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Finding the Best Seating at Banc of California Stadium

Banc of California Stadium is L.A.’s newest professional sports and multi-use venues. Its primary purpose is to be the home for LA’s newest Major League Soccer team: Los Angeles Football Club.

LAFC ground breaking ceremony

Located just steps away from the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Banc of California Stadium is setting the standard for new venues. It holds 22,000 people and features some of the best food from across Los Angeles. It is electric car compatible with a series of available charging spots. If you don’t want to drive, take the metro to the Expo Park/USC station.  Exposition Park

There are several seating opportunities at the new stadium that will amaze even the most seasoned ticket holders. The stadium‘s field-level boxes are built under the seats and put the fans on the field. These seats put you just feet from the action along the sidelines in shaded, unobstructed and private boxes that replicate bunkers.

For those fans who prefer to see the game and be part of the energy in the stands, it’s hard to find a bad seat. Banc of California is a small venue. It holds 5,000 less people than the StubHub Center which makes for an intimate fan experience. If you consider yourself a true LAFC fan, sitting in the standing fan zone is a must. The “Supers” as they’re known, are LAFC’s loud and proud fans that energize their team through 90+ minutes of action. Bring your air horns and cough drops if you sit in this section that is located directly behind the goalie box.

For the more casual fan, there are still plenty of great seating options. The 200-level seats range between $20-$50 as you move closer to the middle. These are the highest sections in the stadium but the smaller size of the venue means you’ll still be near to the action. Additionally, the 200-level seats on the eastern side of the venue will give you a great view of the high rises that make Downtown L.A.‘s skyline. Downtown Los Angeles

The 100-level seating that wraps around the stadium will put you in the action. While the prices vary as you move closer to the center, just about any seat in this level will immerse you in the LAFC atmosphere. Sections 109 to 118 run the length of the field while sections 119 to 125 put you right behind the goalie boxon the other side of the Supers. These give you some of the most unique views a soccer fan can experience when a team is pressing.

If you don’t get the opportunity to experience Banc of California Stadium during its inaugural season, you should try to find time to experience a game in the coming seasons.

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