Dodger Stadium shaded sections

Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium for a day game?

Where are shaded seats at Dodger Stadium?

Day games at Dodger Stadium can be quite brutal due to the California sun beating down. Here are some suggestions for shaded seats at Dodger Stadium.

If you are looking to avoid the sun as much as possible at Dodger Stadium, look for seats on the 3rd base side of the ballpark.

Dodger stadium day game shaded sections

Shaded seats at Dodger Stadium day game

The third base sections (odd number sections) see shade at Dodger Stadium before the first base side (even number sections).

The best locations to find shaded seats at Dodger Stadium are underneath the various overhangs and roofs throughout the ballpark.

Shade in the Field Box sections at Dodger Stadium.

During a Dodgers day game, field box sections can get hit with a lot of sun rays. We recommend looking for field box rows T-X which shade you from the sun and cover you if it’s raining.

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Shade at Dodger Stadium

Sitting in Field Box row T will place you just under the overhang, but low enough to watch a ball hit to right field.

Field Box row X will is entirely in the shade as well as covers you from any rain. The overhang can block your view of pop-ups as well as some long outfield balls.

Section 13 Field Box Shade Side Dodger Stadium

Section 13 Field Box Shade Side Dodger Stadium

During day games, Field box sections 46-52 at the stadium, as well as the majority of Dodger Stadium Reserve level sections that are on on the first base side have the sun directly in your eyes at the first pitch of the game. (You can see more views from Dodgers Field Box seats.

Shaded dodge stadium sections

Dodger Stadium Shaded Third base side image src discoverlosangeles

Dodger Stadium Loge Level shade options.

Shaded loge level Dodger Stadium

Shaded Loge Level Dodgers day game

Our recommendation for the best seats shaded seats at Dodger Stadium are in the second seating tier called the Loge Level.

The third base side receives shade before the first base side does.

The back half of the loge level sections offer protection from the sun. The elevation of the Loge Level allows for an unimpeded view of the entire field.

Day game dodger stadium loge level shaded

Shaded Loge Level Dodger Stadium Behind home plate. image src.

With Dodgers loge level seats you are still close enough to all the action.

Dodgers Loge Suite and Executive Club.

Day game dodger stadium loge level shaded

Shaded Loge Level Dodger Stadium Behind home plate. image src.

Dodger Stadium luxury suite view

Dodger Stadium Luxury Suite First Base

Fans going to the Dodgers game and sitting in a Loge Level Suite or the Executive Club will have no issues with the sun as they are in the shade.

Covered Infield Reserve seats

For covered infield reserve seats at Dodger Stadium look for tickets that are in sections 1-11, starting at Row M.

Shaded loge level Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium Infield Reserve Shaded Side.

Sections 1-11 row M or higher in the are shaded and covered by the Dodger Stadium Top Deck overhang.

Dodger Stadium Infield Reserve Sections 12-19 do not have overhead coverage and are exposed to the elements.

What to avoid if possible

Right Field Sections 58 & 60

Right Field Sections 58 & 60

If you are looking to avoid the sun as much as possible, we strongly recommend staying away from reserve level section 60 and top deck level 58 at Dodger Stadium.

These two sections all the way down the right field line are the last two sections in the stadium to get any shade in a day game.

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