See Memphis the Musical at the Pantages Theater

Memphis The Musical Pantages Theater
Memphis will be preforming at the Pantages Theater from July 31st till Aug 12 2012. You can purchase Memphis the Musical Pantages Theater tickets today for all preformances.

Memphis the Musical is one of the more recent plays to finally hit it big on Broadway! Loosely based on famed Memphis jockey Dewey Philips, this exciting play brings to life the culture and music of Memphis Tennessee in the 1950’s. Dewey Philips was far ahead of his time and a controversy in the fifties. As a white DJ, he was one of the first to play black music. His story is indeed worth hearing. At an underground bar in Memphis, TN, Huey Calhoun walks into the room that is bouncing full of black teens and early twenties dancing the night away. Calhoun’s entrance silences the dance floor but he assures them he is just there for the music. At his day job working at a department store, Huey is on the verge of being fired from the stocking room when he convinces his boss to let him sell five records by playing them over the speakers and then he can have a sales job. After Huey Calhoun plays his Memphis Music he sells nearly thirty records in moments. Incensed however the owner fires Calhoun anyway. Jobless and inspired, Huey applies for a variety of DJ jobs where Mr. Simmons gives him the shot he’s been looking for. Calhoun immediately grabs the mic and plays a black rock song. Callers can’t get enough! Huey’s journey takes new twists and turns when he realizes that as a radio DJ he must know how to read ads. The illiterate Huey Calhoun improvises his first ad ever. Again, almost being fired for the trespass, instead the client paying for the ad requested Calhoun perform all his stores ads.

This is just the beginning of Huey’s story. The beautiful tale of racial lines, passionate Memphis Music, and love that sees no race comes to life in a beautifully portrayed musical. Huey falls in love with Felicia, a black singer with whom he has carried on a two year relationship in secret. Times are simply not ready for such a love. The second half unfolds and we see how Huey and Felicia progress as does the music in Memphis in the 1950’s. Ultimately it is the love for the Music of Memphis that carries the hero and heroine through. Memphis the Musical won the 2009 Tony Award for Best Musical as well as three other Tony’s at the 2010 Tony Awards. Memphis the Musical celebrated its 1000th performance on Broadway on March 14, 2012. This is a huge feat for any musical, especially Memphis the Musical!

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