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Six Games The Hawks Need To Win In 2015

Surprise, surprise! 30 games into the season and the team many expected to be in the lottery or fight for a playoff spot is second in the East. For the past month, the Hawks are one of the top 3 teams in the league. The players and the staff managed to block all the Danny Ferry rumours and media rumblings, and are now looking to take advantage of the situation in the East. There is no clear favorite in the East, unlike the past 3-4 seasons, when Miami was the team to beat. At the moment, the East is wide open, and everyone has a chance, so why not the Hawks? There are still important games to play, and the following five are the most important for the Hawks.

Wizards @ Hawks, January 11, Starting price $40, Average price $46
The Hawks and the Wizards are in the top 4 teams in the East. They are also in a wire to wire race for the division title in the SouthEast. The Hawks won the first game in Washington, and if they can capitalize and win at home, they will have better chance to hold the tiebreaker with the Wizards. A division title guarantees home-court advantage in the first round at least, and considering rankings at the moment, Hawks and Wizards might play in the second round of the playoffs. View all Hawks vs Wizards Tickets for Philips Arena.

Hawks at Raptors, January 16, Starting price $73, Average price $120
If the season ended today, the Raptors would be first in the East, and the Hawks would be second. The Raptors seem to be dominating the Hawks this year, as they beat them twice, once at home, and once on the road. For the Hawks, it is important to get a win versus the top team in the East, at least for confidence. And the race for the top spot is still wide open. Both teams are playing awesome basketball recently, so the duel in Canada will be entertaining. View all Raptors vs Hawks Tickets for the Air Canada Center.

Warriors @ Hawks, February 6, Starting price $22, Average price $78
The Hawks haven’t played the Warriors yet. Both their defence and offence will be tested versus one of the best teams in the league. If Andrew Bogut is healthy by then, the Hawks might have troubles scoring. And if there is one team that shoots 3s as well as the Hawks that is the Warriors.
Additionally, Korver and Curry are two of the player’s defences pay most attention to, and players opponents are glued to. Therefore, it will be fun to see how they handle each other. View all Hawks vs Warriors Tickets for Philips Arena.

Cavaliers @ Hawks, March 6th, Starting Price $89, Average price $189
The Hawks have beaten the Cavaliers twice this season out of the three meetings so far, and this last meeting could have big playoff implications for home court advantage. Cav’s Lebron James is averaging 25.2 points a game versus Hawks Jeff Teague’s 16.9. Big Man Kevin Love is pulling down 10.1 rebounds a game right now versus Paul Millsap’s 8.1. While Atlanta is on a hot streak winning 8 of their last games the Cavaliers are still looking to pull things together winning just 5 of their last 10. View all Hawks vs Warriors Tickets for Philips Arena.

Hawks vs Spurs, March 20, Starting price $36, Average price $76
They call the Hawks the San Antonio Spurs of the East. And with Mike Budenholzer on the sidelines, a former Spurs assistant, that is true. Budenholzer has managed to copy the space, move the ball, corner 3s system that the Spurs employ to perfection. And the results are showing. The first game between the two was a close one, with the Spurs prevailing 94-92.Hawks vs Warriors Tickets for the AT&T Center.

Hawks at Bulls, April 15, Starting price $41, Average price $111
For the Hawks, this is their last game of the season. Considering the playoff race in the East is as close as ever, the last game might decide whether a team finishes 3rd, 4th of 5th. The Bulls are also one of the top teams in the East, and winning against them just before the playoffs start is a confidence booster. Add the difficulty of playing on the road, and the Hawks have a hard task before them. Bulls vs Hawks Tickets for the AT&T Center.

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