Review of Maroon 5 Concert

I went to see Maroon 5 perform for the Citi/AAdvantage Card Love the Journey Concert Series at the historic Orpheum Theater with almost 700 people in the audience. Adam Levine and the rest of the band were all wearing white when they went center stage that was backlit with bright white lights in accordance to the Friday Night Whites tradition.

As the band started playing the first few tunes of “Payphone”, the crowd stood up from their seats and started bobbing their heads and tapping their feet on the ground while singing. No one was sitting down. Everybody’s having a good time. The transition between songs was so smooth and it has a club like feel to it which I like. Every single person in the audience enjoyed the music and dance to their songs. The band’s hit song; “Makes Me Wonder” added a joyful mood to the night followed by Adam Levine’s reaching out to the audience and giving us ideas about his motivation and inspiration of his songs. Adam also shared a story in his life when he was at the point where he knew he could not write anything. But through the melody in his head that he started humming, the melody of the song “Won’t Go Home Without You”, he was inspired again and continued to make great songs. Maroon 5 also performed “The Man Who Never Lied”.
We also danced to the tune of “One More Night”. As the band performed, “She Will Be Loved”, everyone became even more excited as we cheer and also sing with the band. I really love their performance and we participated in every song that Maroon 5 performs.

This is truly an electrifying concert. Not only did I enjoy the music but I also enjoyed listening to the band’s stories as they started their journey in the entertainment industry.

Maroon 5 will be at the Staples Center March 15th 2013.