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Ron Artest Will Be Dancing With The Stars

Ron Artest can dance circles around most other players on the court, and he is one of the most important players of Los Angeles Lakers, but can he dance? His publicist Courtney Barnes says that he can’t.

But, Ron Artest is about to appear on the hit show of ABC, Dancing With The Stars. Artest and his publicist have made many public comments on how he cannot dance, that in itself will be a significant draw to the show. It should be great fun to see the Lakers guard trip over himself executing a Mambo, Cucaracha and following the 1, 2, 3 and 5, 6, 7.

Earlier this summer, Artest himself had said that he plays defence and he doesn’t know if he can dance. Dancing With The Stars is slated to begin on the 18th of September, so it is safe to assume that Artest may not be available for assignments shortly; as long as he manages to remain on the show with his two left feet, at least.

Artest had plans to play a few exhibition games with the Finland Basketball team called Loima Bisons during the NBA lockout period. This is not likely to happen because Dancing With The Stars is about to begin. Artest was also open to playing overseas with Cheshire Jets of the British Basketball League. Their season starts as September ends and goes on till April next year. Artest had told earlier that he might not be able to join the team until November this year, because of his appearance in the Finland team. Artest sure has a lot of plans on how to wait out the NBA lockout. And Dancing With The Stars seems to top the list.

Hope Solo is expected to dance with Artest. We love Artest; we would like to see him dance even more. We cannot wait for him to start dancing for us. All the best, Artest.