Sofi Stadium VIP 247 Behind LA Rams Bench

Sofi Stadium VIP 247: An Unforgettable Luxury Sports Experience

VIP 247 at Sofi Stadium: The Pinnacle of Sports Luxury.

Among the many wonders that Sofi Stadium beholds, VIP Section 247 shines as a beacon of luxury, reserved for those who seek an extraordinary encounter with their favorite sports or entertainment events.

Located strategically within the stadium, this section grants its privileged ticket holders an exceptional viewpoint while immersing them in a world of lavishness and exclusivity.

VIP Section 247 comes alive with a fusion of refined design and cutting-edge technology.

Its seating arrangement allows guests to revel in unobstructed views of the action on the field or stage from their prime vantage point.

But it is not just about an enhanced perspective; VIP ticket holders gain access to a realm where impeccable service, gourmet dining experiences, and state-of-the-art amenities converge harmoniously.

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Sofi Stadium Vip Section 247 Seating

VIP 247 Sofi Stadium Seating

There are six VIP sections located on the 200 level at SoFi Stadium. These sections are part of the VIP Club seating area. The VIP Club at SoFi Stadium consists of four sections on the 100 level and six sections on the 200 level.

The specific sections on the 200 level are VIP 218-220 (on the LA Chargers home side) and VIP 245-247 (on the LA Rams home side).

These sections offer incredible views of the field and provide a luxurious gameday experience.

Finding the Best View

Sofi Stadium Section 247 VIP Seating View

If you want to enjoy the best views, we suggest sitting either in a VIP section located on the 200 level or in the higher rows of the 100 level.

Seats are elevated, which improves the view from one endzone to the other.

You want to be as close to the players as possible, consider getting seats in row 1 of a 100-Level VIP section.

Team Sideline Locations

Chargers: Sections VIP 111, VIP 112, VIP 218-220.

Rams: Sections 131, 132 and VIP 245-247.

Ticketholders for Rams and Chargers football games will be able to enjoy the amenities of a private stadium club that includes all-inclusive spaces.

VIP Seats for a Concert at Sofi Stadium

Lower-level provides excellent views of the stage during concerts.

Best way to have a comfortable concert experience is to sit down.

Typically, the sections mentioned refer to the areas that are fully equipped and include all amenities during most Sofi Stadium concerts.

What are the perks of Sofi Stadium VIP seating, such as VIP 247?

VIP seating at SoFi Stadium offers a premium experience with exclusive amenities and excellent views.

Here are some of the perks of VIP seating, such as VIP 247:

Private VIP Entrance: VIP seating ticket holders have access to a dedicated, private entrance at SoFi Stadium.

This allows for a more convenient and streamlined entry into the venue.

Wider and Cushioned Seating: The seating in VIP 247 and other VIP seating areas is designed to provide extra comfort with wider seats and cushioned seating.

Excellent Sightlines: VIP seating areas offer excellent sightlines, ensuring a clear view of the field or stage.

Access to VIP Club Lounge: VIP seating ticket holders have access to the VIP Club Lounge, which is located behind the seats and offers an all-inclusive buffet and bar.

On-Field Patio: VIP seating areas such as VIP 247 offer access to an on-field patio, providing guests with the best views of scoring plays coming directly at them.

Exclusive Access: VIP seating areas provide exclusive access to upscale amenities and a semi-private experience.

Finding the Best View: For the best views, it’s recommended to choose VIP seating areas such as VIP 247 that are within 40 rows of the field.

It’s important to note that the specific perks may vary depending on the VIP seating area and ticket package purchased.

What is the difference between VIP Club Sideline seats and 100 Level Premier End-zone seats?

The main difference between VIP Club Sideline seats and 100 Level Premier End-zone seats at SoFi Stadium is their location within the stadium. Here are some key differences between the two:

VIP Club Sideline Seats:
sofi stadium vip seats sideline
Located at midfield with excellent sightlines.

Consist of 4 sections on the 100 level and 6 sections on the 200 level.

Offer cushioned seats and slightly wider spaces between fan.

100 Level Premier End-zone Seats:
sofi stadium vip end zone seats
Located at the end sections 124-119,100-105.

Offer the same amenities as the 100s Sideline seats.

Provide wider, cushioned seats located in the first 40 rows, end zone to end zone.
sofi stadium vip 247 padded seats armrests

VIP Club Sideline seats are located at midfield with excellent sightlines, while 100 Level Premier End-zone seats are located at the end sections of the stadium.

Both types of seats offer cushioned seats and wider spaces between fans, but 100 Level Premier End-zone seats also provide wider, cushioned seats located in the first 40 rows, end zone to end zone.

Ultimately, the choice between the two types of VIP seating depends on personal preference and the desired view of the field or concert stage.

What is the price range for VIP 247 seats at Sofi Stadium?

The cost of VIP 247 seating at SoFi Stadium can vary depending on the specific game or event. Typically tickets to sit in section VIP 247 can start as low as $205 and can average $418 per ticket.