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Rick Rypien Passes Away…Tragic Loss for Winnipeg Jets

Winnipeg Jets center Rick Rypien was found deceased in his home on Monday August 15th, just nine months after the player took an indefinite leave of absence from the Vancouver Canucks after six seasons with the team to focus on an undisclosed personal matter.   Rypien was only twenty-seven years old.

So far this offseason Rick Rypien is the second professional National Hockey Player to have been found dead.  Former New York Rangers Derek Boogard passed away in May due to an overdose of alcohol and oxcycodone.

Rick Rypian is 5’11” and 190lbs.  He has recently signed a $700,000 one-year contract with the Jets last month after six seasons with the Vancouver Canucks.  His mark on Hockey includes nine goals, seven assists and 226 penalty minutes in 119 career NHL games.

In a press release the official statement of the Winnipeg Jets was to have said the following : “We would like to express our sincere sympathies to the Rypien family as well as Rick’s friends. We also appreciate all of the support that has come pouring in from Rick’s fans. Rick was a talented player with an extremely bright future. His hunger for the game made him a valued team member both on and off the ice. This loss has impacted us as more than just a hockey team.”

The Canucks also made their offical announcement last year on Nov. 25 Rick Rypien had been granted an indefinite leave of absence.  It was the second time in just three years for Rypien that he had taken a hiatus to handle a personal issue. Rick also received a six-game suspension last year after grabbing a fan on his way to the dressing room in Minnesota.  Prior to that Rick Rypien was suffering ongoing injuries and missed 70 games in the 2008-2009 season.

The cause of death is not yet known.

Top Five Retro Basketball Games

Arguably one of the greatest NBA game of all time occurred during the 1976 showdown in the final match of the NBA championship between the Boston Celtics and the Phoenix Suns. The first overtime ended with Paul Silas (Celtics) attempting to signal an unauthorized timeout subsequently ignored by referee Richie Powers ending the period tied. At the end of the second overtime, the Suns scored to take a one-point lead with only four seconds to the buzzer. John Havlicek sprinted down the floor and sunk a fifteen-foot jumper to put the Celtics up by one, bringing hundreds of fans to the floor in celebration; the game, however, was not yet over. With one second restored to the clock, Paul Westphal (Phoenix) requested an ineligible timeout resulting in a technical foul. The Celtics scored, moving to a two-point lead, but the Suns with ball at half-court scored on a Gar Heard jumper to tie. The stunned Garden crowd went silent. Glenn McDonald, Celtic reserve, scored six points in the final period to bring home a 128-126 win for Boston.

One game previous to this Celtic win was a dynasty defeat in 1958 NBA championship final competition which ended a decade long run by the infamous Boston club. The St. Louis Hawks, whose 6’9” power forward Bob Petit, scored 50 points, 19 of which were in the final team 21 as they steam-rolled over Boston with a last minute tip-in leaving fifteen seconds on the clock in a 110-109 Cinderella win.

A game just four years later marked the astonishing feat by Bill Russell in the final contest of the 1962 NBA championship season whose 30 points and 40 rebounds led the Boston Celtics to a 110-107 defeat over the Los Angeles Lakers in overtime.

The 1980 6th game of the NBA finals comes on the heels of this competition with rookie Magic Johnson suiting for injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. At halftime, the Lakers and the 76ers were tied at 60-60. The Lakers came out explosive in the third quarter firing fourteen unanswered points and stunning the Spectrum crowd as Johnson commanded the boards with 42 points. He was, however, overshadowed by Jamaal Wilkes who scored 25 of his 37 in the second half.

An awesome spectacle by Michael Jordan occurred in the 1986 NBA first round playoff game between the Chicago Bulls and the Boston Celtics in which the Bulls fell to the Celtics 135-131. Jordan, in a his one-man show at Boston Gardens, made it into the annals of NBA history with an awesome display which included fade-away jumpers and signature flying dunks to drop 63 points for the Bulls effort that included 19 of 21 free throws and 22 of 41 field shots.