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NBA Finals

NFL update

The fortunes have been shifting at least for some teams, from the games that we have seen so far. A big surprise has been the comeback of teams like Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills. The super powers of the League – the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles – are finding it hard to stay on top. The changes in the football landscape have been so drastic that the earlier predictions no longer hold true.
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How Ryan Fitzpatrick compares to other NFL Greats

The Amish Rifle, the quarterback from Buffalo Bills – Ryan Fitzpatrick has been rocking the NFL arena with his most amazing skills and moves. What is it that makes him a top-notch player?

He is the No. 1 scoring offense in the NFL. As an offensive player, he has been the key factor in helping the Buffalo Bills reach victory many a time. Fitzpatrick has been a helping hand for his team, ever mindful of his team’s specific needs and complementing or adding to his teammate’s skills.

The Buffalo Bills player reminds us of the past great players in NFL. Let us look at whom Ryan resembles in his playing style:

Ryan is known for his never-ending energy and he never hesitates to run with the ball. This is similar to league greats like Randall Cunnigham, Steve Young and Norm Snead.

Ryan’s toughness at handling passes and throwing blocks reminds one of Brett Favre and Jim Kelly.  His skills at quick release have striking similarities with the great Dan Marino.

As a Harvard graduate, Ryan Fitzpatrick has a high football IQ comparable to Peyton Manning. He is cool under fire, his instincts help him to assess and analyze all situations. The skill of his comes as an advantage in scrimmages.  His down to earth and practical approach to the game makes him at par with stars like John Elway and Eli Manning.

His tact in creating open zones by his creative ball handling and play faking is reminiscent of talented players such as Steve De Berg and Kurt Warner.

His deep understanding of his teammates makes him a team player and he believes in them too, much like how Brett Favre and Dan Marino used to.

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