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How much can Kobe Bryant help the Lakers next season?

The leader of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant, will be back this season. And not only will he be healthy but he is determined to help his team do much better than it did in 2013 – 2014. The Lakers failed to land another superstar so Kobe will now have to take the biggest chunk of the offensive load next season.

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

And that’s something he can do.

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

The Lakers will be a different team next season and they will also have a new head coach, Byron Scott. He and Kobe know each other very well. Now, after two disappointing seasons under Mike D’Antoni, Kobe will have a unique chance to emerge as the clear leader of the team and lead it to a better course.

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

After spending the biggest part of last season sidelined due to an injury, Kobe Bryant is now fully healed and ready to go. In fact, he recently pointed out that he could be playing at his full speed even if the season started today

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

The Lakers will really need the Black Mamba to be at his best as soon as the season commences. Apart from what he brings to the table with his performance, Kobe is a superstar presence, a driving force for the rest of the group. He is always capable of motivating his teammate and he does that by giving 110 percent of himself every time he steps foot on the court.

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

With no second superstar on his side, Kobe will have to play as well as he has ever done over the course of the last few years. Although he is aging and in fact, gradually entering the last years of his career, Kobe can still be a true difference maker for the Lakers. And he will be exactly that guy.

Kobe Bryant Inspirational Quotes

Since 1996 Kobe Bean Bryant has been amazing Lakers and true NBA fans everywhere with his play and both physical mental toughness. I saw one of Michael Jordan’s last games I feel the same way about Kobe “Ahh Inspired” so I figured I would add some Inspirational Quotes from Kobe Bryant!

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Should The Lakers Keep Kobe Bryant Out For The Season

Kobe Bryant Lakers


The latest news about Kobe Bryant and his knee injury state that the Black Mamba will remain sidelined for three more weeks. He will also miss the 2014 All Star Game. Multiple sources point out that Bryant feels internal swelling pain in his knees and that’s why he will have to extend his rehabilitation period. Now the Los Angeles Lakers face a significant question: Should they just keep Kobe out for the remainder of the 2013-2014 campaign?

The Lakers can almost be considered as done for the season. The team currently stands in the second spot of the bottom in the Western Conference, holding a 16-30 record. Due to very high level of competiveness within the conference, it will be almost impossible for the Lakers to overcome the 10-game deficit they have from the eighth-seeded team, which currently is the Dallas Mavericks. But even if they manage to get the ticket for the postseason they won’t go far. If the Lakers finish eighth, they will face the first-seeded team in the West, which will be either the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Portland Trail Blazers or the San Antonio Spurs. And it’s easy for every fan of the team to imagine what the outcome of such a series would be.

Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant

As a matter of fact, if Bryant comes back this season the Lakers won’t see a big difference in their final ranking. Even the Black Mamba’s contribution might not be enough for Mike D’Antoni’s team to bounce back. In addition, the Lakers would also risk Kobe’s health if he is rushed back. The 35-year old Bryant certainly needs some time to fully rehab now that he has the chance.

Allowing Kobe to fully rest for the season seems to be the most rational choice for the Lakers at the moment. The main focus of the team should be the near future, the upcoming season. That’s why they should take their attention off Kobe and start planning their next moves to strengthen their roster, either through trades or significant moves. The Lakers will also have to focus on the upcoming, star-loaded NBA Draft. Then they will have a great opportunity to land potential superstar.

Kobe Bryant LA Lakers


Certainly, Kobe Bryant is always a hot topic in LA. Every fan of the team wants to see him dressed up and ready to play when the Lakers are playing in the Staples Center. In fact, Bryant is one of the main reasons many fans support the team. Bryant is a big part of the Lakers franchise at the moment. Nevertheless, if the Lakers think rationally, they will realize that due to the bad situation the team is in at the moment, they will have to find the best way to bounce back quickly.

The team has to undergo significant changes soon. Steve Nash obviously can’t contribute, Pau Gasol is unhappy with the team and the Lakers neither several draft picks nor assets to trade away. Thankfully, as of lately, some young players, like Manny Harris and Kendall Marshall, have started to show promising sings. Now that Kobe is out, they will have a chance to see more playing time, gain experience and be on his side for the next season. Chris Michaels