournament, was played among a team made up of players from both the Athletics and the Phillies, but simply named New York; the New York Knickerbockers; the Syracuse AC; the Warlow AC; and the Orange (New Jersey) AC at New York’s original Madison Square Garden. New York and Syracuse played the first indoor football game before 3,000, December 28. Syracuse, with Glen (Pop) Warner at guard, won 6-0 and went on to win the tournament.

In 1903, the Franklin (PA) Athletic Club won the second and last World Series of pro football over the Oreos AC of Asbury Park, New Jersey; the Watertown Red and Blacks; and the Orange AC. Changes ensued over the next 6 decades — with names, teams, players, and conference alignments coming and going. And in 1967, Congress approved the AFL-NFL merger, passing legislation exempting the agreement itself from antitrust action, October 21.
That same year, the champions of the American Football League (which merged with the NFL in 1970) and the NFL met in what was called the AFL-NFL World Championship Game. The name was later shortened to Super Bowl, named after a child’s toy, the Super Ball. In this first game, the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10. The Los Angeles Coliseum, site of the game, fell far short of a sellout, although tickets were only $10 each.

The National Football League’s Super Bowl XLVI will take place on February 5, 2012, in Lucas Oil Stadium in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. It will be the NFL’s 46th annual Super Bowl.

Kick-off is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Eastern, 5:30 p.m. Central, 4:30 p.m. Mountain and 3:30 p.m. Pacific time.

Lucas Oil Stadium
Lucas Oil Stadium opened in August 2008. The normal seating for the stadium is 63,000 but will be increased to more than 70,000 for Super Bowl XLVI. The stadium cost approximately $720 million to construct and features a retractable roof and a unique large window at one end of the field.

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