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Why ACC Football Will Never Change

Saturday, October 5th, 2013 was a great illustration as to why the ACC will never change. During the entire summer I made fun of the ACC because of the lack of depth and quality football. There is no arguing the fact that the ACC is one of the best basketball conferences in the nation. In fact, it can be argued it is the best basketball conference because of the number of championships won in the last three decades. That said, football is a much different story. The ACC has been throttled in BCS Bowl Games since the inception of the BCS. The middle to bottom half of the conference is downright bad. We saw more of that in recent weekends which should come as no surprise to most diehard college football fans.

Maryland and UVA Are A Joke

The University of Maryland came into Saturday, October 5th, 2013 undefeated and #25 in the country. Some analysts were predicting an upset of the top 10 Florida State Seminoles in Tallahassee. Maryland was coming off a huge win against West Virginia and they had tons of momentum. When all was said and done Maryland had the wood laid to them at Florida State. They left Doak Campbell Stadium with a 63 spot hung on them. To make matters even worse, Maryland couldn’t even get on the scoreboard. While Florida State and Jameis Winston are very good in 2013 they are not so good that the final score should be 63-0. This is all too typical of a subpar ACC team that breaks into the top 25.

Another lackluster performance on the weekend of October 5th took place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Cavaliers have not been a good football team in years but most thought they could beat Ball State in Charlottesville today. When the scoreboard read zeros it was Ball State with a total of 48 points and Virginia with 27; absolutely embarrassing. This is no disrespect to Ball State but no ACC team should allow a MAC team to drop 48 points on them in their home stadium. At one point the ACC thought they could be one of the elite BCS football conferences when they added Virginia Tech and Miami in the early 2000s. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While Maryland and Virginia laid eggs today it is important to note that other cellar dwellers sucked it up as well. North Carolina State University lost to Wake Forest in Raleigh and the UNC Tar Heels took another conference loss. These teams are just straight up bad. If they played in the SEC or PAC 12 they would get routed every single week. It is almost basketball season on Tobacco Road so there isn’t too much longer to wait for something exciting to happen. That said, college football season will continue to grind on through the end of the year. Clemson and Florida State are very good college football teams but the rest of the conference is just plain terrible. What is interesting is that both Florida State and Clemson have been rumored to be leaving the conference to head to the SEC. With a few more years of terrible ACC football I believe it would be smart for them to leave.

Should Clemson and FSU Go To The SEC?

When SEC expansion was a hot topic a few years ago two ACC schools continued to come up – Clemson and Florida State. It makes perfect sense that these two schools would jump from the ACC to the SEC. First of all, they are not historically strong in basketball. In fact, Clemson has gone over 50 years without beating UNC in Chapel Hill in round ball. Florida State has been good recently but it has not been a long term trend. The ACC is historically strong in college basketball and they are trying to expand that even more by adding Louisville, Syracuse and Pittsburgh. The second reason it would be smart for the Tigers and Seminoles to go to the SEC is because of their football history. We can all agree that the ACC has not been strong in football. In fact, it has been well over a decade since the ACC has had a team in the national championship game in college football.

Part of the reason the ACC does not compete well in big time games is the level of competition. If Florida State and Clemson want to truly step up their level of competition they will go to a better football conference. Florida State’s main rival is Florida which happens to be in the SEC. Clemson’s main rival is South Carolina which happens to be in the SEC. These are just a few more reasons it would make sense to get out of a basketball conference and into a football conference.

The other issue is money. The SEC Network will start in 2014 and that will be a huge revenue generator for the conference. This will put more money in the pockets of all the teams that are in the SEC. Right now, there are no plans for the ACC to start a network. There are deals with the ACC with major networks but they do not have their own cable or satellite network. It would be smart for the ACC to get things in place before some of the bigger players in the conference decide to jump ship for more money. This has already happened with Maryland leaving the ACC to head to the B1G conference. Ten years ago there is no way Maryland would have left but the B1G Network is a huge revenue generator and the Terps want that extra cash. If the ACC continues to stumble it may be the case that it no longer exists as it is today. It might end up being just a basketball conference on Tobacco Road and the northeast.

Florida State and Clemson would like to improve in basketball but it is quite obvious they are more focused on football. For quite some time I have said that universities should focus on something they have been historically good at. NC State does a terrible job of this. They have won two national championships in basketball yet the alumni want a good football program. The NC State football program has never been good over a five year period. Instead of sinking money into Carter Finley Stadium they would be smart to spend money on the basketball program. Duke and UNC are just down the road so it should not be hard for NC State to get recruits that want to play at the highest level of basketball.

Is the ACC Just a Basketball Conference?

In the next two years the ACC is going to add Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Louisville. Louisville is coming off a national championship in college basketball and Syracuse has been one of the best teams in the Big East for several decades. One of the reasons the ACC is adding these schools is to have the ACC Basketball tournament in Madison Square Garden. This will be a huge draw for ACC fans. Most ACC fans are used to going to Atlanta or Greensboro for the ACC Basketball Tournament so this will be something completely different. If they do finalize plans on MSG I think it is safe to say that the ACC is a basketball conference and will always be a basketball conference.

Florida State and Clemson have a little bit of an identity crisis in the ACC. Clemson rarely makes it out of the first round of the ACC Tournament and Florida State has only recently had success in this tournament. That said, they have no problems running up and down the field on ACC teams during the football season. If Clemson and Florida State end up in the top 10 in football this year I predict the SEC will make a strong push to pull them out of the ACC and into a conference that is football centered.

As we continue to move into basketball season most schools in the ACC are gearing up for a huge season. In Chapel Hill they are getting ready for Late Night with Roy. In Durham, Coach K and the boys are hoping to make another Final Four run. Teams like Syracuse and UVA are hoping to make a strong run in the ACC Tournament. These are teams that do not care about college football. They have all been throttled in the last week on the gridiron so the fan bases are looking for revenge on the hardwood.

I can clearly remember being at NC State years ago and hoping college football season would come around because our basketball team could not beat Duke or UNC. I was a little bit short minded in that I should have accepted that the ACC will forever be a basketball conference. This weekend proved that ACC football is not going to change in the near future. The only way it is going to change is if the conference loses the power teams to the SEC or another power conference.

By Jesse Wojdylo

Should College Football be Banned?

With spring football wrapped up around the country and the college football news ticker aching for something to liven up the news wires, leave it to some of the nation’s brightest minds to argue for the banning of college football.

Yep, that’s right. College football as we know it should no longer exist according to H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger. You may recognize the name. He’s the guy that wrote a best-seller about high school football in Texas in the late 1980s. You may remember it: Friday Night Lights. That would be the book that inspired the movie starring Billy Bob Thornton and Tim McGraw…which inspired a TV series of the same name.

Along with Bissinger, Malcolm Gladwell, the best-selling author of books such as Blink!, The Tipping Point, and Outliers, argued that college football has no business in institutions of higher learning. Gladwell’s biggest argument, though, had to do with a growing concern involving the game of football at all levels–concussions.

Bissinger and Gladwell were part the Intelligence Squared debates and faced off against former Atlanta Falcons’ DE and author, Tim Green, and FoxSports.com columnist Jason Whitlock, both of whom were not in favor of banning college football.

The primary arguments to ban the game we know and love centered around Gladwell’s claims about head injuries and Bissinger’s insistence that colleges are too focused on athletics and not on their true mission–education. Bissinger asked, “Why is the U.S. the only country in the world where colleges provide a primary source of athletic entertainment?” He claims that universities are distracted on the fun and fandom of college athletics and that we are ruining our intellectual class.

Gladwell spoke about CTE-positive head scans and the reality of head injuries. CTE stands for Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and is a degenerative brain disease normally caused by repeated brain trauma (hits to the head). While his concerns are worthy, his opponents pointed out that the relatively small sample sizes have skewed results. Green, a former Rhodes Scholar finalist who completed law school, pointed out that there are statistics that show other activities to be as risky, if not riskier, than football (riding a bike is one of them!).

Both Whitlock, who played offensive line at Ball State, and Green, a Syracuse graduate who spent nine years in the NFL, spoke about what they learned from the game. Football teaches life lessons and prepares athletes for life. Whitlock stated that football is “the Statue of Liberty.“ It is unifying, teaching athletes to deal with diversity and helps teach tolerance. The game also offers opportunities that, otherwise, would not be available, especially for the disadvantaged.

Whitlock went on to point out that the argument to ban college football was being argued by well-intentioned people who clearly do not understand the sport. Neither Bissinger nor Gladwell, who hails from Canada, ever played the game. Gladwell, who admitted that there isn’t enough research on brain injuries yet, suggested that college football could be replaced with intramural flag football.

Clearly, this will never happen. While there may be some changes to come in the near future to help promote the safety of the game, college football is here to stay. If college football of the early 1900s (when players were killed during games) was not banned, it’s hard to believe that the second most popular spectator sport in the US (surpassed by only…the NFL!) would be banned for any reason.