Angels Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead game

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway Game Angel Stadium

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway Night Angel Stadium

Los Angeles Angels fans, take Shohei Ohtani home with you. Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway Night 2018.

Head on out to Angel Stadium in Anaheim early and take home your very own Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead to add to or start your collection.

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Nippon-Ham Fighters

Shohei Ohtani was born July 5, 1994, and previously played for the Pacific League Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters Japanese professional baseball team.

Ohtani recorded the fastest pitch by a Japanese high school pitcher 99 mph.

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After high school, in 2012 Shohei expressed a desire to move directly to the Major Leagues in the United States.

Shohei received interest from numerous teams including the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers

Shohei Ohtani 2012 Draft

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters decided to draft Shohei as the first pick in the 2012 draft, in spite of knowing he might not play for the team.

Shohei Ohtani Debut

After a month of negotiations, Shohei Ohtani announced he would sign with the Nippon-Ham Fighters thus he would play in Japan for a couple of years.

At 18 years old, Shohei Ohtani made his debut in the Nippon-Ham Fighters Opening Day game in right field on March 29, 2013.

As a rookie as Shohei played both the outfield as well as a pitcher.

Ohtani was the second player in history to start a game at pitcher, bat in the heart of the order as well as get a hit and RBI in that baseball game.

In 2016, Shohei Ohtani had a breakout season with the Fighters in particular as a hitter.

Ohtani hit twenty-two home runs, eighteen doubles, as well as sixty-seven RBI’s.

He pitched 102.5 mph (165 km/h) on the radar gun during the 2016 year, breaking Marc Kroon’s NPB record of 163 kmph.

In 2017, he hit eight home runs, thirty-one RBI’s as well as going 3-2 pitching with a 3.20 era and twenty-nine strikeouts.

Ohtani has officially recorded the fastest baseball pitch by a Japanese pitcher at 102.5 mph.

November 21, 2017, the Nippon Professional Baseball league and Major League Baseball came to an agreement, as a result, he would able to come play in the MLB.

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On December 9, 2017, the Los Angeles Angels officially signed Shohei Ohtani to play for them presently he is expected to DH for the Angels as well as pitch and play outfield.

Shohei Ohtani Pitching

Shohei Ohtani stands 6 ft 4 in, 213 pounds. He is a right-handed starting pitcher who in fact throws a four-seam fastball which averages 96.2 mph.

Ohtani also throws a 86–88 average mph forkball with late diving action.

MLB scouts frequently compare Shohei to pitcher Justin Verlander.

Shohei Ohtani Batting

Watch as Shohei Ohtani hits the ball through the roof at Tokyo Dome!

Shohei Ohtani is also known to have good home run power.

He also has excellent speed notably being clocked running from home-plate to first base in 3.8 seconds.

Shohei is known as a designated hitter as well as an occasional outfielder.

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead on ebay
A Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead by Seiko went for $162.60 on eBay in December 2017.

For this reason, the demand for tickets for the first Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Night at Angel Stadium will be definitely the highest in demand for the entire regular season.

There is no word yet when the 2018 Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead night will take place but will be posted as soon as it is.

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Funko Pop

Shohei Ohtani Funko Pop
Also expected in 2018, will be a Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Funko Pop figurine highlighting the Japanese superstar who has been called the Babe Ruth of Japan.

The Shohei Ohtani S.H. Figuarts is in high demand in Japan as well as the United States.

Shohei Ohtani Bobblehead Giveaway Game Tickets


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