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Best Seats at Dodger Stadium

Bleachers or Boxes: What Are the Best Seats at Dodger Stadium?

Baseball isn’t just America’s favorite past time, but a ballpark is a place where memories are made. Whether you go with your kids, your spouse, or a group of friends, you always want to find seats that fit in your budget while also giving you the best view of the field.

Dodger Stadium is a place full of history, opening in 1962 and home to the likes of names like Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw. This place has no shortage of memories.

So when you find yourself at one of the most iconic baseball stadiums, make sure you have the best seats at Dodger Stadium to enable you to create equally as iconic memories.

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best sections for visiting team fans at section

Best sections for Visiting Team Fans at Dodger Stadium

Best sections for visiting team fans at Dodger Stadium

Barry’s recommendations for the best sections for visiting team fans at Dodger Stadium.

The Los Angeles Dodgers will welcome twenty visiting teams to Dodger Stadium during the regular MLB season.

The visiting team dugout in on the first base side in front of sections 10, 20, 22, 24 and Dugout Club 8
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Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium best seats

Best Seats Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Dodgers Game

Best Seats Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Dodgers Game

Our guide for Best Seats Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium at a Dodgers Game.
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Getting a ball at Dodger Stadium

What are the best seats for getting a ball at Dodger Stadium

What are the best seats for getting a ball at Dodger Stadium?

Your odds of getting a ball at Dodger Stadium will increase if you sit in one of the sections below.

Many baseball fans have dreamt of coming home with a baseball after a trip to the ballpark.

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Dodger Stadium shaded sections

Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium for a day game?

Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium?

Day games at Dodger Stadium can be quite brutal due to the California sun beating down. Here are some suggestions for shaded seats at Dodger Stadium.
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Tour of Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium Tours should be on Dodger fans bucket list

Dodger Stadium Tours a unique look behind the scenes.

Dodger Stadium Tours provide Los Angeles fans the opportunity to see the baseball ballpark uniquely.

Since 1962, Los Angeles Dodger Stadium has welcomed baseball-loving fans from all corners of the world and enchanted them with its astonishing views and its celebrated past.

This 56,000-seat capacity Dodger Stadium is an icon of American sports lore.
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LA Dodgers game tickets discount code

How to get Free Dodgers Tickets!

How to get Free Dodgers Tickets!

Barry's Tickets DodgersWho doesn’t love free stuff! There is nothing like heading out to Dodger Stadium to watch your favorite team play, eat Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts and a cold beverage under the beautiful Los Angeles sky as well as hanging out with 50,000 other baseball fans. No matter if you bleed blue or your cheering for the opposing team there is one thing for sure, seeing a game at Dodger Stadium with the whole family can be….priceless.

So how do you get free Dodgers tickets? Follow Barry’s Tickets on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+ or sign up on our Dodgers Tickets page to receive special emails and be on the lookout for our special Free Dodgers Tickets promo codes. You can also win Barry’s Bucks good on concert, sports and theater tickets as well as merchandise. Barry’s Tickets offers get $10.00 off tickets for individual games such as below and with tickets starting at just $3.00 and $5.00 dollars per seat you can use the special $10 Barry’s Tickets promo code to get your seats for free. You can also come back to this page and see the most current Barry’s Tickets Dodgers discount offer.

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MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices

Do You Know Why Dodger Stadium Called Chavez Ravine?

Do You Know Why Dodger Stadium Called Chavez Ravine?

Chavez RavineChavez Ravine is located in an area of Los Angeles California called Sulphur Canyon and plays home to one of the most famous baseball parks in the county Dodger Stadium. It is called Chavez Ravine because it is named after Julian Chavez who was a Los Angeles city councilman in the 19th century. In 1844 Julian Chavez purchased a plot of land in the Elysian Park area and over time expanded it to roughly 318 acres. Before becoming Chavez Ravine, the area was called “Cemetery Ravine,” after old Calvary which is a Roman Catholic cemetery located in Los Angeles and is now known as the New Calvary Cemetery.

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LA Dodgers game at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers 2015 bobbleheads Games

Dodger 2015 Bobbleheads Games are some of the biggest games on the Dodgers schedule. Who doesn’t love heading out to Dodger Stadium? Dodger Dogs, Iced Cold Drink and getting a free Dodgers Bobblehead!

Dodgers 2015 Bobbleheads schedule

Dodgers 2015 Bobbleheads Tuesday, May 12 (7:10pm) Dodgers vs. Marlins will be Bobblehead #1 for the season and might be the most anticipated Dodgers 2015 Bobbleheads Games. Clayton Kershaw! The Dodgers pitching ace will be the first Bobblehead of the 2015 Dodgers season. Get Dodgers vs Marlins tickets.
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ACDC Dodger Stadium Seating Chart

AC/DC Dodger Stadium Seating Chart

Here is a look at the AC/DC Dodger Stadium seating chart for their September 28th concert in Los Angeles. You can view the floor configuration for theAC/DC Dodger Stadium seating Chart as well as purchase AC/DC Tickets.

AC/DC Dodger Stadium Seating Chart Stage Set Up:

The AC/DC Stage set up will be in Dodger Stadium center field. The AC/DC stage itself has a mini stage that extends from the larger stage which goes out into the crowd.

ACDC Dodger Stadium Seating Chart

There are nine sections that go across the Dodger Stadium Center Field. Sections A – J (there is no section “I”). Section E on the floor is dead center in front of the AC/DC stage and has the mini ramp that extends into it.
The second row of sections K – P begin pass the Dodger Stadium infield. Sections M and N are center. These sections have fewer rows then the first sections (A-J).

AC/DC Dodger Stadium seating chart doesn’t not reflect where the monitors will be if there is any. Most likely AC/DC will have large monitors on each side of the stage such as Paul McCartney did for his Dodger Stadium concert.

ACDC Seating Chart Dodger Stadium

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Here are some different views of concerts at Dodger Stadium so you can get a better feel of the AC/DC Dodger Stadium seating chart.

Dodger Stadium Itself:
Dodger Stadium holds 56,000 for a Dodgers Game.
Left Field – 330 feet (101 m)
Medium Left-Center – 360 feet (110 m)
True Left-Center – 375 feet (114 m)
Center Field – 400 feet (122 m)*
True Right-Center – 375 feet (114 m)
Medium Right-Center – 360 feet (110 m)
Right Field – 330 feet (101 m)
Backstop – 55 feet (17 m)

You can purchase tickets for their Dodger Stadium concert as well as AC/DC Tickets for all dates of their Rock or Bust World Concert Tour. Barry’s Tickets has no service fee’s or hidden charges on any tickets.

Barry’s Ticket Office is located 3.7 Miles from Dodger Stadium
Barry's TicketsLocated minutes from the Dodger Stadium Barry’s Tickets has been the go to ticket broker for all Los Angeles Concerts, Sports and Theater events for over 30 years. Fast, easy and convenient for picking up or purchasing tickets even after the event starts.

Barry’s Tickets offers Dodgers Parking passes for all games at Dodger Stadium! You can also purchase Dodgers Playoff Tickets.

Barry’s Tickets Los Angeles office is open from 9am – 9pm seven days a week inside the Luxe Hotel.

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AC/DC Dodger Stadium Seating Chart is subject to change. If you have questions about the Stadium itself and what you can and cannot bring in with you at the AC/DC concert you can check the website for up to date current information.

Updated: July 29th 2015