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Chris martin a vocalist and Jonny Buckland a lead guitarist came together and university college of London to form a band in 1996. With the inclusion of Guy Berryman(famously known as Star fish) and Will Champion the band has gone on to become one of the most popular bands of latest times. Phil Harvey is the manager of the esteemed band and is a major support to the band. The band
renamed itself Coldplay in the year 1998 and there has been no looking back ever since.

They received worldwide recognition and fame after the release of the single YELLOW in 2000
which went on to become one of the most popular songs of the year and also in the same year their album PARACHUTES also won many accolades. Their next album in 2002 that is THE RUSH OF BLOOD TO HEAD also become very popular with the crowd and went on to win a lot of awards. The albums X&Y (2005) and the VIVA LAVIDA OR DEATH AND ALL HIS FRIENDS (2008) got good reviews from the people and the latest one that is MYLO XLOTO is touted to be releasing in the month of October in 2011.

Their tours and live performances have also been very popular with the people around the world. The two of the most famous tours are:

  • THE TWISTED LOGIC concert was featured after the release of their third album
    X&Y and was very popular.
  • The VIVA LA VIDA tour was again a worldwide concert visiting Europe, Asia, America
    and Australia.

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  1. Please sign me up for the contest if it’s not too late!!! My mom loves Coldplay and it would be awesome to win a pair for my parents in San Jose, CA. Her favorite band ever and it would be a sweet surprise! Thanks!

  2. I’ve used Barry’s for Justin Bieber tickets for my Daughter, now I want the chance to WIN
    tickets to Coldplay here in Los Angeles …
    Thanks for the Chance!!!

  3. I really hope that I can win tickets for one of the Hollywood Bowl Shows (preferably the Friday one)! Coldplay has always been my favorite live band hands down and the opportunity to share the experience of one of their live shows with a friend would be a true blessing.

  4. I am searching madly for a way to win tickets to a Coldplay concert. I really wanted to go to the concert in San Jose, Ca April 28, 2012 specifically that day because it is my birthday. I have loved coldplay for many, many years. I listen to them so much even my 2 year old daughter knows their lyrics and gets excited about them. I would be so overjoyed if I had any opportunity to see them. Honestly, coldplay is my one and only favorite band and seeing them perform would be a lifetime experience. Thank you 🙂

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