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Are The Clippers Poised For No.1 Next Season

Clippers 2014-2015


The Los Angeles Clippers have still not sorted out their ownership situation. Steve Ballmer is the person who will most probably be next owner of the team, hopefully, next season, but Donald Sterling is not giving up the fight just yet. Assuming that the ownership situation will be sorted out by the beginning of the 2014 – 2015 campaign, the Los Angeles Clippers will be one of the strongest teams entering the upcoming season. But are they the favourites for the championship? In other words, how far can they go?

The answer is unknown. And that’s not mainly due to the ownership instability. It’s not even about the assets Lob City possesses, its roster and the way it plays. It’s because we currently have no clue how the competition will shape up next season. We don’t know where megastars like LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will play next season and as a result, we don’t know which teams will highlight the top spots when it comes to championship contention.

Blake Griffin Chris Paul


Nevertheless, what we do know, again assuming that the ownership situation gets resolved, is that the Los Angeles Clippers possess a superb roster and one of the best head coaches in the league. They do have two All-Stars, in Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, an emerging star center, in DeAndre Jordan, the Sixth Man of the Year 2014, Jamal Crawford and several other quality role players. And of course, this entire group is orchestrated by Doc Rivers, who seems to be a head coach capable of leading Lob City to the top of the NBA.

Lob City LA Clippers

Lob City

At the moment, apart from the Oklahoma City and the San Antonio Spurs, who will be one year older, there is no team which seems to stand better chances to win the Larry O’Brien trophy. And even the OKC Thunder are not looking that lethal. In fact, unless the Thunder makes some changes in their style of play and become more of a team rather than a two – headed “beast”, which heavily relies on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, they seem anything but invincible.

Blake Griffin LA Clippers Super Star


This summer offseason might be one that includes lots of star movement but it might also be a very silent one. But even if we see LeBron, Carmelo and other big-name players like Luol Deng and Pau Gasol changing teams, the Clippers will hold the advantage. This group has been together for three years now, and they have now managed to develop their game. Especially since the arrival of Doc Rivers last summer, Lob City further improved its game and reached a championship-contending level. The Clips fell short against OKC in the Western Semis but be certain that they will come back even stronger next season.

There is not much room for changes for the Clips this summer. The Clips have most of their core players under contract for the upcoming season, and we can only expect a few correcting moves unless a significant surprise occurs. But this roster, this group seems to have enough to make it to the top and the upcoming season will give a big opportunity for Lob City to celebrate its first title eventually.

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Clippers Look To 2014-2015

Clippers 2014-2015


Despite of all the changes and additions the Los Angeles Clippers did to start this season, they didn’t go much further than one more round in the playoffs, comparing to their 2012-2013 course. Lob City fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder after six games in the Western Semis and those championship dreams will have to wait for at least another year. But can the Clips really stay at the top next season? Will they really be championship contenders?

First and foremost, the ownership issue will have to be resolved. It might be a long and tough process for the Clipper Nation but it’s also a necessary one. Only after Donald Sterling is removed from the owner’s position can the team truly focus on its ultimate goal for the upcoming season but also for the ones to come after that.

Assuming that the league and the people taking care of the issue eventually find a solution, the Los Angeles Clippers can start building their future. And of course, you might wonder, they do have a great team even now, right? So do they really need to plan on the future or just the upcoming season?
As head coach Doc Rivers stated after the elimination in Game 6, this is not the end. This is the beginning.

Clippers Blake Griffin Chris Paul


The Los Angeles Clippers have one of the greatest and most powerful star cores in the NBA. Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are under contract at least for the next three seasons, J.J. Redick is in the books until the end of the 2016 – 2017 season, Jamal Crawford for one season less and DeAndre Jordan will be with the team at least for the next season. Doc Rivers was also signed in a long term contract and assuming that Donald Sterling will be removed prior to the start of the 2014 – 2015 season, he will have no reason to not use up his contract.

Of course, we might see the Clippers performing a few moves during the offseason to try and find those missing pieces, those players who can further increase their chances to seriously contend for the title next season. But the team’s core will be the same. When it comes to changes in the style of play, Chris Paul might want to eventually start utilizing and trusting Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan more. As Rivers stated through the season, Jordan has superstar potential and if the Paul manages to find a way to utilize him more, he could emerge as the third pillar in the superstar line of the Clips.

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If the Los Angeles Clippers achieves what they did in Year 1 under Doc Rivers and after all they went through during the last month, it will be really interesting to see how far this team can go. The Clips improved in almost every aspect of their game this season both as a team and as individuals and they are projected to continue getting better.
The Los Angeles Clippers are here to stay.

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Barry’s Tickets is located just minutes from Staples Center!
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Who will coach the Lakers

Who Will Coach The Lakers?

Who will coach the Lakers?

Byron Scott is no longer the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Scott’s departure leaves LA with one burning question unanswered: Who will coach the Lakers next season? That’s a question that is much easier to ask rather to answer. Mitch Kupchak has revealed the plans for their next coach, and the coaching search is expected to be short and on point. The Lakers won’t look for someone who is just great coach, they want someone that will attract players. The reality is that the Lakers lacked tal-ent in the past seasons to win, not a coach. The top 3 requirements for the next coach are:
– Someone who can recruit players
– Someone who can develop young players if no free agent signs with the Lakers
– Someone who will coach the Lakers out of their slump and back to confidence
That being said, here are five options.

Luke Walton
A year ago, Luke Walton was nowhere near the radar of the Lakers. But then the former Lakers player went 24-0 with the Golden State Warriors as an assistant, and many people around the league thought he should get the credit and coach the Western All Star team. But rules prevented him, and Steve Kerr took over. Some would say that Kerr installed such a great system that Walton only followed through. But the same can be said for Kerr who inherited a talented team in Golden State. Walton has the Lak-ers ties any next coach will need, and he is likeable around the league. The only problem is, he is not some big name that will attract free agents.

Kevin Ollie
The only reason the Lakers are looking at Ollie as a rather unconventional move (the Lakers rarely hire a college coach) is that Kevin is very close friend with Kevin Durant, a free agent that the Lakers will pursue this summer. The Thunder also tried to get Ollie as a coach last season with the same intention, but they failed. Truth be told, Ollie loves the college basketball just too much to consider moving to the big league. Can the Lakers entice him? Rumors are he wants a say in personnel decisions. Will Mitch Kupchak let him?

Mark Jackson
If the Lakers want a credible name on their sidelines, one that has faith and screams confidence, Mark Jackson is their guy. Few fans remember that Jackson promised the Warriors will be in the playoffs in his first season. He managed the feat in his second season as head coach, but it was important for the team to have a coach that strongly believes in the players and makes a bold statement first day on his job. Jackson gets bad credit for his arguments with the Warriors office, but he is definitely someone to look at.

Ettore Messina / Ime Udoka
Both are Spurs assistant coaches at the moment, and both fit the description “Pop’s coaching tree”. The question is whether the Lakers are ready to roll the dice? For every Steve Kerr and Mike Budenholzer out there, there are also several Mike Browns and Jacque Vaughns. Messina has ties with the Lakers, as he worked as a consultant years ago. But neither of the two is a coach that will attract high profile free agents. They will be able to set great schemes and style in play though.

Lionel Hollins
Hollins is one of the most underrated coaches in the league. He made the Memphis Grizzlies a force to be reckoned with, but then he failed to do anything with the Brooklyn Nets. Truth be told, he had little to nothing to work with the Nets. Hollins has a reputation of someone who will hold players accountable, and that might be what the Lakers need the most at the moment. The problem, as with many other coaches is that Hollins is not a name that players relate much to. Will he be the one who will coach the Lakers back to success? Perhaps help them land valuable like Mike Conley? The next moth or two shall be crucial for the Lakers.

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